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Nexit npower cbn empowerment programme

The NEXIT Portal, happens to be a portal designed for CBN empowerment programme for all exited N-power beneficiaries.

In case you want to check your eligibility and suitability for CBN Empowerment, first you are to login to the NEXIT Portal which is at and fill all the necessary and required information.

Just to inform you that the Nigeria federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development finally announced that they developed the new portal in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to enable Exited N-Power beneficiaries apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria empowerment programme.Npower Nexit

What are the Main Purpose of NEXIT portal?

There are a lot of reasons this portal was developed, but note that the NEXIT portal is design primarily;

  • In determining the suitability of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programmes
  • It helps beneficiaries to select the different CBN support options
  • The suitability is dependent on meeting the requirement and conditions set by the CBN for the programmes

Please remember that the portal is now live and active for registration and enquiries.

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All about the NEXIT CBN Empowerment and the eligibility

  • This NEXIT application portal is only available for exited N-Power beneficiaries
  • This portal is to allow exited N-Power beneficiaries benefit from the CBN Empowerment Options.
  • All the applicants will be required to provide an additional information to determine their suitability for different CBN intervention options.
  • Remember that interested beneficiaries are to proceed to login to the portal via

Here are how to Apply for the NEXIT CBN Empowerment programme

  1. First login to the portal by clicking the link or you can copy the link to your browser
  2. But for new registration, click on sign up button on the portal
  3. Then fill in your email, password, your name and BVN, then click on the submit button
  4. Then proceed to your email inbox to confirm the email sent to you
  5. Once done, complete other information as required.
  6. But if you have already registered, what you should do is to enter your email and password to login.

The NEXIT Portal Verification or Sign Up Issues

Sometimes there might be some issues while you are trying to register on the portal or to get your email verified; note that this is because the portal is still under construction.

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So in case you are having problem signing up or the email sent to you is having issue after successful registration, please do the following;

  1. Ensure to use SAME EMAIL used when registering for your N-Power (i.e your NPVN profile email but not necessarily your NPVN password)
  2. Ensure you use your SURNAME in place of FIRST NAME when filling the form
  3. And for those with blocked or suspended email, make sure you send your issues directly to [email protected]
  4. But if you must send enquiries to the contact email above, make sure to properly indicate your issue in the subject line

After you must have done all the above, then you should be sure to get your registration completed successfully. Else, just wait patiently while the support team of the portal resolve all your issues.

The NEXIT Portal Completed Application Feedbacks

There is a lot of feedback from people who have completed their NEXIT application on the official portal.

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But for those of you that have done the first phase of the registration and waiting for verification email;

  • Please login in to your mail
  • Then check your inbox (check all folders) and locate the message with sender name ‘Nexit Portal’
  • Now open and read it

The Nexit verification email on your inbox

Just simply click on ‘Verify Email’ and you will be redirected to your dashboard where you will update your records (sometimes you may be asked to login again).

Please note: In case you can’t find the message in your inbox, we recommend you try resending the verification message and wait patiently for it.

Though some applicants get their verification message immediately, while some may be delayed even for days. You can only wait patiently for the message to proceed with the next step.

Please remember to be checking back for any update on your application, when there are available.

Also, after successful registration, please make sure to sign-up for Nexit updates, so that you don’t miss any opportunity when available.

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  1. N-power is an enovative programs initiated by the federal government to empower the youths and it wòrks perfectly.

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