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The Nigerian medical doctors and other health-care Corpers NYSC allowance

The National youth service corps in Nigeria is a compulsory one year service by graduates from college to serve their mother’s land.

It is set up by the Nigerian government to involve all the graduates in the country’s building and the development of the nation.

The federal government of course, needs to compensate each and every one of them with a monthly stipend (NYSC allowance).

So every month each serving member of NYSC (National youth service corps) will be gifted an allowance of #33,000(monthly allowance).Nysc

But then again, they can still be rewarded by others, so all additional monies added to this initial stipends aren’t from the federal government (it could be from the state government or the employers at their primary place of assignment)

The medical doctors and other health graduates are not exempted from this mandatory one year service.

They are also paid by the federal government their monthly allowance so if you have been wondering how much is being paid

to medical corps members who are made up of the medical doctors, the nurses, the pharmacists and other related health corps members then you are on the right page.

This post is to give accurate information on the NYSC allowance for all medical schools graduates and related fields too. So get all the details below.

The payment for Nigerian medical doctors and other health Corpers

It is on record that the Federal government pays all current serving medical NYSC members per year a monthly allowance of #33,000 and this is not all for this group of people,

Infact, they receive higher amount of allowance than others at the end of the month. But it should be noted that the additional month isn’t from the federal government because the federal government pays equal amount to all serving corps members.

For the medical doctors and other corps members their additional allowance which are being added to their general allowance comes from state government and the hospital where they are posted to, to serve.

So they get their full package from three ways the federal government allowance, the state allowance from state government and the place of primary assignment allowance from their serving hospital.

So the bottom-line is that the medical doctors with other health care corps members receive a higher pay monthly which is apart from their federal allowance, they also get juicy PPA allowance and state allowance.

The common reason for this higher pay allowance isn’t far-fetched, everyone knows that the medical field is quite a tedious one and at the same time more demanding.

Again, the medical corps members saves lives, exposing themselves to higher risk of contracting deadly diseases from their environment or patient that are being treated.

So they work more and need to be paid more. It is on record that a lot of them even in the past have contracted deadly diseases.

So they need to be compensated in advance which will help motivate them to execute their jobs diligently

different states and allowance paid to medical corps members

The truth is that different amount is paid to different medical corps members in each state.

As already stated the federal government is paying a uniform allowance of #33,000 to every corps member even in the medical field.

But what differs is the money received from each state government and the PPA (hospital where one serves).

So below is the amount of allowance from both state and PPA for each state to their medical doctors and other health care corps members:

  • Kwara state: state government allowance: #44,000, teaching hospital allowance: 60,000
  • Akwa-ibom state: state government allowance: #31,000, teaching hospital allowance: 75,000
  • Delta state: state government allowance: #82,000, federal medical centre allowance: 70,000
  • Bayelsa state: state government allowance: # 75,000, federal medical centre allowance: 89,000
  • Borno state: state government allowance: #100,000, teaching hospital allowance: 170,000, neuro psych #120,000
  • Kwara state: state government allowance: #44,000, teaching hospital allowance: 60,000
  • Oyo state: state government allowance: #69,000
  • Anambra state: state government allowance: #45,000, teaching hospital allowance: 35,000
  • Ebonyi state: state government allowance: #15,000 only doctors and #5000 allowance for pharmacist
  • Imo state: imo state poly #50,000, state facilities #40,000 and Nekede poly #60,000
  • Benue between #50,000 and 72,000
  • Ekiti state: state government allowance: #65,000,
  • Kano state: #66,000
  • Gombe state: state government allowance: #65,000, federal university clinic allowance: 103,000
  • Ogun state: between #54,000 and 77,000
  • Kogi state: starts from #41,000 -70,000
  • Lagos state: starts from #25,000 -75,000
  • Sokoto state: state government allowance: #50,000, Barrack allowance: 72,000
  • Jigawa state: state government allowance: #26,000, college of education allowance: 85,000 and government clinic; 28,000
  • Kaduna state: between #78,000 and 83,000


There you have it, the different states and the different additional allowances from other sources.

Do know that the information given here can be changed or adjusted in the future with the change of things from the government concerning the nysc medical corps member’s allowance.

Ikechukwu Youwin

this articles was written by ikechukwu for youwin.org.ng, Ikechukwu is a University graduate, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nigerian Nsuka (UNN).Read more

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