Actionable ways to get scholarships in Nigeria

Actionable ways to get scholarships in Nigeria

With the constant increment in the cost of schools in Nigeria, a constant topic that can be found on the lips of the average Nigerian student is how to get a scholarship.

Over the years many average Nigerians have opted for the option of attending public institutions to save cost.

This hasn’t also helped matters as the cost of living and high prices of hostels are alarming and fast becoming unbearable for many students. Some students have had to drop out of school due to low educational financing;

others who are short of funds have also had to suspend their studies to look for a means of survival before continuing their education.

This situation is not favourable for students, as it may have an adverse effect on their education.

This has thus prompted and motivated me to do extensive research on how to help Nigerian students get scholarships to help with their education.

The following ways below can, therefore, expose you and help you obtain a scholarship in Nigeria

1. Online Search for Scholarships

In this century the importance of the internet is indispensable, and with smartphones and computers at your disposal, you have the luxury of running a diligent and careful check through the internet for amazing scholarship opportunities.

It is advisable to know the kind of scholarship you want, as you will be presented with different kinds of scholarship. Most scholarship in Nigeria is fully funded and is being given by the federal government, states and local government.

International bodies and oil companies in Nigeria also give out scholarships every year.

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It is not surprising to discover that scholarships are given at different academic levels and that these scholarships are often given until the awardees graduate from their respective programs. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Haven done broad research, for which scholarship might suit you best, the smart action is to apply for it via their online portal.

Different scholarships have different requirements, as some might require you to buy an application form first, while others will tell you to fill in your details directly.

Some basic requirements might include:

passport photographs, admission letter, school ID card, academic results, and an active e-mail account for subsequent information.

Some of the scholarships which can be accessed online include:

  • Federal Government Scholarship for Undergraduates, HND, NCE, and Postgraduate students
  • Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarships
  • EXXON-MOBIL Undergraduate Scholarship
  • NNPC/TOTAL National Merit Scholarships
  • NNPC-ADDAX Nigerian Undergraduate Scholarships
  • SNEPCO National Merit University Award Scheme
  • Jim Ovia Scholarships for Nigerian Graduates and Undergraduates etc.

2. Friends, Family, and Instructors

This is another means of getting scholarships which many people have often overlooked. The people around you might be your passport to getting a scholarship, all you just have to do is ask, and make inquiries.

A lot of organizations and places your family and friends work might be accessible for a scholarship, but you never can tell until you inquire.

Also, if you are already enrolled in a university, you can easily approach some of your instructors and find out if there are scholarship opportunities you can apply for.

Making inquiries can always give you an edge of being informed about scholarships than many scholars who know nothing about it.

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3. Library and Book Shops

Still looking for a way to get scholarships, the library and book shops around wouldn’t be a bad idea for a stop.

Most academic libraries in the country are usually loaded with information regarding the latest scholarships.

You can access books and catalogues regarding different information about available scholarships. The books are very resourceful and can help you secure that financial aid you have always needed to support your education.

4. Indigenous Organisations Scholarship

Many indigenous groups in Nigeria give out scholarships yearly to their indigenes to aid their education.

To qualify for the scholarship you will need to prove that you have a family connection to the specified community. Ties considered are usually from the father or mother’s side.

To access this kind of scholarship, making investigation from your Local Government Area (LGA) is key.
Now, with this information at your fingertips, it’s time to brief you about the application process.

As earlier stated in how to access online scholarships, different scholarships schemes have different application process and requirement.

After filling the application forms and submitting the necessary documents, the following might be required of you to become a scholarship beneficiary

Physical Interview: Most scholarship body in Nigeria wants to be sure of whomever the scholarship will the awarded to. Therefore, it is most advisable to appear punctual, good-looking and decent, as any form of indecency might disqualify you.

Ensure your speech is well articulated, and questions asked are well answered. You can also conduct research to familiarise yourself with the likely questions to be asked during scholarship interviews.

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This is another way scholarship applicants are awarded scholarships in Nigeria. Examinations are usually conducted through a paper type or written test or a computer-based test.

There are many past questions resources available online and in your local library to aid you in the preparation for the examination. Cut-off marks are usually set in proportion to the total number of applicants who passed.

So, it’s important to become one of the outstanding applicants and get that scholarship you have always wanted.

Letter of Recommendation
This can be gotten from your teachers and instructors; most especially from those you have a good relationship with. Even your teachers you barely relate with will gladly give you a helping hand, as most students never meet with their instructors for one.

This letter when well-written would go a long way in getting you a scholarship and should be therefore handled with utmost importance. The letter of recommendation should entail what the scholarship requires with references to your achievements.

Written Essay:

Some scholarship body in Nigeria will require an essay from you. You will be told to write on different topics as stipulated. To get the scholarship, you have to ensure you do not write what every Tom, Dick, and Harry writes. Make yourself stand out by creating a niche that would captive your evaluators.

Don’t also forget that you aren’t the only one applying for the scholarship, so you have to use the right diction, and captivating word to engage your evaluators. Also, follow the stipulated topic, and don’t make the mistake of writing on something entirely different.

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