Procrastination, A Delay To Vision Actualization

The place of vision cannot be sidelined when it comes to the career of a man. This is because your vision is the driving force which propels you to become the person you are destined to be in life. Once a career is discovered, developing a vision is the next line of action in actualizing your discovered place of relevance to your world.

It is usually said that a man without a vision is equally without direction because vision serves as a compass which guides a man to his career accomplishment. For a man that is successful career-wise, check his vision.

Then if a man experiences the other way, call for his vision and u will discover the broad gap between the vision of these two individuals.
After the discovering of a man’s career, and vision, there is the need to fight a major hindrance to the accomplishment of this vision which is known as procrastination.


Procrastination is the act of neglecting, avoiding or postponing the task or assignment that requires accomplishment. It could also be seen as an intentional and habitual delay in carrying out a task.

Many are times, there are somethings that you are supposed to be doing but you decided to leave it till another time based on some reasons that are unpalatable and unreasonable.

This habit always results in time wastage and delay which limit the productivity and target set by an individual. This will on the long run elongate his journey toward career fulfilment.Often, this unpalatable trait is connected with low self-esteem, depression, inadequacy and guilt.

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People who have this trait will exhibit the following behaviours;

  • They Do Things In A Hurry
    They accept carrying out the task when becomes complex as a result of the fact that it has to be done in a hurry instead making it easy because of sufficient time to complete and perfect it.

  • Delay In Everyday Shores
    Many people will decide to leave their household shores unattended to. Cloths are dirty and always planning to wash tomorrow, cloths are unironed but always planning to iron it next time when there is current and as at the time of postponement, there is electricity and so on.

Ignoring Appointments and Lateness To Places

When a man just decides to ignore some important appointment or discoveres that you are always late to functions, it is a sign of this habit. Some will fix a time for a meeting and discovered that they can’t meet up with the time they fixed not because they have anything important doing but they just discover that they can’t meet up with the time they personally gave.

Some student will never get to class on time, they will never submit their assignments on time. There will always be a reason to beg the course rep to accept their assignment late. Such student cannot have an exceptional success if they will even succeed.

You Love To always Be On Bed
You will suddenly discover that you don’t really know when to sleep or when to get up from the bed. When you procrastinate, you are in most cases on your bed.

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Passionate With New Things
At the beginning of the task, you appear to be zealous and passionate about it. But as time goes by, you tend to give up because feel stressed.


The following are the result of procrastination which can serve as frustration, elongation and total abortion of a man’s career if not timely managed;

The moment a man is a procrastinator, it becomes difficult to achieve his goals. William J. Knaus form a psychologist, concluded from his research that 25 percent chronic procrastinator out of over 90 percent of the student who is procrastinators usually end up as a dropout.

This is because they don’t do things when they ought to do it. They are late for everything. Once this happens, it becomes difficult to achieve one’s vision of going to school. When the vision is thwarted, the career is affected.

Destruction of One’s Reputation and Good Name
When a man does always meet up with appointments or stipulated agreement, he becomes a man of low reputation and cannot be trusted. This will affect his career as nobody will want to transact or relate with a man of low reputation.

Demotion On Career Ladder
There is no hight that a man has attained in his career level, that cannot be brought down by this attitude. Once the assignment of the boss is not executed timely and accurately based on procrastination, such person can lose his job or be demoted for a better and serious personnel.

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Though the amount of time wasted in the cause of procrastinating might not be known but before the twinkle of an eye, u will discover that a whole day is gone and nothing was achieved. This is very terrible because no man can turn back the hand of time so those wasted have gone.


Once the above attitude is seen in you, then it is important to tackle this great hindrance to career achievement before it prevents your vision and hampers your career. The following measures are to be taken for adequate corrections:

  • Take cognizance of your thought and habits that usually result in procrastination and instantly deal with it.
  • Seek assistance for problems that result in self-defeat like anxiety, fear, concentration difficulties, indecisiveness and poor time management.
  • Fairly evaluate your personal goals priority, weakness and strength.
  • Always set a realistic goal and concentrate on it.
  • Always structure and organise your daily activates.

Beloveth, time management is very essential when it comes to career achievement ad the height of career you can attain is determined by how you are able to manage your time. Fight procrastination today and achieve your vision which directs you towards your career accomplishment.

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