How To Fix Residential Address Error After Uploading On NASIMS

We are here again with another Npower series and this time around we will be talking about how to fix errors about your residential address.

Did you make any mistake on your address and you are frantically worried and looking for ways to get this errors corrected ? This article will help you with the right articles

In case you are among the 3rd batch (Batch c) in the N-power program and after inputting your residential address, you discovered that either the house number or plot number doesn’t match the one you inputted earlier.Npower

Errors like this are bound to occur, but this doesn’t mean that such errors can’t be corrected… Hold on let’s show you what to do.

If you have tried to edit such mistakes on the Npower portal and the issue continues, you shouldn’t panic as the administrators are aware of such malfunction and they have given a better way to get it aright again with your right address.

Hope you know that Npower physical verification is required? So you can utilise this period to correct this errors right there on the Npower physical verification day.

On the day of the N-power physical verification, you are advised to visit the N-power physical center with any utility bill or other documents that proves the residential address is correct.

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Moreover, this should be considered as a minor issue as it could be rectified within minutes.

N-power candidates are to be posted according to their local government jurisdiction, meaning that, candidates would be posted to PPA’S close to their local government.

In cases of relocation, the N-power Batch C deployment has not commenced neither has the physical verification commenced, but when relocating and you actually want to ensure you are relocating to a local government within the previous district, this should be easy as the process could be carried out without much hassle.

For instance, if you reside in Orlu, Imo state and you actually relocate from a certain area in Orlu to another, you should try to make the local government the same thing when applying for change of residence in order to make the redeployment process easier.


If you are resident in another location but you field another state or location on your NASIMS NPower portal. Please be rest assured that you are going to be posted to the area that you filled in your NPower NASIMS portal.

Secondly you are allowed to redeployed to another district within a local Government and not outside the local Government. Remember that Npower shortlisting are done to balance geographical locations.

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For any problems you can contact Npower here

How to apply for N-power 2021/2022.

Being a program, set up to alleviate poverty among youths and increase social development, There are several requirements and processes that need to be considered when applying for such program.

Below are the process for applying to N-power.

  • Before applying, ensure you possess a printout or accurate details of your BVN and a recent passport of you.
  • Visit the N-power website Via ‘’’’ and click on’’ apply ‘’ Before proceeding to input your first name, surname, middle name in accordance of your BVN followed by details of your active account.
  • If a candidate inputs an invalid BVN number, they will not be permitted to pass the current phase to another one which requires the candidates to fill in all personal information and your academic qualifications.
  • Candidates are expected to provide their working telephone numbers so as to receive several messages and to be contacted easily in case of any available update.
  • passport photographs are equally required after which you would be accessed through a quick screening in the aspect of grammar and general knowledge.
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A Brief importance of N-power in the life of Nigerian Youths.

Looking at the present situation of the country, one is expected to know the standard of living without embarking on research.

Many youths resorted to menial jobs while others have delved into vices that are equally harmful to the society.

The current situation of the country has left many males go into fraud and females into prostitution.

Npower is a project set up to tackle such defects in our society. As graduates are unable to find paid jobs, N-power has set up their scheme to assist such graduates by producing jobs and creating employers.

Any Nigerian youth above 18 and below 35 is free to join the program as it is open to anyone within the age bracket.

N-power might be a solution to unemployment and poverty among youths so, every Nigerian youth who seeks such opportunities are expected to apply to such openings.


Going through the article, you would understand several things about N-power briefly. If you have any issues concerning the residential address correction, follow the steps above and verify such mistake. If you have any tips or questions, drop them below to assist other candidates.

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