Top 10 local Airlines In Nigeria 2024

Top 10 local Airlines In Nigeria

Traveling by air is fun, especially if you travel through a trusted and efficient airline service.

In Nigeria, there are several airline companies trying to offer outstanding and exceptional services to its customers, however, few tends to stand out of the crowd.Top 10 local Airlines In Nigeria

A memorable traveling experience could be determined by the level of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure gained which undoubtedly depends on the airline service you choose.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 local airlines in Nigeria as well as explanation regarding all of them in Nigeria. Sit back as you enjoy the article.

Below are the list of the top 10 local airlines in Nigeria :

  1. The Air – Peace airline
  2. The Azman-air airline
  3. The Dana – Air airline
  4. The Medview – Air
  5. The Arik-air
  6. The First Nation Air
  7. The Aero – Contractors
  8. The Max Air
  9. The Overland Air
  10. The IRS Air

The local airlines listed above are considered the outstanding airline service providers, you can look them up as we elaborate on them in this article.

The Air – Peace Airline.

The Air-peace tops our list as it stands out to be an efficient airline service provider amongst others. The Air – peace airline is a private owned Nigeria airline that resumed business in 2013 in Lagos where its headquarters is situated .

The air peace was founded by Allen who clearly stated that the creation of jobs for people of working age was part of the plan when setting up Air peace.

It delivers it’s services from Murtala Muhammed International airport and can boast of a fleet size of 30 while it visits over 30 destinations in Nigeria .

Obviously, Air peace is seriously funded by its investors so as to achieve efficient and smooth running of its operations.

Their Air peace fleet features aircrafts such as the :

  • The Airbus A320-200
  • The Boeing 737-300
  • The Boeing 737-500
  • The Boeing 737 Max 8
  • The Boeing 777-2000 ER
  • The Boeing 777-300
  • The Embraer ERJ – 145
  • The Embraer EI95-E2

According to rankings in 2018, it was discovered that the airline possesses the largest market share in the casual airline market which makes it an exceptional airline that travellers would definitely opt for as they offer exceptional services.

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The Azman-Air

The Azman-air comes second on our list as one of the top 10 local airlines in Nigeria. The Azman-air is a Nigerian airline company that focuses in offering passenger services in Nigeria while its operates from its base at Kano state, Nigeria.

The Azman-air established in 2010 and started offering services in 2014 after it executed it first flight service to the notable Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on the 15th of May from its base of operation.

Azman-air was founded by Abdulumonat Yunusa Sarina as the president and Faisal Abdulmunaf as the managing director.

The Azman-air fleet consist of the following aircrafts.

  • Airbus A340-600
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 737-500

Furthermore, the airline has stopped operating with the A330 since February while they only operate domestic routes. The Azman-air began operating it services to destinations such as Abuja, Asaba, Benin city, Gombe, Lagos, Owerri, Dakar and Jeddah.

If you are seeking an international flight with adequate comfort, the Azman-air might be a perfect option for you.

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The Dana airways is ranked third on the list of local airlines in Nigeria.

Dana Airways is a popular airline services amongst Nigerians as every airline user should be familiar with Dana Airways.

The Dana airways offers its services from the notable Murtala Muhammed International airport and has been offering its services for years to interested clients.

The Dana airline is known to be under a parent company that funds its operations. Over the years, Dana airways is considered a trustworthy and reliable airline service amongst Nigerians.

You might want to consider Dana Airways when planning your next trip. The airline owns over 8 aircrafts of which 3 are currently functioning.

Their fleet features aircrafts such as the

  • Boeing 737-300
  • McDonnell Douglas MD – 82
  • McDonnell Douglas MD – 83.

It serves over 6 destinations which includes Abuja, Enugu, Lagos, Owerri and Port Harcourt.


The Medview Airline comes fourth on our list of local airlines in Nigeria. The Medview airline can be viewed as one of the notable airlines in Nigeria which went out of business due to certain circumstances.

Medview air was formed in 2007 as a charter airline which executed its operations with Haji flights after they equally started offering domestic passenger service since November 2012. It was recorded that Medview air expanded it services into regional by permitting scheduled passenger routes within Nigeria.

Medview air was listed on the NSE (Nigerian Stock Exchange) in January 31,2017. Medview extended their services to 13 destinations which includes Abuja, Abidjan, Accra, Dakar, Dubai, Enugu, Kaduna and Monrovia.

However, Medview air has previously operated nine domestic and nine International scheduled destinations in the states and across Nigeria as at February 2015. Medview can boast of 3 aircraft in services which are includes

  • Boeing 737-400
  • Boeing 737-500
  • Boeing 737 – 200EK

It was recorded that Medview airline is currently out of business, however, people still believe that they might return to business anytime soon. . Medview could be regarded as a competent and efficient airline service that has a tendency to bounce back to business.

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Arik – Air

The Arik air comes fifth on our list of airlines in Nigeria. Over the years, you must have heard about the Arik air airline company as they tend to be a popular for the services they offer.

Arik air is a notable Nigerian airline which is known to operate from two operations namely :Murtala Muhammed International airport which is located in Lagos and the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

Arik air is known to extend its services to 16 destinations in Nigeria and other West African destinations. It was recorded that Arik air equally operated it international destinations in the UK and US. Arik air feet features the following aircrafts

  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-500
  • Boeing 737 – MAX8
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Bombardier CRJ900
  • De Haviland Dash 8-400
  • Bombardier CRJ1000

Arik air could be considered one of the best airlines to work with as they posses enough and highly maintained aircrafts alongside provision of adequate customer satisfaction. Arik air could suit your need if you decide to opt for their services.

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First Nation Airways

The first Nation Airways sounds like an outstanding airline service provider. The First Nation Airways (ss) limited is known as a Non – governmental passenger airline.

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This airline was founded in 2010 after they began operation to Nnamdi Azikiwe airport in October 2013. It was recorded that in may 2018,the Nigerian authorities restricted first Nation Airways operations as their aircrafts were not in good condition for executing trips which was revealed in the checkup result.

The airline equally failed to resume operations as it is believed that they are undergoing re-certification processes.

First Nation Airways is known to have extended it services to several destinations which includes Abuja, Lagos and Port – Harcourt. Furthermore, the First Nation Airways fleet features aircrafts such as the

  • Airbus A319-100
  • Airbus A320-200 (2011-2012)

Individuals willing to travel in business class are permitted on the a baggage allowance of 45 LG while economic class travelers are permitted to travel on a baggage allowance of up to 20kg

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Aero – Contractors

The Aero – Contractors airline is the 7th airline according to our ranking on the top airlines in Nigeria.

The Aero – Contractors seems to be a competent airline service judging from its history. The Aero Contractors (Aero contractors company of Nigeria limited) is a government controlled airline company that operates from Murtala Muhammed International airport.

The Airline was founded in 1959 and was officially registered in 1960.It stands as one of the oldest airline companies in Nigeria, it was previously owned by Schriever Airways B. V of the Netherlands.

Aero – Contractors extend its services to 13 destinations which includes Abuja, Asaba, Benin city, Calabar, Enugu and Owerri. The Aero contractors are in possession of fleets such as the

  • Boeing 737-400
  • Boeing 737-500
  • De Haviland Dash 8-Q200
  • De Haviland Dash 8-Q300
  • De Haviland Dash 8-400

Aero contractors is rated as a top notch airline service providers as they equally offer helicopter trip services to interested customers.

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Max Air

The Max Air airline comes 8th on our list of top 10 local airlines in Nigeria. Max Air is a domestic airline service which equally distributes their services internationally as it can be considered the country largest serving international airline.

It was founded in 2008 by business moguls, Alhaji Dahiru Barau Mangal at Northern Nigeria, Kano state to be specific. Max Air is considered one of the Nigerian’s leading airline operators as it offers domestic and international flight network services to its customers.

It was recorded that the airline was established in 2006 as max-air in 2008. It was noted that the airline began operations with 2 Boeing 747-400 aircraft for its operations in 2 regions.

In 2018, Max Air began its operations to three destinations which includes Abuja and Lagos from its base of operation. Other destinations they operate includes Kastina, Benin city, Port – Harcourt, Yola, Sokoto and Medinah in Saudi Arabia.

Max Air fleet includes the:

  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Embraer ERJ-145

Passengers are permitted to travel alongside a luggage that weighs below 20kg.

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Overland Airways

Now the Overland airways comes 9th on our list of top 10 local airlines in Nigeria. The Overland airways is an airline service provider based in Ikeja, Lagos state with its main base of operation at the Murtala Muhammed International airport.

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Overland airways was founded in 2002 under the parent company, Overland airways limited. It was recorded that they started operating in 2002 and has employed the services of over 194 employees.

During the recapitalization of airlines in Nigeria in 2007, Overland airways was said to have satisfied the Nigerian Civil Aviation authority criteria in terms of re-capitalization and was later re-registered for operation.

Overland airways domestic scheduled destinations in Nigeria include Abuja, Akure, Asaba, Ibadan, Ilorin, Jalingo and Ikeja.

Overland Airways fleet hanger features aircrafts such as the

  • ATR42
  • ATR 72
  • Embraer E175
  • Beechcraft 1900

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IRS Airlines

The last on our list of top 10 local airlines in Nigeria is the IRS Airlines.

IRS Airlines is located in the federal capital territory, Abuja, in Nigeria. A particular incident occurred which included one of their airline caused the airline to cease operations in 2013.

During its operations, it operates scheduled destinations such as Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Maiduguri and Yola. The IRS airline fleet features one aircrafts which is the Fokker100.

The IRS airlines could be considered a competent airline providing company as customers who had used their services previously testified positively.

Which airline is the best in Nigeria?

Many individuals have sought answers to this particular question. They keep getting confused on the best airlines in Nigeria. However, there cannot be a particular best airline service in Nigeria, however, there could be efficient and reliable airline services.

The Air peace is considered one of the best airline services in Nigeria that could stand the test of time in this present day. Going through customer reviews online alongside their competence and reliability, they could be considered the best in the market. However this could differ over the years.

What airline is the biggest in Nigeria?

The Air – peace can be considered one of the biggest in Nigeria as they tend to top airline ranking in Nigeria. Furthermore, when ranking airlines, several requisite are considered which includes the number of patronage they receive annually, the size of their fleet, its profitability and the destinations it extend its services to.

The Air-peace is ranked one of the best due to the size of its fleet and the exceptional service it offers. Furthermore, the Air-peace is known to visit several locations in Nigeria which makes it popular amongst most airline users.

Finally, the Air-peace is recognized in Nigeria and abroad as it participated in evacuating victims of Nigerians during the xenophobic crisis in S.A.

Which airline is the newest in Nigeria?

The newest airline in Nigeria is the Air-peace which was set up 8 years ago. The Air-peace is the newest and most used airline in Nigeria

What are the 4 major airlines in Nigeria?

The 4 Major Airlines in Nigeria are

  • Air-peace
  • Azman-air
  • Medview Airline
  • Dana Airways

Final Words

Boarding flight for trips, you should be selective so as to choose the perfect company that will probably suit your need as most of these airline companies offers their services at different prices alongside their exclusive services and facilities.

This article was created to educate you and assist you in choosing the perfect one, following the article, you shouldn’t be confused on the perfect airline for you .

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