Npower NASIMS Batch C Applicant Got Shortlisted Without Taking Test – |nasims news and update

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Npower NASIMS Batch C Applicant Got Shortlisted Without Taking Test – |nasims news and update

Information currently trending on social media of late after the first batch of Npower Batch C Stream 1 was released

Has it that some applicants actually got shortlisted with out taking the compulsory test. How true?

A lot of people said that they knew one or more applicant who didn’t actually take the NASIMS online test but at the same time they got shortlisted for the online Biometric enrollment.

Remember that the finger print capturing or Biometric enrollment is actually for those who meet all the required documentation, requirement, cut off mark etc.

It was alleged that the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has screened and even went as far as shortlisting names of young Nigerians who didn’t participate in the test.

On our part if this truly exist then its an error. So let’s not exaggerate things out of proportion. So should remain calm

The error could be detected and those names remove

We also got unconfirmed report that suggest that, what made them upset the more was that they knew people who didn’t update their profile still getting short listed.

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When we went through comments from Nigerian popular forum (nairaland) we saw numerous complaints.

What actually triggered this news is that a lot candidates that scored very high grades where not able to confirm their status.Npower news

After getting 90%,80% and even 70/60% with high hopes, they still got the shock of their lives as they got the sorry message on their dashboard.

Here is a report:

I neither write the test nor updating my profile and I still being shortlisted for biometric. Says an applicant

Here is the picture attached :Npower report

Summary of the above picture is that he was shortlisted even after he failed to update his records like password or updating his names and contact details. How true is this remains a topic for another day

If this is actually true then it could be that an error occurred or certainly his I’D was mistaken.
Because it makes no sense picking some one who didn’t comply with directives, who failed taking the test, so on what criteria was he selected?

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To be fair the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has been up to their game on this programme and they should be commended.

They have ensure that they followed the president directives and ensure credibility in the selection process.

Let’s not forget that error are bounds to happen or occur at some point but the most important thing is getting this error eliminated as soon as possible.

So share us your independent finding as regards Npower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates.

Do you know anyone who didn’t take the test and also found his name among those doing Biometric?

N-Power is a social programme with it sub category such as Npower tech, Npower teach, Npower health, Npower Build, Npower Agro etc set up by the President of Nigeria to tackle widespread poverty and unemployment among the youth

It is believed that the programme will help fight unemployment and on the other hand help increase social development.

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The scheme has seen the third Batch which is called batch C.

In a nutshell npower was established to serve as a component of National Social Investment Program,

The programme will see to it that there will be a structure for large scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development

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