How to Score 70% to 90% in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test

How to Score 70% to 90% in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test |

Everybody wants success, being successful in an endeavour, it inspires us to do more. The NPower Batch C assessment test is here and we all know that it is your desire to take the test and comes out with outstanding score. At least this will qualify you to be considered to be shortlisted.

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We got the tips to help you make the best out of the N-power Batch C assessment Test. We assure you that after reading this guide your N-Power NASIMS online test will be a memorable one.Score high in npower test

Why the NASIMS assignment test?

You might ask this question but please don’t be confused. This N-power Batch C assessment Test is the criteria that will be used to determine who is who and who gets shortlisted in the final list of shortlisted candidate.

That is why you ought to give in your best and take the test more seriously than even the online application.

We understand that your success lies in this assessment test and we have your best interests at heart, that is why we are trying to help you with valuable tips and information to help you get better prepared both psychologically and emotionally as you sit for the test on NASIMS Portal.

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Below are tips to score above very high in the N-power online test:

  1.  First and foremost, have you recovered your password? If no please follow this guide and do so right away.
  2. Secondly you will have to put an eye on your NASIMS ID,take note of it or better write it down on paper . With out your ID, assessing your profile link to the test is impossible.
  3. Next thing, ensure as you take the NASIMS assessment test, use a very good network service as you don’t want to stop your test on the way while your network connection is acting funny. Remember that the time is running right? From what we noticed the best time to take the test is at night when the server is not overloaded.
  4. Do you have the N-power past questions and answers? If no please use the link we provide to go over past questions and see to it that you are well grounded in the way they ask their questions.
  5. So we believe now that you are ready to get to the test portal. So here is the link and click on it and it will redirect you NASIMS platform where you also need to type in your ID.
  6. ALWAYS be positive and believe in your self that you can do this. This will have an impact on the way you answer the question and your score at last.
  7. Be fast as you read your question that comes with your ID. Don’t waste much time as you are left with just 20 minutes to do all the magic.
  8. Don’t just dwell on one question for long. Don’t kill the time just provide the answer and move on. The time is the most important stuff here. We would have asked you to skip the ones you don’t know but since there is no skip button just make sure you give the best possible answers.
  9. Remember that the question is not that much. It’s 20. Make use of the 3 attempt given to you to prove your self worthy to be shortlisted so as to start receiving Government stipend every month.Npower assessment test
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How to Login to NPower Portal and recover your password

For those who are still wondering how to retrieve their password here is the simple steps to take :

  • Click on login
  • Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • Enter your N-POWER application email
  • Click on “Send Link”
  • The link is sent to your email you registered with, all you need now is to quickly check your mail and have the password reset.
  • Login using your new password.

Note: the first thing to do is to update your profile. If you skip this important part then you might have problems.

We have given you all link to some past questions although this questions might not be set. There is no guarantee so just use it for educational purposes and nothing more.

Best rest assured that the federal Government has begun the selection process. Those who have already taken the assessment test has already been handed over to the selection team to take it up from there.

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More also note that not all will be shortlisted just 1 million will get their names released or shortlisted.

This is the more reason that more effort is needed to score high or at least 70 % to have a secured spot.

Please remember that npower is not all about receiving free monthly salaries but learning new skills, improving on the ones you have already so that when the program comes to an end you will be easily be absorb by employers or be an employer of labour your self.

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