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NIN is the legal number that every citizen in Nigeria is required to possess. It is important for transactions in the country ranging from opening a personal bank account to registering for JAMB.

it was passed into law in 2007 that all Nigerian citizens must possess a NIN. In this article, we are going to be answering all the questions on your mind regarding NIN which include;Nin for jamb

What are there NIN requirements for JAMB? Is BVN required for NIN registration? How do I check NIN details online? Can I register for NIN twice? How much does it cost to get NIN for JAMB? I will also be showing you the steps to get NIN for JAMB.

What Are NIN Requirements For JAMB?

To get your NIN you must come with any of the documents below.

Note we did not say that the applicant must come with all the documents I’m about to list below but with any one of them. They include: Birth certificates or Declaration of age

  • School ID card
  • Nigerian passport
  • Attestation letter from a recognized leader in your community
  • Attestation letter from religious traditional leaders
  • Nigerian commission for refugees (NFCR) Refugee certificate
  • Refugee ID card
  • Refugee factsheets
  • Parents/guardians’ NIN Slip must be available
  • Evidence of proof as the Guardian to the minor must be provided
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The supporting documents listed above (any) must be brought to the end NIMC office.

The requirements above are for minors from 0-15 years old.

For those above 16 here are the requirements;

  • Your BVN if you have one. Your BVN is your bank verification number you are advised to take it for NIN registration that’s if you have it You can also take your driver’s license if you have it.
  • Birth certificate
  • Declaration of age
  • Attestation letter from a recognized leader in your community
  • Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  • Certificate of origin
  • Nigerian international passport

Is BVN Required For NIN Registration

Yes, it is but you don’t need to use it. But if you have no other supporting documents like your birth certificate, attestation letter, ID card from your workplace, etc then you can use it.

Your BVN is your bank verification number.

It can be gotten by visiting and bank and opening an account. If you don’t have one once you open an account your BVN will be given to you.

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But if you already have a bank account and you don’t know your BVN you should go to the bank, then go to the customer care section of the bank and state your issue and they will guide you on what to do. Alternatively, you can dial *565*0# to see your BVN but make sure your line is recharged.

Steps To Get NIN For JAMB

  • Go to the nearest NIMC center
  • Go with supporting documents like school ID card voter’s card driver’s license attestation letter, you don’t have to go with all of this just one.
  • When you get there the database will be searched to see if you have registered for a NIN before if you haven’t, the rest of the registration process continues.
  • You will be given a form and expected to fill it with your correct data.
  • The data on your phone will then be cross-checked with the data on the supporting documents pointing out errors and confirmed by an official.
  • The official will then leave with the form for the registration exercise.
  • You will collect your NIN slip immediately or be asked to come back and get it at a later date.
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How Do I Check My NIMC Details Online?

  • Fast connect your mobile phone or laptop to the internet
  • Next, visit the portal or install the latest version of the NIMC app from the play store and follow the on-screen prompts to log in.

Can I Register For NIN twice?

No, you can’t register for NIN twice

Once you’ve got it you can’t register for it again you can only retrieve it.

It is also a punishable offense to enroll for NIN twice.

How much does it cost to get NIN for JAMB

It cost nothing, getting NIN is free

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