Zedvance Loans review- Requirements, How to get a loan, how Real?

Zedvance Loans review- Requirements , How to get a loan, how Real?

Getting a loan from banks or other financial institutions is not always a gentle breeze.

There are many terms to be met, not to talk about all the paperwork and collateral and after which the document will be verified after a while depending on the institute.

I bet these procedures are rigorous and no one wants to be caught up in these situations.

Getting loans in Nigeria has been made even easier with the invention of online lending platforms.Zedvance Loans

In this writing, we shall take a look on how to get loans from a prominent type of loan platform. Here is the low-down on Zedvance.

About Zedvance

Modern invention has come up with a lot of online lending platforms and it’s tricky trying to distinguish because the same services are offered by all,

however, Zedvance stands out among the list as it is an excellent online platform that offers loans without considering collateral and on a flexible low-interest rate.

Zedvance is a user base finance institute that is authorized to offer loans to individuals.

The company is well-known to provide loans for salary earners and if you are a salary earner with a business, it’s a good combo as you can get a loan to finance your business too.

Zedvance is based in Lagos state. Other than providing loans for individuals or groups, they also participate in point of sale finance retail services for customer goods and services such as home appliances in partnership with other retail companies across Lagos.

The company made use of a risk-based strategy to determine the status of a user to repay such required loans. This loan is best for salary earners that are in emergency before the arrival of your payday.

As you keep using the app, the terms and conditions change in the amount of loan you can request and repayment day.

Zedvance Pros and cons

The simple rule is that everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. And this platform is not different. Below are the pros and cons tackled by Zedvance;


  • • It is easier to get a huge amount of loans from Zedvance compared to other online lending platforms. You can acquire a high capacity loan to manage or even start a business. Zedvance makes it easier and natural.
  • • The loan approval is instant. Which means you can get your loan immediately after processing it.


  • • Zedvance operations nationwide is only available in Lagos presently, and that means any requests from outside the state are not considered.
  • • This platform requires a lot of documentation and paperwork.
  • • It requires proof of employment and a lot of other documents especially if you’re self-employed or a freelancer that might be applying for the loan.

How much can you borrow from Zedvance?

You can get up to ₦5 million. How much you are granted will depend on the department and your objective for a loan with other aspects put into consideration.

What are the interest rates for Zedvance?

The interest rate ranges from 5% to 20%. Normally, the company employs a risk-based pricing strategy to determine or deduce interest on loans.

You can also use the loan calculator to know how much you will be required to pay back for a particular loan.

Are there any additional fees for Zedvance?

No, Zedvance does not have additional fees.

What do you need to take up a Zedvance loan?

Below are the required documents for a Zedvance loan application:

  • Forms of identity; passport, national identity card, driver’s license
  • The user of the Account statement; which will be confirmed by your bank by the loan officer.
  • Your Employee Identity Card; to verify your employment level
  • A Direct Debit Mandate
  • Your Tax Identification Number or pension statement and letter of employment
  • A passport photograph showing your face clearly.
  • If you are a freelancer or contract term employee or security, you would require to give guarantors who are permanent staff in your office.

How to get a loan from Zedvance

Below are the steps to get a loan from Zedvance:

  • 1. Visit the loan portal

To get a loan you need to visit the loan portal. You can do this through the website then click the Apply Now button, which will take you to the loan portal. Or you can apply directly from the loan portal

  • 2. Sign up

Sign up when you are at the loan portal. Provide accurate data. At the sign up stage, data will be requested such as your name, email, BVN, Date of birth and password.

  • 3. Apply for loan

Once you have signed up, you can login and apply for a loan. Use the instruction and submit all data required

  • 4. Wait for loan

If your request is accepted, you should receive your loan. Usually it does not take more than 48 hours.

How fast are funds released?

Zedvance has one of the quickest approval processes, and after approval, you get the loan in minutes.

What are the repayment terms for Zedvance loans?

Zedvance loans tenor last for a period up to 18 months.

Zedvance Office

You can visit the head office of Zedvance at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Zedvance customer service number and email

Contact the customer service of Zedvance at 0700 100 1000 or 09060003933

And the consumer care email is customercare@zedvance.com

WhatsApp loan

To get a loan from Zedvance using your WhatsApp. Simply send them a massage on 09060003933

Zedvance Website

Visit Zedvance at www.zedvance.com


Are you a working-class person? Need an urgent loan that’s got a significant amount? The best site to consider applying for and obtaining a loan is Zedvance.

Ikechukwu Youwin

this articles was written by ikechukwu for youwin.org.ng, Ikechukwu is a University graduate, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nigerian Nsuka (UNN).Read more

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