FG NCTO Conditional Cash Transfer 2024 Household Uplifting Programme http://ncto.gov.ng

FG NCTO Conditional Cash Transfer 2024 Household Uplifting Programme http://ncto.gov.ng

Undoubtedly, the economic impacts of the covid-19 outbreak that led to the 6 months national lockdown can’t be quantified.

In essence, quite a lot of low-income earners were affected by the unexpected turn of events in 2020. Consequently, the lockdown put so many businesses on hold, throwing many in hunger.Conditional Cash Transfer

Now that the lockdown is over, the FG has decided to give low-income earners the opportunity to support their family financially in the Household Uplifting Program (HUP) .

The HUP is the FG’s response to the widespread hunger and struggling financial status of low-income earners in Nigeria. The HUP seems to be the vision of the vice president, Osinbajo.

In the program, he intends to give low-income earners in Nigeria the sum of five thousand naira (#5,000) to grant them relief from the lasting effects of the pandemic and lockdown.

According to the Vice President, this program aims to provide rapid response to the hunger cries of Nigeria citizens. It would uplift them out of poverty while bringing them back to their feet.

The cash is specifically for low-income earners who reside in urban areas in the country. So, if you are into this category, listen up! This is how you can benefit from the program.

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For starters, the cash to be disbursed to low-income earners in Nigeria would be done under the Rapid Response Register (RRR).

Also, those who this relief program is targeted at would be received the proposed amount for six months.

Thanks to the NCTO, the cash would be transferred via various methods. For instance, NCTO would deploy channels like conditional cash transfer and top-up cash transfer in disbursing the cash to the target audience.

Those who are set to benefit from this program are low-income earners whose names are on the national social register (NSR) as well as those in the poor and vulnerable household State Social Register (SR)

Although, nobody knows how this state register was designed, you can keep your fingers crossed in hopes that your name is on the State’s Social Register.

The National Cash Transfer Project has quite a lot of benefits. If you are going to be a beneficiary of the cash transfer, here’s what you stand to gain in the HUP program.

Benefits Of National Cash Transfer Project

You’re entitled to the sum of #5,000- #20,000 per month.

This money is to enable low-income earners feed themselves and their entire household.

In addition to the above stipulated amount of money, qualified beneficiaries stand to receive a top-up only if they fulfil the certain conditions that have been highlighted by the federal government.

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While we do not know these conditions yet, it would be revealed to those who apply for the National cash transfer project (NCTP)

partake in capacity program

While the above sum of money might seem small, the federal government have taken the benefits of the NCTP a step further.

They have arranged for beneficiaries to partake in capacity program that would equip these beneficiaries on the necessary skills required to boost their status.

This capacity building benefits would empower qualified low-income earners with skills that range from entrepreneurial skills, financial inclusion, life skills.

It would also encourage these low-income earners to build a savings culture that would make a great impact on their financial future.

participants would be have access to financial and life coaches and mentors

Of course, empowering beneficiaries with the above enlisted skills won’t be complete without mentors to walk these low-income earners down the path to financial freedom and empowerment.

As a result, part of the benefits of the NCTP is that participants would be have access to financial and life coaches and mentors.

These coaches and mentors would expose low-income earners to the right pathway and secret to boosting their financial status and income. Undoubtedly, this knowledge would change the status of low-income earners.

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Eligibility Criteria

While the benefits of the NCTP seems quite robust, efficient and effective in ending poverty in the lives of beneficiaries, there are certain criteria that potential candidates must meet. These criteria determines whether or not you’d benefit from it.

  • Your family must be considered poor and vulnerable by the standard of the National Social Registry. The National Social Registry devised a selection process that you must meet to be considered for the conditional funding.
  • After being identified as poor and vulnerable, the conditional funding only be given to families that are below the proxy means test.

It is worthy of note that low-income earners by the definition of the federal government cut across three categories;

those who are self-employed but have been affected by the pandemic, those who are wage-employed and those who are considered as urban-poor.

The scheme also covers as many as 100,000+ beneficiaries’ resident in both Lagos state and in Abuja.

By record, over 300,000 individuals have benefitted from the program since it launched in January.

How to Register for the Covid-19 Cash Transfer Household Uplifting Program

If you want to join the list of those who have benefitted from this scheme, simply log on to the government site designed for the scheme at http://ncto.gov.ng.


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