reset nasims password, recovery, Contact Number|Npower 2024 batch C reset password, recovery, Contact Number|Npower 2024 batch C

Npower Login Portal :

Are you getting “invalid password” when trying to access your Npower NASIMS dashboard?

Did you forget your NPower password and now you are looking for a way to retrieve it instantly?

If you can’t locate where you write down or saved your password, this article is for you

First you should have it in mind that no matter how many times you lost your password, you can always create one afresh and still gain access to your N-Power/NASIMS dashboard.

Npower Login Portal /password recovery  :

Here is a quick tip on how to retrieve your NPower NASIMS password.

The following steps below can be used to recover your N-Power lost password successfully

Login link

  • Step 1: Type in the last password you could remember and other details like email address.

and “Click” on login on the NASIMS/N-Power website.. If you cannot still login. Move to step 2 belowNpower password recovery

  • Step2: now click on “Forgot Password” this is the only way to recover your password.
  • Step3: Type in your valid email address used for the registration, click ” send link “so that Npower database will send you a link and an explanation on how to recover the mail.
  • Step4: Click on the link sent along in your mail.
  • Step5: a new page will come up, you can now enter a new password and click on proceed
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How do I recover my npower email?

Did you forget your N-POWER email address? That’s a serious one indeed.

But can you remember your ID? If yes then you can equally sign in with your ID and password.

Once you are sign in, your email could be gotten from your dashboard.

You can also contact Npower support using the contact details below with your ID.

How can I log into my npower account?

Before you can login, you should remember the email address and password.

  1. Then here is the link to Npower NASIMS portal
  2. Input the correct email address or your ID and then enter your password. That’s it.

Issues with Login: How to Contact Support

You might have special needs or some complicated problems that might warrant you having a conversation with one of Npower Staff.

You can reach out for support with the following:

Npower Contact Email: [email protected]

Npower Contact Number: 018885011, 08176551162

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Please Note;

The system won’t allow you to successfully login if your email address is not the one used to sign up for the account.

For this reason only make use of email address that was used for the ‘one time registration’ of the NPower batch C registration.

When you get a response like Account Not Found, its simply tells that your email is not recognised by the NASIMS server and database. In that case you need to double check

Over 1 million Nigerians will be put on board for the Npower Batch C recruitment. The Federal Government of Nigeria is very determined to bring more youth onboard to participate in nation building through various programmes available on the Npower social programmes.

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  1. Please I updated/ validates my bank account with a new one which is different from the one I used during registration and BVN are same . Hope no negative effects ?

  2. Oladipo Mary temitope

    Good evening.pls I was unable to login to my dashboard again.its keep saying incorrect password.i reset the link was sent to my email.i need your help sir

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