NPower News Today 2024 : Verification, Shortlist, NASIMS, Deployment

NPower News Today  July: Verification, Shortlist, NASIMS, Deployment, Deployment, Batch A, B & C, NEXIT Latest News, Registration & Recruitment News, CBN Empowerment Portal Login Password Reset etc

Here are all Npower latest news at the moment.

In this article you will be getting everything that has to do with Npower recruitment, list of shortlisted candidates, names of selected candidates, pre-selection list, stipend news, assessment test date, time & venue, salary structure,

NPower Batch C: Deployment/physical Verification Will Be Communicated Via Email/SMS

We got a first hand information that the physical verification and subsequent deployment of successful candidates to their primary place of assignments is on schedule.

Applicants are now advised to keep a close watch on their email for timely update as Npower team will communicate with all of you guys through your registered email in no distance time. So guys keep checking your mails….. Read More

NPower Batch C Verification: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Rush To Your LGA

Remember that names of shortlisted candidate and their places of primary place of assignments has been sent to various local government across the country.

Before travelling to your local government you should get a mail informing you about that, please avoid unnecessary tension and stress, don’t be a a hurry or a rush….. Read More

NPower Batch C Deployment to Commence Soon

Do you know that the Npower Batch C Deployment is going to start proper soon? We are here to only guide you free of charge about the ongoing empowerment opportunities so you don’t make any error or mistakes as you go about trying to get recruited.

Please allow us to share you important information that deals on your proposed primary place of assignments which is usually called PPA …Read More

Please Do Not Pay money For Physical Verification

When you begin your NPower NASIMS physical verification you are not meant to pay for the process.

Everything is free of charge. You might have heard some saying that candidates or beneficiaries are meant to pay 100 naira.
Please this is false and she be discarded.

Also note that the N-Power Verification officers carrying out the verification won’t charge you as they have not been told to charge you.

Always remember that the Npower NASIMS physical verification is free of charge.

NPower Batch C: Physical Verification Facts and Guidelines

Are you aware that there will be an NPower Physical Verification?
The NPower verification stage is necessary as this will help the recruitment team to have a thorough check on your credentials.

Other documents such as Age, Gender, Residential Address, Local Government Area (LGA), Academic Qualification, and NYSC (for graduate category) will be screened during thus period.

Please here are some important details to keep you informed …Read More

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Npower Batch C List Sent to State Focal Persons for Physical Verification and Deployment

We got a first hand information that a list of successful candidates, this comprises of the names of Npower Batch C has been sent to their respective states and this comprises of all 36 States of the federation Focal Persons for Physical Verification and deployment purposes.

Please you have to be patient and allow the Npower management release further directives on this …Read More

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NPower Batch C: How To Obtain Your BVN Printout

You ought to have a print out of your BVN which is a vital component of the Npower physical verification process.

With your BVN print out with you, your names and your bank account details could be verified and also a check on if you have been a previous beneficiary will be ascertain through your BVN.

Remember that no one individual can benefit from the programme more than once, so your BVN is a guard used to check for possible fraud. …Read More

5 Ways To Protect Your NPower (NASIMS) Portal

The Internet is not safe as you might think. Hackers are all over the place trying to steal information,credit cards, bank details and your NPower profile is also vulnerable if not protected by you.

It’s important you try as much as you can to protect your NPower profile so that your BVN, bank details most importantly should not be changed.

If this happens then your next payment or stipend could be sent to a wrong account number not belonging to you. Steps to protect your account has been outlined here …Read More

NPower Batch C: No Official Date For Deployment

When is Npower deployment commencement date? This very question is been asked daily by applicants as they need clarification on this topic.

You know after your NPower Biometric verification, the next thing everyone should expect is the verification and subsequent deployment of successful beneficiaries of the programme.

From a reliable information we received from the NASIMS team, there is no date that has been set aside.

Although you all are asked to keep on checking your mails from time to time because communication will be passed to you guys through your email. …Read More

Reason Why NPower Batch C Applicants Were Told To Carry Out Biometrics

The NPower biometric fingerprint enrollment is necessary to help validate your profile.

It will help ascertain if you have previously benefited from any Government empowerment scheme. Remember that participation is once per individual?.

So with the Biometric Enrollment Client App, your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is authenticated and also validated to ensure you are not a fraudster claiming to be who you are not …Read More

NPower Batch C: How To Fix “Hidden Score” Issue

After taking your NPower NASIMS online test did you discover that your score was missing?

Most times some applicants do fine that their score were missing after some time while at times some do get a notification asking them to retake the test when actually they did took the test.

Please if you find your self in this scenario please don’t retake the test again because your score is actually there, what you are experiencing is database errors which will be corrected soon.…Read More

NPower Batch C Stream 2 Date Uncertain

It’s no news that there will be Npower Batch C Stream 2 but honestly the actual date of commencement is yet to be decided by NPower (NASIMS)

We believe that they are working on it right now and soon the list will be out for you guys to check if any is shortlisted or not. …Read More

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Categories Of Npower Batch C Applicants That May Not Be Shortlisted

While the NPower Programme was created to impact skills and also help empower the youth.

Not everyone will get shortlisted because there is a requirement for any category of the programme.
First there is age limitation which is pegged at 18 to 35 years of age.
…Read More

Npower NASIMS Test Cut Of Mark For All State Released :

There is a cut off mark, as this will help select the best candidate who are qualified for the programme.

We are using this medium to inform you all that the power cut off mark has been fully discussed in this other page
…. Read More

N-power Computer Based Test Details

  • The question this time only has to be 20,so short a question but actually the time allowed is 20 minutes.
  • Candidates must try their best within this 20 minutes to provide answers to this 20″ question.
  • All Questions should be answered as non is allowed to be be skipped
  • Every question have equal score
  • You only have just 3 attempts to answer the question.

Requirements For NASIMS Online Test

  • You must have registered or applied for the npower batch c programme
  • Only applicants with Updated profile will take the test.
  • Before you access your NASIMS dashboard, you ought to make a recovery of your password first.
  • Taking the test comes with its own issue but above all you should ensure your internet connection is reliable.

How To Take NASIMS Test | NASIMS Test portal 2021

Please note the following steps for a successful test:

  • The test portal is and you need to login
  • Input your N-POWER application email & password
  • Click on the proceed link to take the npower test
  • If you are first time user, please recover your password first
  • Another thing is for you to update your profile accordingly.

For other enquiry or query, please call 018885011 or 08176551162 or send a message to [email protected]

Businesses that Can Be Set Up With NPower Monthly Stipend

Though the Npower monthly salary is very small and meagre but honestly with adequate planing put on ground and the type of business you choose to set up; much can still be achieved…Read More

NPower: Reason Why You Should Not Edit Your State & Local Government Area

There are cases where applicant will like to relocate from a remote place to a big city or an urban center which mostly falls under a different local government area or state.

Please before you do this consider and think wisely because npower shortlisted names were selected on basis of even representation and distribution , which means that Npower/ NASIMS won’t entertain any changes based on location.…Read More

Npower Batch C Stream 2 Frequently Asked Questions

As Npower registration and recruitment continues and ongoing, there are some burning questions on the mind of applicants like:

  1. 1.are we going to take another Npower/ NASIMS Test for stream 2 write applicants?
  2. 2. Am seeing take another test, why is this so and should I retake the test?
  3. 3) my result or score is not yet on NASIMS Portal dashboard.,Why is this so? …Read More
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Npower Batch C Physical Verification Requirements

The NPower physical verification is a process that is used to validate the information, documents of applicant.

When you are going for the N-power Batch C physical verification there are a list of documents you should take along with you.

Remember that this document is very vital for the physical verification and deployment purposes. For more information…Read More

CBN Empowerment Portal Login 2021 Page for Exited NPower Beneficiaries | NPowerNews

Are you aware that a new portal has been launched? Well this was made possible by the combine efforts of the federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development and the central bank of Nigeria.

This portal serves one purpose, which is to , helping all Exited N-Power beneficiaries apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria empowerment options.

If you belong to this category of Exited N-Power beneficiaries then you now have a perfect opportunity to benefit more from the federal Government if only you embrace the programme.

About the NEXIT CBN Portal for Exited Npower Beneficiaries Empowerment | ELIGIBILITY

Just like we have said previously, The Empowerment application Nexit Portal is designed for only exited N-Power beneficiaries.

With this program on board, all exited N-Power beneficiaries will fully benefit from CBN Empowerment funds mapped out for Exited beneficiaries.

When it comes to getting the right information on how government tends to carry Exited N-Power beneficiaries along ; this portal is a reliable source of information.

If you are interested and feel the need to participate, then you should join the queue, apply and login to your dashboard.

How to Apply for the CBN Empowerment Portal 2021 (Exited NPower Beneficiaries)

  • First, you need to login to the online portal using the following link:
  • Then next you should Enter your username and password. Rather still if you do not have an account you only need to sign up by clicking the sign up button so as to carry out a fresh registration.
  • As requested, you need to Fill in your email, password, names and BVN, then you have to click the ‘submit‘ button
  • Check your mail box for a link which is usually sent along the mail.
  • Complete other information as required

About NPower

The N-Power is one of the most successful empowerment scheme of the Government as at today.

A lot of youth Irrespective of their social status have benefited from the scheme.

This scheme has help tackle unemployment temporarily for the moment while at same time help impact skills into youth who are willing to receive such training.

The scheme which is a component of the National Social Investment Program has several categories and such category for everyone both educated, simi educated or those with just school certificate to apply and get started.

Don’t feel left behind, just embrace this beautiful programme that has changed life and also touching life till this moment.

Before you can apply there are certain requirements you need to meet and they have been fully discussed here below.

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