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Nigerian Navy DSSC Application Form 2024/2025 is here again!!! Is the Nigerian Navy DSSC Application Form out? When is the Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment  Portal be opened for recruitment?

Nigerian navy shortlisted candidates

In this article you shall get all the latest news that has to do with the Nigerian Navy Direct short service course and how to smartly apply.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment 2024/2025 | How to Apply for Nigerian Navy DSSC.

Nigeria navy

One of the approaches to access and rate the development of a country is in how secure the nation is. A nation without the security of her kin is certainly not a decent nation. In this way, security plays an essential and urgent job in the flourishing of a country.

A country without security is certifiably not a decent spot for business, outsider organization is roughly unthinkable on the grounds that no man is prepared to hazard his life for the sake of profiting.

To guarantee a well secure nation where all can practice their human (right to development, life, discourse and so on) there was an arrangement of security the workforce who under ordinary conditions ought to implement that all resident is spare in term of lives and property.

A portion of these security organizations are Nigeria Armed Forces ( Soldier, Airforce, Navy), Nigerian Police, Civil Defense, etc.In this article, we will intently analyze the Naval force part of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

General Requirements for Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment :

Nigerian Navy DSSC Requirements

  1. This job opening is reserved for Nigerians.

  2. Possession of NYSC discharge certificate.

  3. Only Nigerians who are are above 18 and below 35 years of age can apply.

  4. Those applying should be 1.7 metres in height for male and 1.64 metres for female.

  5. Another requirement has to do with health. Applicants should be healthy enough for the job.

  6. You shouldn’t be involve in any financial mess.

  7. Be single while applying.

  8. Don’t be violent or belong to any cult groups.

  9. Applicant shouldn’t suffer from the following:

    Sight problem;
    Hearing difficulties;
    Previous major orthopedic operation;
    Flat foot;
    stammering or any other natural disability;
    Pregnant women

As at today being 25th June 2024, The Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment form is out.We are going to inform you immediately it’s out.

How to Apply for Nigerian Navy Dssc Recruitment Form?

How to Apply for Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment

  1. Log on to

  2. Click on the registration link.

  3. Kindly go through the requirements based on what you want to apply for.

  4. Create an account so as to access the form.

How can I apply for the Nigerian Navy DSSC?

We aren’t affiliated with the Nigerian Navy, all applications should be done via the official portal of the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal

Where can I obtain the Nigerian Navy DSSC form?

The Nigerian Navy form is not sold anywhere, you can access the form online free of charge @ the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal.

Has the Nigerian Navy DSSC registration for started?

We are going to update this article to reflect when the Nigerian Navy DSSC Application will commence.

  • Note: all your certificate must be genuinely obtain.
  • Dual applications is not allowed.
  • DSSC Application is for graduates from reputable institutions.
  • You should be registered with a with professional bodies based on what you studied in school.


The Nigeria Navy is a division of Nigerian Armed Forces. This power is a piece of the greatest powers in the African Continent which is comprised of thousands of work force in addition to those of the coast watch.

The Nigerian Navy was shaped from the Nigerian marine after the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorate in 1914.

At that point, their capacity was essentially to be responsible for the ports and harbors, channel digging, lighting and voyage. In 1959 July, the Nigerian Naval Force was changed and allowed to work as a maritime power. Subsequently, Queen Elizabeth II enables the power to be called ” The Royal Nigerian Navy”.

The name was at long last changed to “The Nigerian Navy” which its called today after Nigeria turns into a republic state in 1963.


This part of the Armed powers is made to fill some vacuum in the national security and part of them incorporate;

Guard Against Foreign Attacks:

It is very clear that the essential capacity of any country’s Navy is to protect and guarantee the security of her nation. In a similar vein, the fundamental capacity of the Nigerian Navy is to ensure the nation against any risk inside its region.

The nation has huge waters as their limits, of which adversaries can dispatch their assault through those water channels. The Nigeria Navy, along these lines, shield the country from such assaults. In light of this duty, the Navies by and large are named “the water Armies”.

Cost Guard Duties:

Under the cost watchman obligations, the Nigerian Navy play out the accompanying jobs;

  1. Enforcement of guidelines and laws concerning traditions.
  2. Train other men what they have to know before joining the power.

Military Responsibility:

They work as other military staff to compel projection and guarantee the level of influence.


Because of quite a long while of government carelessness on the Nigerian maritime military arm, it renders this viewpoint handicap and inert. Hence, marine wrongdoing turns into the request for the day.

Pirating, oil bunkering, hijacking and militancy turns into the exercises of the riverine zone of the nation. This exercises incited the arrangement for upset and reappearing of this part of the Nigerian Navy.

The re-stimulating outcome in the acquisition of hardware for its strengthening. The accompanying gear was gotten;

The Nigerian Navy has six sea quick nationalist pontoons and ten little vessels which were dispatched on third of September, 2018. Prior, 7 units of FPB were obtained for the Nigerian Navy. In rundown, the Nigerian Navy has six sea quick loyalist vessel, ten little pontoons, and 7 FPB vessels.


The Nigerian Navy has A Headquarter and Divisional directions.

The Nigerian Navy Headquarter:

The Nigerian Navy home office is the organ burdened with the duty of making strategies and a completing of the managerial capacity of the Naval power. The leader of the central command is the Chief of the Naval Staff.

The head of maritime staff has seven different branches appended to the headquarter and they are: Policy and Planning, Administration, Operation and preparing, coordinations, Standard and Safety, Naval Engineering, Account and Budget.

Divisional Commands

The Western Naval Command

This is the direction that supervises the waterfront and ocean area from Nigerian/Benin fringe. It a well covers Nigerian beach front territories to EEZ country’s limit. The headquarter of this Command is situated at Apapa, Lagos State.

The Eastern Naval Command

This is the second divisional order of the Nigerian Navy. The Eastern divisional headquarter is arranged at Cross River State capital; Calabar. This division covers from Delta to Nigeria/Cameroon outskirt. Likewise from the coastline of Nigeria to the country’s EEZ limit.

The Central Naval Command

The Central Naval Command is the third divisional order of the Nigerian Navy. This divisional direction screens Benin River entrance, Bayelsa, Edo and Delta beach front territory. It likewise covers the Nigerian landward state. This division has its headquarter at Bayelsa state correctly Yanagoa


Understand that the compensation of government parastatals are paid dependent on their levels and rank while the Nigerian Navy isn’t an exclusion. The following are their positions and their annual salary ;

  • Admiral receives N16,303,140
  • Vice Admiral is paid an aggregate of ₦13,363,229
  • Real-Admiral is paid an aggregate of ₦12,038,945
  • Commodore is paid an aggregate of ₦7,385,856
  • Captain is paid a sum of N3,715,859
  • Commander is paid a sum of ₦3,380,086

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