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NYFN : Nigeria Young Farmers Network Volunteer Program 2022/2023 – Apply at- youngfarmer.org.ng/volunteer-registration

Have you heard about The Nigeria Young Farmers Network (NYFN)? Well its registration is ongoing,

perhaps you might be interested in schemes like this that is aimed at developing a conducive learning community that is seriously designed and dedicated for young Nigerians on one hand and social investors on the other hand.

This programme primarily center on the agricultural sector where it simply provide educational programs and also runs a match-making services,Nigeria Young Farmers Network

Nigeria Young Farmers Network enables members to

  • Learn-2-Earn – here you Learn more about what a modern Agriculture/Agribusiness is all about and how they operates in a modern society. You learn all this through an all inclusive value chain capacity development programs.
  • You also not only learn how to Build genuine Goodwill but Trust and Friendship across board
  • There is always need to Foster National Integration for National Building in Nigeria, hence in this programme you get more information how this could easily be achieved.
  • If you want to find the easy way out to not only meet and Collaborate with Trainers but also to get connected with Partners and Investors both in the international and local communities then this programme is for you.
  • Guide the development and direction of the NYFN as a peer-led organization
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What I find more interesting about the NYFN is that it Serves as role models and inspiration to potential farmers who wants to know the in and out in farming.

You learn how to Gain visibility in terms of the services, skills and all you got to offer to the society.

Drive the largest agro marketing ecosystem

Benefits include:

Make a difference and contribute to food security with your quota

Learning new skills: we all know that Working in voluntary organizations is often very different from working in private companies, They are different world apart

You will have the opportunity to learn a range of skills, from communication to web design to digital marketing, finance and more.

Networking: learn more about team spirit and also build great and solid relationships between members

Improve your resume: you get the needed information, experience that will be an added advantage to your resume which will further boast your chances in expanding your horizon.

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Are you interested in all we just said? If yes you just only need to click the sign up button to start the registration process which is very simple and easy to complete.

If you can participate in this program you will be miles ahead of your colleagues when it comes to agribusiness and opportunities.

There are a lot to learn about in the following field :

  • ICT and database management
  • graphic design
  • Administrator
  • Human Resources
  • Helpdesk and membership support
  • Expansion services
  • security
  • Advertising writing
  • Digital media
  • Legitimate
  • Project management
  • Research and innovation
  • Fundraising and grants
  • Training and capacity building
  • Motion graphics

How to apply to the Nigerian Young Farmers Network 2022 Volunteer Program

If you you are really interested in all we juts said and you also consider your self qualified then click here


Note: to fully benefit and participate in the event you should register so as to qualify to be a member

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