FG NCTO Federal Government Conditional Cash payment date

Do you know that the National Cash Transfer Office(NCTO)/Federal Government Conditional Cash beneficiaries has receiving their funds? In fact funds has started hitting accounts of various beneficiaries of the programme.

You might ask what is the National Cash Transfer Office(NCTO) about. Well its a programme that is supervise by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Although as some point in time past beneficiaries received various sums of money in trenches. Right now disbursement has commenced again and this time it’s Nationwide.FG NCTO Federal Government Conditional Cash payment

How did we find out about this wonderful news, well the National Coordinator of the programme just hinted the general public while speaking to State Focal Persons of the National Social Investment Programme

Why the delay in payment :

We found out that why most of you guys have not yet gotten your funds was as a result of new methods being developed and also the disbursement process being strengthened so that only the right people gets the money at the end of the day.

According to her words”
it was also to ensure value for money, transparency and accountability

the systems strengthening revolves around tweaking the payment modalities to respond to cashless realities, security concerns and digitization of the payment processes.

“ Thirty per cent of its operations have been digitised and will recommence payment to its beneficiaries next week,” she said.

Will everyone Gets paid once?

According to the national coordinator not every one will get alert once, the money will be paid by batches hence if you don’t receive the money now then just wait a little.

Objectives of the National Cash Transfer Office(NCTO)

  1. The Programme targets to Improve household consumption amongst Nigerians.
  • Also the programme will Increase in utilization of health and nutrition services.
  • Education aren’t left out, there is plan to Improve school enrolment and attendance.
  • Improve environmental sanitation and management.
  • Encourage household financial and asset acquisition.
  • Engage beneficiaries in sustainable livelihood.
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The programme has 3 components which are as follows:

  • Base Cash Transfer
  • Top-Up based on State selected conditions and
  • Livelihood support

Wrap up :

The National Cash Transfer Office(NCTO) is a programme that is designed to focused on responding to deficiencies in capacity and also respond effectively on lack of investment in human capital.

This programme targets the most poorest citizens of Nigeria.

The beneficiaries of this programme are gotten from the National Social Register (NSR) from various states of the federation. This list are made up of the very poorest.

Remember that The federal Government has been trying to device means to raise over 100 million Nigerians out from poverty. So many social programmes has been rolled out to fulfil this objectives such as the Npower, NYIF and others.

The National Social Investment Programme(NSIP) State Focal Persons has been asked to put in their best to ensure that the objectives of the president comes into reality.

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  2. The number that texted me different from the one i see here. What should i do now. Secondly, what if i don’t have account number?

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