N-power Batch C: How To Fix Wrong Bank Account Details

N-power Batch C: How To Fix Wrong Bank Account Details

Errors most times are inevitable. When filling that form in the bank, processing that application form online we often realise that we have one mistake or the other to correct.

NPower registration and online application is no exception. Mots applicants have made pardonable mistakes that often time cost them the whole Npower NASIMS recruitment and shortlisting.Npower NASIMS contact details

Sometime this mistakes are done on BVN while at times this mistakes are based on errors on account details.

This error might appear easy to correct not in till you try correcting them from the dashboard and you start getting error messages.

So erroneously filling the wrong bank account number could be difficult to correct with out you contacting the Npower team.

They made it so because at most times account that have weak passwords even when hacked into by unauthorised person funds can’t be diverted from it.

You should understand that money is the most essence of the whole thing. So imagine when your funds are diverted to the wrong account

So the main question right now is how can I correct a wrong account or how do I edit my account?

What you have to do is to simply contact Npower help desk through their email as address stating your problem.

But hope you have your NPower reference ID? if you have forgotten it please get it with the help of this article here.

Ikechukwu Youwin

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