Can I Use Another person’s Number (mom’s, Dad) To Get My Jamb Profile Code

Can I use another number (mom’s, Dad) to get my profile code

Please don’t make use of any other person’s phone number for your jamb profile code. If you do you risk running into problems at the end of the day.Jamb

Remember that jamb now make use of NIN to generate your name and other details? What about if you are making use of someone else’s phone number that has already been registered with NIMC, that means there might be conflict along the line.

Just make use of your personal phone number, it has to be registered with NIMC first. Remember that jamb has made NIN Compulsory? So this has made it more complicated to make use of another person’s phone number.

Can I use my mum number to get my JAMB profile code?

As much as you can make use of your mom number to generate JAMB profile code in the past, it is not advisable, you should have your own phone number by now.

Always make use of your phone number. If you don’t have a phone number yet please do buy a SIM and get it registered for NIN.

Can I use another number to register for JAMB?

Please don’t make use of another person’s number to register for JAMB, it’s not advisable at all. Your phone number is one of the first point of contact between you and JAMB.

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Its better to make use of your personal phone number that way you will be able to get any information from jamb.
What about if jamb sends an important update and it ended up in that person’s inbox only for him to delete it entirely without information?

Is there any other way to get profile code?

Why do you want to make use of another’s person’s phone number when you can easily make use of yours and safe your self from troubles?

Please safe your self from stress and walk into the nearest mtn, glo or Airtel outlets and get your SIM, get it registered and linked to NIN.

How long does it take to get profile code?

Are you having delay in getting your jamb profile code from jamb? Once you have been debited by your network provider then expect to received your jamb profile code.
In most cases you should get your jamb profile code instantly After a Confirmation Messages is sent to you, it shouldn’t take much time.

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Unless you didn’t send the message in the right format. To get it right follow this format here.

SMS, NIN followed by your 11-digit NIN to 55019/66019. Like this NIN 34081932190

Although there are some cases whereby network might be bad or too many people trying to get the jamb profile code. All you have to do is to wait for the next 24 hours before trying again.
There are some people who got their jamb profile code just several hours after they sent the message to Jamb.

Don’t Expect the Profile Code SMS Unless Debited

After sending the sms for your jamb profile code, please do check your remaining balance to ascertain if you have been charged for the service. If you have been charged for the service it means that your request was sent and as such you should wait a little for your jamb profile code.

Please remember that service charges is just 50 Naira Irrespective of the network you are making use of.

How to get JAMB profile code via SMS

  1. You only need to Open the Messaging app on your phone.
  2. Then send the following characters or words ” NIN” To 55019 or 66019:
  3. In simple words, you just need to type NIN in your SMS box, then give a space and type your NIN. Then send the message to 55019 or 66019 that’s all.
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Note: ensure that there is a space between the word “NIN” and your eleven digit NIN number.

How To Obtain JAMB Profile Code Via USSD

You should now Send the word character * 55019 *1*NIN#:

Creating your jamb profile code by USSD method requires you to dial your * 55019 *1* and your 11-digit NIN number #: that’s all.

How To Recover or retrieve Jamb Profile Code without phone or through SMS

You don’t have access to the phone you used to sign up for the jamb profile code?Jamb profile code

While registering your jamb, jamb normally send profile code alongside other details via mail.

What you should do is to go through the email confirmation sent to you by jamb when you are doing your registration.

Go back to your mails and search for the confirmation mail sent to you by jamb, open it there is a profile code there.

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