Npower Batch C Test Closing Date 2021 NASIMS Deadline @|take your test now

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Npower Batch C Test Closing Date 2021 NASIMS Deadline @|take your test now

When is Npower batch C test deadline? When is the closing date?

Have you written your N-Power NASIMS online assessment test

Do you have any clue as regards the closing date of Npower Batch C Test? If you have no idea yet then this article will do justice to that by revealing the date and when the final list of successful candidates will be out.Npower assessment test

The latest gist right now is that the Npower NASIMS online assessment Screening Test is ongoing which is a plus for all those who are yet to take the test maybe due to network issues or you have not have the chance to take the test or rather you have not prepared to even take the test

As you keep preparing on how to take your test ensure you login and update your profile. Only those who have their records updated and have an excellent performance will be shortlisted.

N-power is a mass employment scheme of the Federal government that seeks to empower the youth, give the the right knowledge to become employer of labour through various vocational training. The main objective here is to drastically proffer a temporary solution to the alarming rate of unemployment

When will Npower 2021 Batch C NASIMS Screening End?

Npower batch c test deadline, NASIMS online assessment test?

This is the question right now on the mind of most candidates who are yet to take the assessment test. Some are asking when will the portal be shut down.

You should note that the deadline for N-power Batch C Test has not been announced yet.

The Federal Ministry of humanitarian Affairs Disaster management and social development did not make any statement as regards the closing date.

This means you still have all the time to get your self prepared before taking the test.

But be rest assured that a lot of applicants are still finding it difficult to write the exam. This is due to network problem or the server being overwhelm by a large number of people trying to access it at same time.

We are very much sure that a lot of time will be given so that over 5 million applicants that applied will participate in the exam.

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5 million is a huge number and it will take more time given the responsiveness of the server.

The portal might remain open for 6 weeks or more. But please take the exam as soon as possible so that you won’t be worry about the closing date.

NPower Batch C online test update: Step by step guide on the exam

You need to check your email address. The email address has to be the one you signed up with during the registration period.

Information on how to login and update your portal and also take the test are there.
The assessment portal is, you are expected to login with your credentials.

Updating your personal profile and information is a must. Please adhere to this instruction.

Instruction about the online assessment test is online on the portal. So follow every detail there.

Why Npower assessment test

The core objective of the online assessment test is to ensure that the best candidate with sound knowledge are shortlisted

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All those that wrote the exam well and smartly beat the cut off mark will have to go for physical verification.

About 5,042,001 Nigerians had applied for the Npower Batch C online registration.
The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) portal now handles every aspect of the programme including the compulsory assessment test

The monthly stipend has not been reviewed and its still the usual 30,000 which should cover some of your monthly expenses.

Lastly the programme will end in jus 12 months time to allow other batch to come in and benefit from the scheme.

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    • Then you need to activate a password reset. Use the FORGOT PASSWORD option of the email login

  1. The time for some applicants test jump from 20min to 30sec, I think the test need to be reviewed

  2. I highly appreciated the methods you use to see that you give every citizens who applied to chance to be part of the program. Thanks for your untired efforts to make Nigerian to be united.

  3. I have done the test and brought my test score as 55%.. but in my profile it’s still bringing take test…wen I click on will tell me u have taken the test..pls am confused


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