NPower Batch C : Can We Do N-Power Fingerprint on Mobile Phone?

NPower Batch C : Can We Do N-Power Fingerprint on Mobile Phone?

Now that Npower says you should do a finger print Biometric enrollment,

You might ask if you can make use of your phone to capture your fingerprint, after all it has a finger print sensor.

Many N-Power Batch C applicants have been asking this very question after receiving the congratulatory message and found out that they need to do a finger print enrollment.Npower Batch C Verification

the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development (FMHDSD), few days made it known that the shortlisted process has started and almost concluded.
It didn’t take long before beneficiaries began receiving congratulatory messages that reads :

The biometric fingerprint capturing for candidates is just to verify some of your details and you will be good to go. If you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to the nasims support team via support [email protected]

What the above means is that all shortlisted candidate that got the message on their dashboard are mandated to do a compulsory Biometric fingerprint and this will be done via the NASIMS portal.

Can we do N-Power Fingerprint on mobile phones?

We noticed that a lot of N-Power Batch C applicants have been in a state of dilemma since the announcement of the Biometric enrollment.

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We have seen applicants asking whether to make use of a mobile devices or rather they should take a walk to a computer system operator where they could complete the N-Power biometric fingerprint capture enrollment.

Well the answer is ‘NO’. And that’s the main fact, not even with a sophisticated phone.

The biometric installer won’t work on phone.

You need a laptop or desktop computer to be able to install the software that aid the biometric fingerprint scanner to capture your finger print in the right format as approved by NASIMS.

More also if you try to download this file on your phone, it might saved as text documents or an invalid file format.

To complete your Biometric enrollment it’s necessary to have a laptop that runs on 32 bit installation or 64 bit installation.
And also .NET Desktop Runtime.

Download NASIMS Npower Biometric Enrollment Application

The Npower enrollment has begun and its a must you should participate in this enrollment to further boost your chances for getting shortlisted.

All you need right now is to install the Biometric enrollment app on your computer to finalise the Biometric process

For starters, you just need one thing, which is a computer or your laptop, please phones cant perform this task because the software was not built for phones.

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This prerequisite you are about to download and install on your computer below is required so that they can validate your application and take your information to match so they wont make payment to the wrong persons.

that has been said before and please it should be installed separately (Dont make this mistake) before clicking the Install button:

  • Biometrics Prerequisite for either 32 bit Installation or 64 bit Installation
  • .NET Desktop Runtimes

There is this one thing we want you to note here, its the guidelines for installation of the component. Please install them just separately not once. Dont install one before trying to launch it.


Module:NASIMS Biometric
Package Name:NASIMS Biometric Enrollment

How to Enroll for NASIMS Npower Biometric Capture 2022

You neee to do the needful by logging into your dashboard, i lean the portal via this link,

With the help of your application ID or preferably your email address being inputed or typed into the spaces provided for it.

After the above has been done and you have successfully gained control or access into your dashboard, now click on Click the verification link

Its important you view your status, for those who want to view you can just Click the verification link as far as you are logged into your dashboard.

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Follow the steps below;

  1. Npower NASIMS successful hopeful, please Click on “Capture Your Fingerprint”
  2. Its normal for you to be redirected to the “NASIMS (NPOWER) Biometric Client”
  3. Its now time to get the tools you need to carry out your Biometric, Now click on install to simply Install the NASIMS NPower Biometrics Prerequisite application.(hope you are not trying to install it on your phone? Because it wont work )
  4. After the installation of the NASIMS /Npower application, “ click on Launch” to get started the application. I hope everything is clear and well understood?
  5. Follow the steps by step onscreen instructions. With this instruction everything will be easy for you.

But if you still cant go ahead with the the installation guide there is nothing bad to seek help. The best places to seek help should be a business center. They should be well informed about stuff like this

Our Advice

Kindly visit the nearest Cyber Cafe or Computer Business Centre for the Npower biometric fingerprint scan if you don’t have the required prerequisite Items in your home.

Have question? Drop it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with other Npower applicants.

13 thoughts on “NPower Batch C : Can We Do N-Power Fingerprint on Mobile Phone?”

  1. Muhammad Abdullahi

    My wife did her finger thumbprints from a nearby Cyber cafe, and we are told that it has successfully been accepted…how can we know that it has been successfully accepted from our phone

  2. salihu mahmoud danjuma

    the link for the downloading of the finger print application is not working please help us to rectify the problem in order to reduce the

  3. I have been shortlisted but unable to do the biometric. It is only showing that my BVN is successfully validated without popping into the next page of the biometric

  4. Donald John Udofia

    Dear Ikechukwu Youwin, please I am really confused on this whole process. When I went for my own npower biometric exercise, i thumbprinted my ten (10)fingers and four (4 )times each finger.

    Just today my friend thumbprinted his own in another place and he thumbprinted only his thumb and index finger of both hands four(4) times each.

    Please what is the difference there?

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