Npower Stream 1 Biometrics fingerprint deadline/ Date

Npower Stream 1 Biometrics fingerprint deadline/ closing Date

Have you done your NPower NASIMS Biometric? Or you are asking when will be the closing date or deadline?

In this article we shall discuss everything about the Npower Biometric but remember that you are to get your four fingers properly captured by the Biometric portal.

Please remember that Npower NASIMS expect you to conduct your Biometric enrollment as soon as possible.

For now the portal is largely inaccessible to a sizeable number of people but rumours has it that it ends in few days. But please do your Biometric right now.

This will enable them to further speedily conclude the selection process and bring on board the stream 2.

We understand that a lot of you are facing one problem or the other. It’s not entirely your fault that you have not yet done your Biometric enrollment.

Some Errors Occur”

Are you experiencing “Some Errors Occur” ? This is one of the most common problems that have made so many applicant’s unable to conclude the Biometric process entirely.Error in fingerprint

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So how do we solve this issue to enable you conclude the Biometric before the portal is shutdown or the before the deadline.

  1. The N-Power Batch C applicant should immediately begin another biometric enrolment session.
  2. it might be that you did not follow the instructions given by NASIMS/N-Power; remember that you only need to enrol your right and left thumb and right and left index fingers.

We have posted some pictures before to also guide you.How to capture your fingerprint

Are you still getting the error messages even after you were asked to place one of you thumb fingers or index finger for the final confirmation , making you unable to submit your Biometric?

Now what you should do is to use your windows key on your keyboard click on the finger print application icon, you will see that two tabs are open, please close one then go back, it will submit by now.

Inability to access the

There are many reasons such as wrong passwords, server not responding, blank page etc.
For wrong password you should click here.

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If you are getting the blank page or page not loading you should clear your browser cache or make use of another browser.

Another question comes to mind, do you have a strong network signal? It’s best your network should be strong enough to connect the portal.

You can always install a VPN and see if you could still access the portal,at times some site is configured to block certain IP address.

Try stay awake and access the portal at night or early by morning when much people are asleep.

Inability to see where to commence your Biometric enrollment?

There are some people that have confirmed that they have been shortlisted but yet they are unable to see where to do their Biometric enrollment.

Please try to log out and login preferably with another browser as your browser might be playing a fast one on you.

Most people have log in with some specific browsers but they are seeing a blank page but where able to see the page after login in with another browser.

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Finally to get it right with your Biometric fingerprint you should
use your left thumb and left index finger and your right thumb and right index finger

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