14 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria 2023

Virtual Dollar Card: Meaning And Useful

You’re on the right page if you want to know the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria, how to get a virtual card, and many other things related to virtual cards.

That’s because we are set to unveil everything you should know about virtual card, including the meaning, importance, where and how to get the best virtual card in Nigeria. We admonish you pay rapt attention to every bit of this write-up as we dive into action.14 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

There are numerous fintech platforms creating virtual dollar card in Nigeria meaning you won’t have to wait longer than expected before getting a virtual card that would suit your business and personal needs.

However, it is one thing to have numerous options, it is another thing to know which fintech companies and platforms offer the best and effective virtual dollar card in the country.

Let’s carefully and critically review the top 14 virtual dollar cards in Nigeria so you will know which one to choose whenever you want to create one for yourself.

14 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

First thing first, it’s important we tell you that the yardsticks deployed while compiling this list include affordability, usability, and some users remarks.

Having said that, the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are Barter Virtual Dollar Cards, Kuda bank Virtual Card, ALAT Virtual Dollar Card, Wallet.Africa Virtual Dollar Card, Eyowo, Eversend Virtual Card, Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card, Fundall Virtual Dollar Card, Spectrocard Dollar Card, Changera Virtual Dollar Card, CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card, Chipper Cash Visa Virtual Dollar Card, FXKudi, and Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card in no particular order.

1. Barter By Flutterwave:

Launched in 2019 by Flutterwave, Barter is inarguably one of the best visual dollar cards that allow Nigerians carry out diverse transactions, including online shopping, online subscriptions, etc.

You can be sure of using the Barter virtual card to purchase digital products from anywhere in the world as it is a dollar-denominated card.

How to get Barter Virtual dollar Card

  • Visit Play Store or app store to get the Barter mobile app. Alternatively, you visit flutterwave web app to begin the card issuance process.
  • Install and launch the barter app
  • sign up by providing all the required details.
  • Complete the KYC (identification) and verification stages by providing all the necessary documents and updated data needed.
  • Click the “create new card” option and choose between a multi-functional barter card or platform-specific card. Then, follow the subsequent guidelines to complete this stage.
  • Fund your newly-created barter virtual dollar card. You can now make online payments and shoppings with the barter card if you strictly follow these procedures.

2. Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card

Kuda bank is popular among Nigerians as it is one of the highly-rated mobile banking platform in the country.

Kuda isn’t just about virtual card, the platform also offers free physical debit card, give out loans with low interests rates to qualified and interested applicants.

How to create a Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download and install the Kuda app.
  • Register a new Kuda account by providing all the required details
  • Click on the menu option at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “request a card” before clicking on the “get a virtual card” button.
  • Complete the card creation process by confirming your identity as the rightful owner of the account. You can do this by providing your Kuda transaction pin, fingerprint or face ID.

3. ALAT virtual Dollar Card

ALAT Virtual dollar card is owned and managed by Wema bank, which explains why it makes the list.

ALAT gives users an unrivalled opportunity to create and run mobile bank account right from the comfort of your room. It features a laudable service delivery as it also gives users a physical debit card.

In summary, ALAT virtual dollar card is a recommendable option for anyone looking to seal business deals with sellers from other parts of the world.

How to get the ALAT virtual dollar Card

  • Download the ALAT software from Play Store or iOS store depending on your device.
  • Sign up if you don’t have an account already.
  • Click the “create an account” link to begin registration. Follow the registration guidelines and fill out all the blank spaces with up-to-date information to complete the account creation step.
  • Sign-in to your newly-created account on the app or via THE web. ALAT official website is online.alat.ng
  • Go to the menu and click cards. Select the “ALAT dollar card” option before clicking the “create a new card” link to enter the last phase.
  • Provide all the information required to complete the whole process. That’s all! you can be sure to use the ALAT virtual dollar card anywhere in the world.

4. Wallet.Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Relatively unknown to many smartphone users in Nigeria, Wallet Africa is a Nigerian Fintech platform operating across top African countries, including Ghana and Kenya.

WALLET.AFRICA HISTORY can be traced back to 2018 when it was founded by John Oke. Apart from helping you create virtual dollar card for online purchases, Wallet Africa also features physical cards and instant account statement.

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However, Wallet.Africa’s physical dollar comes with a price as you need to pay ₦1500 to obtain it.

How to get a wallet Africa virtual dollar card

  • Download the Wallet Africa mobile app
  • Sign up or create an account after installation.
  • Click cards before tapping on the “create your card” icon to continue
  • Fund your virtual dollar card and you can now start using it.

5. Eyowo

Talking of reliable financial tech companies in Nigeria, eyowo undoubtedly has a place among the top-rated platforms.

Eyowo ensures you can receive money, pay bills, and shop online via your phone number. Interestingly, all users are qualified for the platform’s cardless ATM withdrawal package. This means you can withdraw money from a supported ATM machine in Nigeria without your ATM card.

How to get Eyowo virtual dollar card

  • Download the Eyowo mobile app and sign up.
  • Visit the dashboard after registration, click on the “more” tab to continue. Then, tap on the “Eyowo dollar cards “icon while you wait for some seconds.
  • Click “create card” and fund the virtual card to start using it

6. Eversend virtual dollar card

Eversend is a mobile-friendly online banking platform that allows you to save and transfer money to anywhere in the world. This african-based Neobank boasts a user-friendly app that creates avenue for users to own 6 multi-currency wallets, including GHC, KYS, NGN, RWF, UGX, and USD.

With Eversend, you can develop payment links where people can easily pay for the service you deliver or products sold to them. Eversend also offers virtual dollar MasterCard in Nigeria and other supported countries.

The impressive part of the Eversend platform is the top security approach which allows you to freeze and unfreeze the card to prevent online theft and hackers. However, you need at least $5 to create an Evers end virtual dollar card.

How to get the Eversend virtual dollar card

  • Download and install the Eversend mobile app if you don’t have it on your phone already.
  • Sign up by creating an account on the app.
  • Go to ‘cards’ and click it. Then, click on the “create new card” option and enter the specific amount you want to have on the card.
  • Provide your Eversend pin to pay the $5 virtual card fee.
  • Fund the newly-created card by exploring the app’s “add money” feature. That’s all, you can now use the new card to make online payment.

7. Bitsika

Bitsika is another Fintech platform in Nigeria that provides users with a virtual dollar card. Contrary to popular belief that Bitsika only works effectively in Nigeria and Ghana, you can use its virtual dollar card in many african countries without any hitch or hiccup.

Meanwhile, users can purchase and sell Bitcoin, ABCD stablecoin and BUSD (Dollar stable coin) on the Bitsika wallet.

How To Get The Bitsika Virtual Dollar Card

Visit the Bitsika website or Google Play store to download the app. Then follow subsequent instructions that will be disclosed to you.

8. Fundall virtual dollar card

Here is another tested and trusted platform where you can obtain your virtual dollar card in Nigeria. You don’t need to input your ATM card numbers before using the Fundall prepaid virtual dollar card.

Interestingly, the Fundall virtual card is free which means you won’t need to pay any service fee when creating one for yourself.

How to create a Fundall virtual dollar card

  • Download a Fundall up from store compatible with your phone or device.
  • Create an account on the app, or sign in if you already have an account
  • Navigate to the “spend” option and click it.
  • Select cards, and click on the “add new card” icon to continue.
  • Select the “virtual US dollar card” option and add your preferred billing address.
  • Fund your newly-created card with $5. You can do this by clicking the “fund card” link.

That’s all for that, you can start using your Fundall virtual dollar card for any legit online deals and transaction.

9. Spectrocard Dollar Card

This is another government-approved fintech where you can seamlessly create a virtual dollar card in no time. With SpectroCard virtual dollar card, you can initiate and complete all kinds of online transactions without being short-changed or duped.

How to Create a Personal SpectroCard Virtual Dollar Card

Follow the steps outlined below to create a new SpectroCard virtual dollar account:

  • Visit the Spectrocard website at https://spectrocard.com/en to begin the sign up process.
  • Provide an updated or accessible email address; provide a secured password; repeat the password in the given space; confirm BOT and Click on the Sign Up link to continue.
  • The SpectroCard service provider will send a mail to the email you submitted.
  • Open the verification link in the mail to verify your account.
  • Update your profile by providing the required details about you.
  • Fund your newly-created Spectrocard account to continue.
  • Lastly, click on the “order your card” option to Create your virtual Dollar Card
  • Select the “pay account,” and enter the address of your new card.
  • Click “order” and you will receive a notification that you can now use the new SpectroCard virtual dollar card.
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10. Changera Virtual Dollar Card

Do you reside in other countries and you desire to send money to your relatives in Nigeria? Changera is one of the best available and affordable options.

With Changera you can receive money from anywhere in the universe. It equally helps Nigerians make easy and stress-free online payments as it offers virtual dollar card.

One interesting part of the Changera wallet is that it supports different funding options. You can fund it through your crypto wallet or bank transfer, depending on your choice and convenience.

The Changera virtual dollar card service providers also permits you to create multiple virtual cards for different transactions; while it supports limitless transactions.

Meanwhile, it’s important you know that Changera wallet services are owned and monitored by Bitmama.io. In other words, Changera is one of Bitmama’s legit services.

How to create Changera Virtual Card

  • Download the Changera app from your app store.
  • Go to the ‘Cards” section before clicking on the “Get Card” option.
  • Provide all the required details, including your preferred currency, card type, payment method, and wallet.
  • Then click “pay” to complete the Changera Virtual card creation process.

11. CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card

CashBuddy is another virtual dollar card service provider that lets you complete online transactions. With the CashBuddy virtual card, you can receive payment for services rendered or pay for online services you purchase from any African country.

However, you must have at least $3 in your CashBuddy account to create a CashBuddy virtual dollar card. Thereafter, you can use the card without any visible or hidden charges. You are allowed to load a maximum amount of $10,000 on your virtual card per month.

12. Chipper Cash Visa Virtual

Chipper Cash Visa Virtual Card functions more like the ones we’ve discussed already. You can start and conclude all online local and international transactions in a jiffy with this Virtual Card.

You can fund the Chipper Cash Visa Virtual Card from your chipper wallet without paying any charges, although there are funding, withdrawal and spending limits.

You can’t withdraw more than $1k daily; you can’t deposit more than $1000 into your virtual card daily, and you can’t spend more than $1k per day.

13. FXKudi

FXKUDI is another easy way to obtain a virtual dollar-denominated card in Nigeria. With FXKUDI, you can send and receive money from anyone regardless of their race, age or location.

How To create A FXKUDI Virtual Card

  • Visit the FXKudi official website to create a new account. Alternatively, download the FXKudi app from Google Playstore or IOS app store.
  • The service provider will send a verification link to your registered email account.
  • Click the link to verify your status, and update your profile.
  • Fund your account and create your FXKudi virtual Dollar card.

14. Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

Mintyn is a fintech company or internet banking platform that provides users the chance to create private bank accounts, save and transfer money, obtain loan and carry out many transactions.

The internet banking organization also offers a virtual dollar card to users belonging to the tier 3 category.

How To Get Your Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download and install the Mintyn app from Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device.
  • Create a tier 3 account.
  • Visit your dashboard and select the cards option.
  • Fund your card with any amount of your choice. However, you should know that funding your virtual card commands affordable service charges.
  • You can be sure to use your new Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card anywhere, anytime.

What Is the Best Option for a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question as it depends on what you want in a Virtual dollar card and what you intend to do with it.

Nonetheless, we advise you go for ALAT as it boasts easy-to-use, affordable and effective virtual dollar card and other mobile banking services.

Best Debit Naira Virtual Cards in Nigeria

Having discussed dollar-denominated Virtual cards in Nigeria, we think it will be helpful if we say few things about Debit Naira Virtual Cards in Nigeria.

So, let’s briefly look at the best three Debit Naira Virtual Cards in Nigeria mentioned below:

1. Gomoney – Virtual Naira Master Card

First on our list is Gomoney, a digital Nigerian bank that offers users naira-denomintated virtual cards to complete both local and international transactions.

You can shop at Amazon, subscribe to Netflix packages, buy online courses, perform other online transactions with your Gomoney virtual Naira card.

Getting a Gomoney virtual Naira card isn’t an uphill task. All you need to do is Download the Gomoney app; sign up to create an account, and create a new virtual Naira card with the fintech company.

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2. Carbon – Virtual Visa Card

Carbon initially started as a digital money lender but has since developed into one of the trusted digital banks in Nigeria and Africa.

It ensures you can create a personal/business bank account using your smartphone to pay bills, save money, transfer money, pay loan, and have a working virtual Visa card.

Carbon virtual Naira card helps you make payment at terminals, e-commerce stores, and other offline channels that support virtual card in Nigeria and beyond.

3. First bank – Debit Virtual Visa Card

First bank needs no introduction as it is inarguably one of the oldest and best banks in Nigeria. Apart from the traditional physical debit card, FirstBank also gives customers a Naira-denominated virtual debit card linked to their bank account or wallet account.

Download and register with the FirstMobile app to obtain your FirstBank Virtual Card which you can use for both local and international transactions.

FirstMonie Wallet app is another place to obtain the virtual card. However, cards here only work for local transactions. Unfortunately, FirstBank virtual card isn’t free. You need at least ₦200 to get it from any of the apps.

4. GTB – Mastercard Virtual Card

It is surprising that GTB dozen have a virtual dollar card however they make up for this by creating a good effective and laudable Naira virtual card sponsored and powered by Mastercard.

Gtbank Naira virtual cards are known for their high flexibility as it can be used for both local and international dealings or transactions interestingly you can convert your GTP virtual card into a physical one which will last for three years

How to get gtbank virtual Naira Card

  • Install the Gtbank Internet Banking app on your device and login into your account.
  • Navigate to the left-side panel and choose cards.
  • Click on the virtual card request menu to proceed to the next stage.
  • Fill out the virtual card request form that will show on the next page.
  • Then Click on the new “Request” option to demand for a new virtual Pre-paid Card.
  • Select the bank account to be debited for virtual card charges
  • Click on the ‘Account to link’ option to continue.
  • Choose your preferred secret question and it’s corresponding answer before clicking on the ʼContinue’ button.
  • Generate a 6-digit OTP code via your hardware token device and type the code on confirmation page that will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘ Submit‘ button and wait for some seconds.
  • Lastly, the gtbank Internet Banking app or website will disclose the details of your newly-created GTB virtual Pre-paid card as soon as your request is approved.

The details of your new gtbank virtual card will be in the following format:

PAN (Card Number): xxxx

Expiry date: xxxx

Activation Code: xxxx

CVV: xxxxx

What is a virtual card

As the name implies, a virtual card is a digital card use for online transactions. With a virtual card, you can purchase items from an e-commerce store, pay for an event or digital course, subscribe to a digital packages, among many other things.

A virtual card is more or less like your visa/debit/master/credit card, albeit you can only use it for online transactions. However, you must know that virtual cards only exist in software or applications, thereby making it unsuitable for in-persons or physical transactions.

What is virtual card used for

As stated earlier, a virtual card is used to complete online transactions. You can purchase goods and services from online marketplace or e-commerce stores; like Amazon, Apple music and other supported online platforms; subscribe to Google ads, and complete other online-related payments.

The importance of virtual card

  • Virtual card enhances easy and secure transaction
  • It is more hygienic as you won’t have to expose yourself to unhealthy microorganisms that might be on physical (plastic) cards.
  • You can easily cancel one transaction without affecting other payments or subscriptions unlike physical card that will affect all your payment/subscriptions once you cancel any deal.
  • You don’t have to worry about thieves because the virtual card isn’t physically seen.

What Is Virtual Dollar Card

A virtual dollar card is a dollar-denominated digital card you can use to complete all online transactions in a short time. It’s a kind of virtual card that features or operates in dollar currency.

Though you can’t withdraw cash with a virtual dollar card, you can use it for any legal online transaction. You can equally use your virtual dollar card for many activities which the Naira-dominated or physical debit cards can’t do.

Interestingly, you can easily obtain an effective virtual dollar card without any hassle as there is no need to visit a physical bank for registration or activation.

You can create a virtual dollar card from anywhere in Nigeria as long as you have a smartphone, accurate internet service, a secure platform and mobile data.

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