Npower Cut Off Mark & point 2024 Batch C NASIMS Test

Npower Cut Off Mark & point 2024 Batch C NASIMS Test /

Have you taken the Npower NASIMS assessment test @
Chances are that you have taken it and you have seen your score and you are now wondering what will be the cut off mark.

Or if you still yet to take the online assessment test please do and More so check the closing date here

in this article we shall take our time to further discuss the Npower Batch C cut off mark

My advice to all Npower Batch C applicants is to strive hard to secure a comfortable score because we know and are aware that only those who meet the cut off point will be shortlisted in the final list of successful candidates.Npower Cut Off Mark

Npower Cut Off Mark For 2024 Batch C

The NPower Cut off mark for Batch ā€˜Cā€™ online test is a bench mark or the minimum criteria/ score that is necessarily needed for an application to hit to be considered eligible to secure a spot on the Npower list of shortlisted candidate.

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For an application to get to the next selection stage or to even get to the physical screening exercise he or she should at least get a score that is not only comfortable but up to the cut off mark or point.

The question on the mind of most applicants right now is ” what is Npower assessment cut off point”? Well you shall find out in this article.

But note that those who didn’t meet the minimum required cut off point will be shown the exit door. Although they could still try again on the next Batch.


N-power test is a competitive exam, over 5 million Nigerians sign up for the programme and its worthy to note that only 1 million applicants will be employed at the end of the whole process. So there are hundreds of thousands of applicant to compete with.

Remember that each state has a slot once that slot is filled up the rest will be discarded.

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What is the N-power Cut off Mark for Batch C Test?

It is worthwhile knowing that the cut off mark has not been announced yet. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has not said anything based on the cut off mark

But rather said that the N-Power program is predicated on merit and equitable representation across all strata of the country. And the selection process will ensure equitable regional as well as gender representation.

The truth of the matter is that those who scored high stands a chance of meeting the cut off mark.

Another thing to consider is that the cut off mark will not be the same in all states. Like for instance those in Sokoto or Bauchi will not get a high cut off mark like those in Lagos, Port Harcourt,Kano, Delta or even Imo State.

Reason is that the level of performance in these states might be relatively higher as compared to most states in the North..

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There is this issue of Quota system, this means that each state has a slot given to them so if your state has a higher number of people that sign up for the Npower programme then the competition will be pretty high.

There is still an issue of even distribution that cuts across each local Government etc.

Hence we can not just say the cut off mark is 50% or 70%. There are many factors to be considered before arriving at the actual cut off mark for each states.

For now do your best to score high most especially when you are in states like Lagos,Kano, Abuja etc because these states will be very competitive compared to others.

For now let’s allow Npower to bring out the best modalities that will be useful to set up the cut off mark.

So use the comment box to tell us what you scored. Share your thoughts on what we just discussed above via the comment section.

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