Steps to print JAMB Acknowledgment Slip 2024/2025

Steps to print JAMB Acknowledgment Slip

You must have heard of JAMB acknowledgement slip, but do you know what it is all about? Do you know how to print it? Do you know its importance? Well, there is nothing bad if you have no clue about the highly important document since you haven’t participated in any JAMB registration process before now.

However, we believe its time you know more about the slip as you are set to register for the next UTME exam. Hence, we’ve decided to share everything you should know about the JAMB Acknowledgement slip in this article so sit down, relax and pay maximum attention as we proceed.

What is Jamb Acknowledgement Slip ALL About?

Jamb acknowledgment slip is a slip that contains all the crucial details you need to gain admission into a Nigerian university as a direct entry student. Your bio data, name, state of origin, choice of institutions, email address, and your utme result are all available in the acknowledgement deal.


Also known as Direct entry slip, the acknowledgement slip is the document you must possess as an OND degree holder looking to further his or her education in the university.

How To Print Jamb Acknowledgement Slip For Direct Entry

The acknowledgement slip remains valueless and worthless until you print it out and use it for the admission purpose. Don’t worry or panic if printing it has been a tough task in the past because we will tell you how to do it in a jiffy. But before that, it is important you know that there are two ways to print your Acknowledgement slip, including the JAMB portal and Email address methods.

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Step to print Jamb Acknowledgement Slip via the portal

Below is the comprehensive list of the steps to print the ACKNOWLEDGEMNT slip via the JAMB Portal method without any difficulty:

  • 1. Visit the jamb portal
  • 2. Login to your profile using your registered email address and password
  • 3. Scroll down to the “DE examination slip” option and click on it
  • 4. Provide all the required details in the appropriate space and you will see the slip on the next page.
  • 5. Connect your system to a printer if you are browsing with your PC and clink on the “print” option to continue.

Meanwhile, download the slip by clicking on the Pdf file or attachment available on the page if you are surfing the internet via your phone. Visit any cyber café around you to print the slip.

Step to print Jamb Acknowledgement Slip via the Email address

Exploring your email address is another way to print your acknowledgement slip. Observe the following steps and you will get the job done with ease:

  • * Log into your email address
  • * Open the mail containing your slip; you will see the attached document.
  • * Download the document in a PDF format into your mobile phone or PC.
  • * Go to the nearby Cyber Cafe to print it out. You can do it yourself if you have a printer. Meanwhile, ensure you have many photocopies because you could need it for subsequent admission stages.
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When can I print my JAMB acknowledge slip?

There is no specific time to print your jamb acknowledgment slip as long as you don’t exceed the deadline date.

This is why you must be very conversant with jamb related news and update so you can know when the slip is ready. Hence, we advised you subscribe to our newsletter or you keep refreshing this page for latest news regarding the acknowledgment slip.

Deadline for printing jamb acknowledgement slip

There is no stipulated deadline date for printing jamb acknowledgement slip just as there is no specific time to print it out.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should print it late because it might end up not serving its main purpose. Ensure you print the acknowledgement slip as soon as possible and use it for the registration or admission process without any delay.

Importance of JAMB acknowledgement slip

The JAMB acknowledgment slip reveals all the details you need for a conclusive and successful registration and admission exercise as a direct entry student.

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With the JAMB acknowledgement slip, you can guarantee your status as an eligible OND holder seeking admission into university.

What Is the Difference between Ordinary JAMB slip and JAMB acknowledgment Slip?

Though they serve almost the same function, there is a slight difference between the two.

JAMB slip is required by an O-level graduate seeking admission into a university, polytechnic or any other tertiary institution.

On the other hand, JAMB acknowledgement slip is strictly for OND holder who intend furthering their education in any of the Nigerian universities.

Is It Necessary to Print Jamb Acknowledgment Slip

Yes, all direct entry students are expected to print the DE JAMB slip if they must again admission. All your choice of institutions will demand for it during subsequent admission stages.


Printing the JAMB acknowledgement slip is mandatory; thankfully it’s a simple thing to do if you follow the steps outlined above.

We hope this article provides answers to questions related to the DE slip, endeavor to share your thoughts with us. Meanwhile, feel free to ask us anything you want to know about JAMB slip and the whole registration exercise. We will do justice to all you need.


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