N-Power Support Page: email not found /password error|blank

N-Power Support Page: email not found /password error|blank page

We open this page for all Npower Batch C applicants who are having issues as regard recovering their password or updating their profile, not able to access the test portal and many other issues.

We understand that a lot of applicants are already having problems taking the NASIMS online assessment test due to several issues peculiar to them.

Be rest assured that Whatever problem you are facing right now there is a solution and we are here to help you.

This page has been created to help in the little way we can so feel free to let us know the issues you are facing right now let’s put our head together and see how it could be resolved.

email not found :

Are you getting email not found message after inputting your email address? Please ensure you make use of the same email address you sign up with previously.Npower error message

There is possibility that the system might be responsible for this issue, in this case you have to wait and try some other times preferably at night.

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It might be also that you did not complete your registration when the portal was open for recruitment. Note that an incomplete registration will cause a lot of issues now.

password error:

please note that you can’t log in with your previous password because this is a new website and you did your registration on the previous website.

The best option here is to try the recovery option, recover the password by following this link

Only Npower applicant with valid submission will get email :

What this means is that those who didn’t complete their online registration at the inception of the registration process will likely face this issue but if you feel that you have a valid submission and you are getting this error.

Contact the support or try again at some other time.

How To Fix errors on NASIMS Portal

Password Reset:

one of the common errors is the inability to reset the password due to the system or portal not sending you a password verification link to your email . We discussed how to resolve this problem here….

Error on Npower assessment login

Another scenario is When you send a password reset link to your email , instead of you to get “a link has been sent…” the system will tells you that your password has been reset.

This is not how it supposed to be. Please if you encounter any problem like this resend the password again and make sure you get “a link has been sent…”

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When resending your password to your mail, note that if it successfully sent to your mail, you should get a green written “success message” that signals that your reset link has been sent to your mail. But if you get a message that something has gone wrong. Please try again and keep trying untill you get it right.

NASIMs Record Update:

Ensure that all details like your date of Birth is correct. Date is an important aspect because it indicate if you are eligible or not and this should match with what you have on your BVN.

If your date of Birth on BVN is different from what you have on your profile then there is bound to be error. Ensure everything matches

Upload the right documents in the required sizes and shouldn’t be above 200kb.

Your recent passport should be uploaded also and this should be alongside your documents.


NASIMS ID is written on your profile boldly. NASIMS ID is the same thing as Npower registration number e.g

You see your NASIMS ID and also your password is very important and with out them you can’t write the test.

I have been trying to write my test but it’s saying site site can not be reach:

Are you getting a message that says “site can not be reach“? This is an embarrassing situation that most people face.

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I will strongly advice you make use of VPN, there are lots of free VPN you can download or install on your device. Check if the site will open after making use of VPN.

If it persist then turn off your VPN and try the following methods :

Another thing to do here is to try again at midnight because at day the server is overwhelm with thousands of Nigerians trying to take the test.

Secondly make use of another browser and also clear your cache and see if you can be able to access the portal

BVN Validation error message:

here is how you can fix this issue by following this article we have written here. Please contact Npower support for this

Can I continue with the Npower registration without receiving confirmation email?

There is no way you can continue since you can’t login with your previous password so for the main time keep on trying to get your reset link sent to your email.

What do I do after successful Npower online test?

You just have to wait for the list of shortlisted candidate. That’s the main thing to do. Please also note your NASIMS ID. Put it down.

So, how do you want us to help you?

Feel free to let us know about your problem.

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  1. Iyire Aniebiere jimmy

    The same email I used registered npower is now showing can not be found, pls what’s the way forward,

  2. Aisha DANMARKA bako

    You said the email has been sent to your email but I check my email I did not see please help me



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