NPower NASIMS Test Result 2024

NPower NASIMS Test Result 2024 | How to Check Your Npower Assessment Screening Result

Npower Test Result  –Now that you have taken the Npower Batch C NASIMS assignment test let’s show you how to check the result of the test so you can see where your chances lies of being shortlisted in the final list of shortlisted candidate.

In this article we shall give you a step by step practical guide on how to check your Npower NASIMS test result right from the comfort of your home.Score high in npower test

Are you eager to check your Npower CBT result vai Don’t worry we got you covered with every available information you need right now.

The only portal you need right now so as to check your N-Power results remains the official portal @NPVN portal and Remember that those who failed to take the exams will not have any chances of seeing their results not alone their names on the list of shortlisted candidate.

How to Check NPower Test Result

You have to understand that the results is being released in batches for various categories of the Npower programme

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Irrespective of the category you applied for, be it Npower Tech, Npower Teach, Npower Tax, Npower Agro etc you can login with your details and check. Please remember that checking of result is free of charge.

Although we are meant to understand that applicant will receive their test results via SMS and email once it’s ready, so keep checking your email.Npower assessment test


Here is the simple steps to ensure that you have a better view of your Npower assessment test result, simply:

  • Login to Npower result checker portal. and
  • Input your details in the spaces provided.
  • Once the page opens, go to device selection.
  • Choose your device and click submit.

NOTE: if you are lucky and also your performance is above average, the choice you had previously selected will get saved and the system will Redirect you to the said page.

What is the Cut Off Mark for Npower Batch C Test Result?

Cut off mark is the average score or the bench mark applicant are expected to get. Although the cut off mark for this year’s Npower Batch C has not been officially made public but we are of the opinion that the cut off mark might be 50%

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But what about if a larger percentage of applicant scored more than 50%, what do you think will happen? Well the simple logic here is that the cut off mark will be adjusted upward.

Remember that only just 1 million will be shortlisted at the end of the day. Those who scored higher mark e.i 70 to 80% stands a better chance to those who scored 40 to 50%.

Finally cut off mark is influenced by the percentage of performance recorded in a given time.

Npower Batch C Registration General Guide and requirements

Let’s take a look at Npower requirements and they as follows:

  • acceptable age is 18 to 35
  • Having a BVN is necessary, infact with out it you can’t participate in the programme.
  • Another area is your employment status. Remember that it’s a programme for the unemployed.
  • Older beneficiaries are not allowed to apply.
  • Do you have NYSC Discharge Certificate or exemption letter? If you are applying as a graduate you should have any of this
  • Your School Certificate is also needed.
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Note: you might ask why my BVN? With BVN they eliminate fraud, double payment and most importantly prevent those who has benefitted in time past from reapplying.

NPower Categories

  1. NPower Teachthis category belongs to teachers or those that applied for teaching jobs. Usually this has the largest volume of applications.
  • NPower Health – this is for health professionals like health support staff and those who want to get more experienced from the health sector.
  • NPower Agro– do you have passion to grow crops or raise livestock? Then this field suits you.
  • NPower Tax – This category was specifically designed for all unemployed youths who would love to be tax liaisons

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