NASIMS Biometric Software Download Link for N-Power Fingerprint – for stream 2 stream 1

NASIMS Biometric Software Download Link for N-Power Fingerprint – for stream 2 stream 1

Are you interested in getting the NASIMS Biometric Software Download Link and Installation guide for the compulsory N-Power biometric Fingerprint Enrollment?

The N-power Batch ‘C’ recruitment that started almost a year ago has reach on the concluded aspect.

The recruitment has in fact gotten to the verification stage, which we believe is a necessary steps towards securing your appointment latter and subsequently deployment latter.

Those who has been successfully shortlisted are now required to prove they are who they said they are by enrolling and capturing fingerprints,

which will help the Npower recruitment team confirmed their details and hasten their recruitment process

If you passed all the criteria necessary for the previous phase of the recruitment then you have a chance of scaling through.

Remember that untill you are shortlisted, the Npower Batch C Biometrics fingerprint enrollment link won’t be visible on your dashboard.

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So until you have been shortlisted either from the stream 1 or from stream 2 you won’t have the opportunity to see the link for the fingerprint capturing.

Now the question now on the mind of applicant is how do I know that I have been qualified?

Now you have to login to npower portal with your credentials (password and I’D/Email
Then click on the verification tab to confirm the status. Your status will display with a link to capture your fingerprint.

Like we all know the screening process has not been concluded yet, it’s still on and name of those ready for fingerprint verification are still being published in batches.

If you are yet to see your status, just wait because over 1 million young Nigerians have a chance of scaling through and getting their names shortlisted for final deployment.

NASIMS biometric software download link

Npower Biometric

We understand that a lot of successful candidates are having a hard time installing the software on their device or computer.

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To make the capturing of fingerprint lot more easier and stress free we decided to help you provide relevant links.

You only need to click those links we are providing here to have your software downloaded and installed on your system.

Here is the link

Or you can decide to install it directly from the installer link here

Here is another version

Remember that you can’t install this on your phone rather you can install it on your computer or laptops.

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