How Do I link My NIN For JAMB? 2024

How do I link my NIN for JAMB?

As a jambite, this is a question that is foremost on your mind “how to link my NIN for JAMB” this should not be hard especially now that you have come to the best resource there is on the internet to help guide you. This is a very crucial period for you and this article is here to help you with its store of the necessary information you need.Nin for jamb

Just recently the Nigerian federal government made it necessary that everyone in the country who wants to write JAMB must first get a NIN (National Identification Number). So if you don’t have your NIN, you’re advised to go register for it first.

You can register for it at verified NIMC offices. These offices can be found in universities in your city, and telecoms main offices in your city, you can also find out about the NIMC offices in the local government you reside, some JAMB CBT centers may have it too. NIN registration is usually free and the documents required for registration are;

  • A copy of a birth certificate
  • Local government of origin certificate
  • Getting your NIN will be very easy depending on the location all you need to do is go to the center;
  • Ask the relevant authorities for a form, you will be asked to provide the documents above
  • Fill in the form submit it and
  • Wait for your NIN slip
  • Now you’ve gotten your NIN, it’s time to link it. Your NIN is the 11th digit number on the slip unique to you. Some other data that may be present in the form include; your name and tracking ID.
  • To link your NIN, first, you have to identify that 11-digit number on the slip and send it to 55019
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How To Send NIN To 55019

  • This is the most important part as this will link your NIN to your JAMB database, so you must pay attention here
  • Get your mobile phone, it could be an iPhone an android, or a button phone
  • Go to messages
  • Click on create new messages
  • Type in the 11 digits NIN
  • Then type in this number in the space provided for “send to” 55019
  • Once you’ve typed in the number, you can now click send.
  • And make sure you see the message that it has been sent to your phone
  • Then wait for your profile code

Can I Use Another Person’s NIN to Register For JAMB?

No, you can’t. A NIN is unique to an individual so you can’t use some other person’s own. A NIN cannot be shared when registering for JAMB if not the biometric system will reject it and JAMB uses it to extract the information of a candidate to register them.

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Besides a NIN that has been used by one person to register for JAMB cannot be used by another person, the system will report an error and decline it automatically.

How To Send A NIN Number For JAMB Registration

To send your NIN for JAMB registration you simply need to type your NIN in the message box and send it to these numbers; 55019 or 66019 or you can use the USSD option by dialing star 55019*1*YOUR NIN HERE#

See Code For Linking NIN to JAMB

The code for linking NIN to JAMB is 55019 or 66019

Can I Use My Mum’s NIN To Register JAMB?

No, you can’t. You only get to register and get your NIN first then you can proceed to register for your jamb.

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