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Have been able to take your NASIMS online assessment test for Npower Batch C? Or are you getting errors on BVN Validation, error in password, document unable to get updated.

Join us as we help you with a step by step guide to help you resolve this issue, so that you can complete your test before the next 24 hours.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development has taken a bold step which will ensure that the Npower Batch C selection process seamless, not only that but also transparent and devoid of fraud.

A portal has been launched to handle every process of the the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS).Nasims npower

This portal will ensure easy coordination, recruitment, deployment assessment and management of all Batch C beneficiaries and applicant alike.

To this end, all registered Npower Batch C candidates had just been migrated into the NASIMS platform built with sophisticated tools.

Are you getting any of these errors?

email not found :

There is an issue of email not found and has been an hand hindrance on the path of most candidates. Well this issue is not to be waved aside because its an important aspect of the registration and online assessment test .

If you experience no email found, it might be from the portal experiencing an error. Let’s not forget that data was migrated from the old Npower portal to this NASIMS portal and such problem will be resolve by Npower teams as soon as possible .

Right now just be patient and be sure you are having your right email address. What we mean by the right email address is that address used to sign up when registration was ongoing.

password error:

Getting the password error? It’s expected if you have not recovered your password.
Don’t make use of the old password please just use the recovery option to get a new password set up then you can login.

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BVN Validation error message:

Are you getting the BVN Validation message? Double check if you didn’t submit the wrong BVN number either during or after the registration..

If all check by you is confirm to be true then you should remain calm and keep trying even after getting the BVN Validation error message.

I have a friend who was just getting BVN Validation error but he was never discouraged, he continued untill he finally got a successful message.
It will surely be resolved but the server might give problems initially but just continue or you try it at night.

Can’t submit documents?:

Always save your document in the right format. What’s the right format you might ask? Check the size, does it exceed 200kb? If yes please reduce and also save in JPEG.

Unable to submit your information:

The system failing to accept your information? Double check your names, BVN and other personal details and if correct just keep trying.
The system is problematic and you have to be patient and make sure your network connection is solid enough so as not to disrupt your connection to the server.

another problem most people face now is being unable to submit their updated information. After filling their information such as name, BVN and other personal information has been updated, the Web portal won’t allow them submit it.

Please keep trying.

You have to note that over 5 million Nigerians sign up for the programme and all applicants are trying to beat the deadline so as to get the test down.

The system is mostly busy and the best time to do anything on the platform with minimum problem is at night.

For more enquiry and support from Npower support team please contact the following number and email address

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[email protected],
Email: [email protected]

Npower Contact Number: 018885011, 08176551162

Blank Web page or site can not be reach”

This means that the server is inaccessible and as such you can’t connect to it.

Have you considered making use of VPN? it could work magic. Just try and let us know how it went.

Consider clearing your cache or making use of another browser to see if it works.

All in all, ensure your browser is connected to a strong network like MTN or any network that’s goes fine in your area.

Don’t overlook the VPN aspect, it works for a lot of guys I know.

NASIMS Test portal @
The The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development said that all candidate and prospective beneficiaries are to take part in the compulsory and mandatory online test, as part of the selection process.

How to login to Portal

  • The first step to take is to launch your browser open and log to

NPower Recruitment assessment team says you should do the following :


Your record needs to be updated by you. Please don’t fail to update your record right now because it could limit your chances of making it to the final stage of the recruitment process if you fail to update it.

If yes Click to Proceed.

Note that the programme will run for only 12 months as this is not a permanent employment contract. Under this 12 months beneficiaries are to receive 30,000 naira on a monthly basis.


  • NPower team will provide a time-based questions for all applicants from which they will provide answers to all questions numbering 20 in just 20 minutes.
  • NPower says that the Test cannot be retaken after submission.
  • More also it is impossible to skip any question, all should be answered
  • Every question is allotted equal score, this is the more reason you ought to make sure that your answers are correct
  • If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.
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For other enquiry or query, please call 018885011 or send a message to [email protected]

When you talk about true economic growth in this 21st-century we should acknowledge the driving force to it, which is Skills and knowledge
Despite the unprecedented level of unemployment ravaging the Nigeria,

the Government can still do more by making policies and bringing up programmes that will aim at harnessing Nigeria’s young demography.

Large-scale skill development programme capable of providing employment for the young people should not be ignored of which N-Power Programme is one of

What is N-Power?

You might ask “what is Npower? ”
N-Power is a programme that targets the youth. We could call the programme a youth oriented empowerment scheme which the federal Government is banking on to play a crucial role in its efforts to lift over 100 million Nigerians out of poverty.

In a nutshell N-Power addresses sets of challenges amongst the youth, the programme deals on how to impact skills and knowledge through its skills acquisition programme while at the same time creating a path way and means of linking the outcome to public services which will serve as a game changer for the ailing economy.

That being said, N-Power has been designed to serves as a facilitator and catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program is not for all but only target those who largely constitute bulk of the working and active class of the workforce. What we mean here is that Npower registration is open for those who are 18 to 35 years of age.

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  1. I can still access my test questions after a successful oploading and verification of records and other. Help in sanitising the site before victim of not being able to write the test. Thanks

  2. Am trying to accessy nasims ld but not going through please I feed ur help before I become a victim of not participating in writing the exam

  3. I took the first test and I have not submitted my result, I tried retaking the test the second time but its showing that my account has been blocked. How can this be rectified, please help out

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  6. I’m having challenges with my NASIMS ID and password.
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    I’ve a challenge, I try to take the test online and they say that my email address are not found on their records. Please, help. Thanks

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    I can’t access to my email again because the number that I use to register it was sold to another person and the number was not available to recover my email back. Pls what can I do.

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    I’ve sent a message 2 d ling and it show success that I should go 2 my mail n follow d nest step over 2wks now. But no mail neither a link have been sent 2 me. Pls help

  10. How should I recover my forgotten password and email address, becos if I try putting the one I know error must occur

  11. I toke d test twice without submitting, for my third trial in other to submit I was shown ur account have been blocked.
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