N-Power Build registration 2024/2025 Recruitment|batch C

N-Power Build registration 2024/2025 Recruitment portal |batch C npower.fmhds.gov.ng/
As we continue to help our readers get familiar with the five segments of the N-power job creation scheme, we shift our focus to N-power build.

What’s N-power Build?

Just as mentioned above, N-power build is one of the five segments of the N-power program that was created by the Federal government in 2016.

N-power build is largely created for youths who are not privileged to attend tertiary institutions as it will help them develop a skill that will establish them financially during and after their two-year contract with the government.

In other words, N-power build is a segment where youths are engaged in vocational training in order to help them develop a skill capable of putting food on their table on a daily basis.

Types of skills you can learn via N-power build

N-Power Build consists of different areas of specialization where you can build up yourself. They include:

  • 1. Automobile: This area of specialization is created for people who have little understanding of how an automobile operates, and they desire to improve their skill.
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There are experts who will teach them how to repair vehicles using first-class, modern-day tools. This part of the N-power build will equally help you determine and solve the problem of a car or machine in a more modernized manner.

  • 2. Carpentry & Joinery: This part of the scheme will teach you how to become a perfectionist in any building activities. You will be able to cut, shape and construct any kind of wood work.
  • 3. Electrical Installation: This is another part of the N-power build. This segment will help you learn how to install anything electric — including house wiring. You will be able to deal with any electrical devices.
  • 4. Masonry & Tiling: Just as the aforementioned sectors of N-power Build, masonry and tiling sector will also help you learn how to construct a good-looking building right from the foundation to the decking.
  • 5. Plumbing & Pipe Fitting: Lastly, you will be trained to become a good plumber.
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The Criteria You Need for a Successful Application

  • You must be within 18 to 35 age bracket.
  • You must be an unemployed youth.
  • You must possess the urge to learn new skills
  • You must be a Nigerian by birth.

How to Successfully Apply for N-Power Build

Are you interested in participating in the N-power build program? If yes, then you are advised to follow the procedures discussed below:

  1. Visit N-power Build official website by clicking here. You can also make use of this portal — https://nasims.gov.ng/
  2. Choose N-Build by clicking on the ‘apply’ link.
  3. Create your profile using active phone number and email address.
  4. Fill the application form with accurate details.
  5. Ensure that all data are correct and accurate before you submit the application.
  6. You will be notified that your application is successfully submitted.
  7. You are advised to swiftly follow subsequent instructions that would be communicated across to you.


The fact that you don’t have a quality or sound educational background shouldn’t stop you from being a wealthy or employed citizen of Nigeria.

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This is why it is advisable you take advantage of this opportunity to develop a new skill that will completely improve your life.

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