The FMYSD Digital Youth Nigeria Programme 2024/2025 :

Albeit the situation of Nigeria’s economy and the survival of her citizens, it has been proving from the research that youths are the most significant future of a bright country.

In lieu of this, appropriate measures needs to be put in place in order to arrive at a desired destinations.

To this effect, the Federal Ministry for Youth and Sport Development(FMYSD) have been on the go on different ways to empower the Nigerian youths.FMYSD Digital Youth Nigeria Programme

A digital training organised by the FMYSD was recently concluded where youths were trained on some basics to provide them with means of living.

The basics included training on:

  1. Repairing of mobile devices
  2. Robotics and AI training
  3. Cinematography training.

The programme lasted for a while where the successful applicants were well equipped and certified. However,

those who were not lucky enough to be selected were urged to always be on the lookout by checking the ministry’s website frequently as many programme opportunities will be available on a regular basis.

The ministry partnered with Ogidi studio during the training where one thousand(1,000) youths were trained in creative and music productions as well as other aspects

After the completion of that, another digital training is currently ongoing for the same reason which is to empower the youths.

FMYSD Digital Youth Nigeria Programme

The  digital youth programme was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD).

This program is designed to assist, support and sponsor equipped individuals especially youths who are interested in a top-notch coaching system.

The aim of the coaching is for them to learn various global digital skills.

This programme is aimed at helping one thousand six hundred (1,600) youths across the country after a screening within the six (6) geopolitical zones with lagos and Abuja inclusive, through paid and virtual training protocols.

This digital skills include:

  • Software and coding skills
  • Business process outsourcing skills
  • Internet basics/IT Hardware skills
  • Animation/Graphics skills.

digital youth programme is a practical skill-sets that will aid the youth’s capacity to professionally handle jobs requesting the outsourcing of a particular digital services.

Interestingly, the students will be provided with a hardware and software starter pack to position them as a qualified agents with professionalism and obviously competent in operating such role in the nearest future.

Each skill encompasses subjects of taught hence the list below:

Business Process OutsourcinglSkill

  • Overview business process outsourcing opportunities worldwide
  • Customer Service, support and sale
  • Data entry and images
  • Website SEO and content generation
  • A call center setting up
  • Review I.e focus driving based on the participant’s chosen service area.

Animation and Graphics skills

  • Introduction to graphic design
  • Theory of layout and design
  • Understanding body mechanics and pantomiming
  • Principles of animation
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Entrepreneurship

Internet basics/ IT hardware skills

  • Introduction to internet of things
  • Internet technology and architecture of Iot
  • Networking devices
  • Networking Essentials
  • Common elements of IoT
  • Networking and connectivity medium
  • IoT connection, technology and protocols
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Data transmission standard
  • Drivers and inhibitors of IoT
  • Machine to machine / useless communication
  • Internet of Things project prototyping
  • Common use case of IoT in Nigeria, which include:
  • IoT for agriculture
  • IoT for home automation
  • IoT for energy and utility
  • IoT for health care
  • IoT for creative media


FMYSD Digital Youth Nigeria Program Eligibility

In as much as this programme is opened to all, it requires some basic principles for you to be eligible in participation and below are the eligibility criteria:

  1. Intending participant must be a citizen of Nigeria and between the age of 18 to 35
  2. You must be ready to travel for practicals at any time during the training if peradventure you are selected
  3. You must have a valid means of identification, it could be your national identity card, voters card or more
  4. You must have attain a certain level of education, the least of which is O’level result (WASSCE, NABTEB, NECO).

How to apply for FMYSD training scheme

  • • Visit
  • • Choose your course specification (Business Process outsourcing skill, animation/graphic skill, software and coding skill or Internet of Things/IT hardware skills)
  • • Upload your valid ID card and passport
  • • Ensure to fill other required information
  • • Submit.
  • After this process then kindly await the schemes response.

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