NPower Test Login Portal: Batch ‘C’ Assessment Test 2024

NPower Test Login Portal for Batch ‘C’ Assessment Test 2024

Are you getting any of this errors while attempting to take your NASIMS online assessment test?

Please be rest assured that after reading this guide you will be able to complete your test right now.

Are you an Npower Batch C applicants? Are you aware about the Npower NASIMS Test? Read on

See the steps you have to take so as to to login to start NPower Test at ( Are you yet to take your test?

Don’t worry with this article we got you covered as long as you have your email address you used to sign up for Npower. We will guide you on how to set up a new password via your mail and also access your account dashboard.Nasims npower

Check: Npower shortlisted Candidate

Check:Npower online assessment test closing date

What is preventing you from taking the test right now?

email not found :

You got greeted with no email found? It’s not the end of the application process and believe me you are not the only one experiencing this problem.

But first make sure you are accessing the portal with the email used to sign up previously. If it’s aren’t the same email then it won’t grant you permission

Right now do the check and confirm and if it’s same email used to sign up you are getting same no email found please wait and try again untill the system grant you access.

password error:

Are you getting password error? This means that your password is not recognised by the system. Simply try to reset your password and sign in again.

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We understand that most people getting this particular error are those who are signing in with their previous password.

BVN Validation error message:

This is where it becomes more serious. Seriously BVN Validation error messages is more pronounced and its really from the Web site.

Although there are few percentage of applicant that made error with their BVN. But if you check and your details are correct, it’s surely from the system.

The solution to this, is to keep trying untill you successfully validate your BVN.

Can’t submit documents?:

Your documents must follow the guidelines required such as 200kb and also it should be saved with JPEG

We have seen some people saving their pictures and documents in Gif whereas the system won’t recognise this.

Unable to submit your information:

You have all been asked to update your information but trying to get your information updated and still yet it refused to saved.

Don’t panic just keep trying believe me it will save. It happened to a friend of mine and after several attempts surprisingly it saved.

In all Please keep trying.

Anything you are doing and you know you are getting it right but the system is frustrating you just keep trying.

Also change your browser from e.i chrome to Firefox or opera and or Firefox to chrome.

You might still consider contacting the support:

[email protected],
Email: [email protected]

Npower Contact Number: 018885011, 08176551162

Blank Web page or site can not be reach”

Clear your cache or change your browser simple.

If it persist make use of a VPN am sure you will get over this problem with this technique.

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Finally use a strong network connection, if your network is slow you will get a bad experience with the portal.

Also stay awake at night and try all we just states above. The night time is the best time because the network wil be fast and the Web portal won’t be overloaded with requests.

NASIMS portal @

Enter your NASIMS ID and Password correctly in the provided fields.

Please note that the Npower Batch C test is for all categories and non is exempted from the test.

All categories including: Npower Teach, Npower Build, Npower Agro, Npower tax, Npower creative and Npower Tech programmes will have to participate in this test right away .

If you know quite well that you had applied for Npower before, that is when the registration was ongoing you are expected to take this test.

Of late , we noticed that Npower batch C candidates have been asking numerous questions concerning the much talk about NPower test assessment Batch ‘c’ and how to get answers to them so that they can attempt theirs and come out with outstanding performance

when is npower test starting?
Is npower test questions available?
Is npower test portal open?

Have npower test started?
npower test login
When is npower test date?
Have npower test been scheduled for ?
What is the sample of npower test?

Honestly if you are in to get the latest details and news about the NPower t assessment Batch ‘c’ test and how to login through the login portal then you must read this article and go through the guidelines here

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YES! at

Look, in a nutshell The NASIMS Test Portal has been launched to enable all Batch C applicants update their records, take the exams and also get recruited onto the program

NPower Recruitment
npower Registration
Npower Batch C Recruitment
Npower Batch C Registration Profile

How to Login to NPower Test Portal

Here is how you can easily login to the NPower test assessment Batch ‘c’ test portal

  • >> launch your browser and log to
  • >> you will have to Click on login
  • >> to get your password use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • >>hope you remember your email? Now Enter your N-POWER application email
  • >> next you should Click on “Send Link”
  • >> lastly open your email and see if you received a mail from Npower. Open the mail and click on the link sent to you. follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • >> by now you should be able to reset your password. Please don’t forget to update your records.

Is NPower Test Questions available?

Visit HERE for your NPower CBT Past Questions and Answers| PDF Reviews.

From what we know the questions to answer will be made up of general knowledge and quantitative reasoning and sets of questions testing basic knowledge of english.

Final Note on Npower assessment

We are sending a big congratulate to all Npower shortlisted candidate, all those who have participate in the assessment test so far and made it through to this stage of the Npower scheme. It is not an easy journey.

Get ready for more screening exercise and validation exercise. We shall be dropping more articles that covers that soonest.

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