N-Power Teach registration 2024/2025 Recruitment

N-Power Teach registration 2024/2025 Recruitment npower.fmhds.gov.ng/ batch C

Have you been moving from one company to another in search of a paid job? Are you a graduate with laudable and incredible credentials but hasn’t found a job to call his own?

The opportunity to finally put an end to your quest for a job has finally arrived after the Federal government announced the release or availability of N-power registration form.

You could be wondering what does N-power represent and how can it help you find a lasting solution to your unfortunate jobless situation? Here is a quick facts you should know about N-power.

What’s N-power?

It is a government-initiated program setup by the Buhari-led administration in 2016 which is aimed at providing jobs to able and eligible youths across the 36 states of the federation.

Participants will learn some vocational skills in three months and will be dispatched into the labor market where they will be employed to showcase what they’ve learnt for two years.

You should know that during this two years, participants will be placed on monthly salary which is not less than 23,000.

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This scheme isn’t opened to graduates only, but everyone who falls between the ages of 18 and 35 is eligible to participate in the laudable skill acquisition and poverty alleviating program.

N-power is of three sectors namely: The N-Power Teacher Corps, The N-Power Knowledge and The N-Power Build. Each category has at least three subcategories.

Having said that, we are focusing on the N-power teach which is one of N-power teach corp’s subcategories . We shall be revealing to you the factors or criteria you must possess to stand a chance of being recruited into this Npower segment.

N-power Teach registration for batch D 2024/2025

This segment or sector of the program is mainly for Nigerians who have what it takes to lecture a large or small group of people.

This segment don’t really need you to pass through intense training as you will only be given the chance to assist senior colleagues in public or government schools.

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The jobs you could get via the N-power Teach

The teaching-related jobs you can do via this segment of the program include:


Senior Research Analyst

Education Services Manager

Project Manager

Professional Teaching

Education Consultant

Project Supervisor

Social services analyst.

N-power Teach Recruitment Requirements

  • You must be a Nigerian (by birth) whose age falls within 18 – 35.
  • You must show total commitment and readiness to learning new teaching skill.
  • You are expected to pass the compulsory skill and aptitude test to stand a chance.
  • You must possess the urge and desire to succeed at all cost.
  • You must possess at least NCE or OND certificate as part of the things to prove that you’re qualified to be a professional teacher.
  • You must possess the willingness to work at any state in the country.

N-power Teach Recruitment Processes

Registering for the npower Teach won’t be a difficult or stressful task as long as you follow the procedures discussed below:

  1. Create An Account On Their Official Site
  2. This is the first step to take if you want to participate in the governmental program. Visit https://nasims.gov.ng/ or https://nasims.gov.ng/ to create an account.
  3. Clicking on the ‘apply’ link means you are set to progress to the next level of registration.
  4. Fill the registration form with up-to-date information and submit. You will receive a mail which states that your application has been received.
  5. You will be notified — via mail– if your application is accepted or declined, two days after submission.
  6. Take skill or aptitude test if your application accepted. This test is meant to examine your overall quality and moral behavior.
  7. You will be sent a mail asking you to confirm your readiness to be part of the N-power teach program.
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However, this will only be possible if you pass the aptitude test. Meanwhile, you are expected to confirm the mail as soon as possible.

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