NYSC Allowance for Medical Doctors and other health Corpers| salaries

The Nigerian medical doctors and other health-care Corpers NYSC allowance

It’s not news that the National youth service corps in Nigeria has been made a compulsory exercise by the government and every new graduate in Nigeria will have to participate in that exercise.

The Government has made it an effective tool in nation building which means that all newly graduates are expected to inculcate and uphold the true values that binds us together as one Nation.


To make the programme attractive and welcoming stipends has to be budget by
The federal government to be paid directly into the bank account of participating Corp members (NYSC allowance).

Each month, the Government through the NYSC board (National youth service corps) is mandated to disbursed just #33,000 naira (monthly allowance) to all verified account numbers of serving Corp members.

You will agree with me that just 33000 Naira can’t just be enough to take care of a full grown man or woman for a month, giving the rising cost of food commodities in recent time.

Hence state Government and private bodies like private employers of Labour most times come in to save the situation. Depending on where they are posted to (it could be from the state government or the employers at their primary place of assignment)

medical doctors and other health graduates are not exempted, truth be told they play an active part in the mandatory one year service.

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Given the number of years it took them to study and the effort in time and monetary value they invested while studying, Government seems to reward them a little higher than other Corp members.

You might ask how much medical Doctors and other health-care professionals are paid during thier service year.

Please note that medical corps members comprise of medical doctors, the nurses, the pharmacists and other related health corps members. So you will be getting the right information as regards their monthly payment on this article.

The payment for Nigerian medical doctors and other health Corpers

It is on record that the Federal government pays all current serving medical NYSC members per year a monthly allowance of #33,000 and this is not all for this group of people,

The federal Government pays just equal amount to all Corp members Irrespective of what they studied but again that does not mean that serving medical NYSC members don’t receive additional bonus and allowance.

This allowance they get most times comes from the state Government and most times from the hospitals where they are posted to, to provide basic health care for members of the community.

The breakdown of how serving medical NYSC members gets their payments are from is discussed below but first the federal Government, State Government and their place of primary assignment are the main sources of finance.

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So the bottom-line right now is that serving medical doctors are not only on the payroll of the federal Government but they are also on the payroll of state Government and are more renumerated in their place of primary assignments

The common reason for this higher pay only point to one aspect which is the importance of their duty and the short supply of Doctors in the country.

Again, serving medical corps members saves lives by putting their lives on the line not minding deadly disease they could contract hence they take more risk than other serving Corp members.

Not only do they put their lives on the line, they actually work more. It is on record that a lot of them even in the past have contracted deadly diseases.

To encourage them to do more they need to be compensated which should serve as a motivating factor to be diligent in their discharge of duties.

So below is the amount of allowance from both state and PPA for each state to their medical doctors and other health care corps members:

  • Kwara state: state government allowance: #44,000, teaching hospital allowance: 60,000
  • Akwa-ibom state: state government allowance: #31,000, teaching hospital allowance: 75,000
  • Delta state: state government allowance: #82,000, federal medical centre allowance: 70,000
  • Bayelsa state: state government allowance: # 75,000, federal medical centre allowance: 89,000
  • Borno state: state government allowance: #100,000, teaching hospital allowance: 170,000, neuro psych #120,000
  • Kwara state: state government allowance: #44,000, teaching hospital allowance: 60,000
  • Oyo state: state government allowance: #69,000
  • Anambra state: state government allowance: #45,000, teaching hospital allowance: 35,000
  • Ebonyi state: state government allowance: #15,000 only doctors and #5000 allowance for pharmacist
  • Imo state: imo state poly #50,000, state facilities #40,000 and Nekede poly #60,000
  • Benue between #50,000 and 72,000
  • Ekiti state: state government allowance: #65,000,
  • Kano state: #66,000
  • Gombe state: state government allowance: #65,000, federal university clinic allowance: 103,000
  • Ogun state: between #54,000 and 77,000
  • Kogi state: starts from #41,000 -70,000
  • Lagos state: starts from #25,000 -75,000
  • Sokoto state: state government allowance: #50,000, Barrack allowance: 72,000
  • Jigawa state: state government allowance: #26,000, college of education allowance: 85,000 and government clinic; 28,000
  • Kaduna state: between #78,000 and 83,000
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There you have it, the different states and the different additional allowances from other sources.

Do know that the information given here can be changed or adjusted in the future with the change of things from the government concerning the nysc medical corps member’s allowance.


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