Federal Civil Service Recruitment 2024/2025 FCSC /fedcivilservice.gov.ng

Federal Civil Service (FRSC) Recruitment is here already. If it’s your desire to work with any of the federal government ministries or agencies or any of the following :

Federal Ministry of Information
Federal Ministry of Environment
Federal Ministry of Justice
Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments
Bureau of Public Procurement.

Its best you read the practical steps to apply now.

The Federal Civil Service Commission 2024/2025

FRSC recruitment

Many Nigerians believe that government work is a no-man business, so, they are not too committed to ensuring that the company or organization progresses.

In most cases, some civil servants often decide to skip work on Fridays, while some decide to leave for house before the official closing hour.

To curb this unprofessional attitude among civil servants, the Federal government of Nigeria set up/introduced the Federal Civil Service Commission that will monitor the activities and performances of all civil servants in the country.

Some Historical Facts About The Federal Civil Service Commission

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) is a Nigerian agency that is legally backed up to transfer, appoint, and take disciplinary measures on the government workers at the federal government level.

There is no way for the employment of any federal civil servant without the authority of this body. All actions ranging from employment into the civil service as federal government staff to criminal conviction, absolute dismissal and resignation are being controlled by the FCSC.

The Nigerian Civil Servant Generally (at Federal, State, and local level) was integrated into the country’s governmental system during the British colonial era.

After which the Nation gain her independence on the 1st of October, 1960 from a system of government called parliamentary, to have a self-governing rule (Democracy) for the three regions, different panels have been formed to make research and recommendation on the reformation of Nigerian Civil Service.

The Responsibilities Of The Federal Civil Service Commission

It will be absurd if you as citizen of this country and most especially a federal civil servant did not know the functions of the FCSC.

This is why we have come up with a quick rundown of the organization’s functions and missions in the country below:

  • They Serve As Civil Servants Representatives: The FCSC represents the Civil Service Commissioners at the meetings of the Senior Staffs Committee of various Ministries.
  • Discernment of Senior Staff Disciplinary Actions: The FCSC ensure that Senior staffs are rightly punished according to the nature of their offences.
  • Senior Officer Employment: They also engage in senior officer’s recruitment.
  • Conduction of Various Promotional Examination And Effecting The Promotion: The Federal Civil Servant Commission is also responsible for the promotion ratification of levels and offices to higher positions. They also conduct promotional exams and interviews.
  • Listen To The Senior Staff Appeals: They hear the appeals of staff on all cases (discipline, Appointment, Promotion among others).
  • Give Guideline on Important Issues that Pertain to Federal Government Staffs: The FCSC guides her staff on the promotional processes, they give details to job seekers on how to go about their recruitment approach and also guide on the best disciplinary measure for all offense in the civil service.

The Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment Processes

It is important you know that being a member of the FCSC simply means being a worker in any of the following ministries listed below because you only need to visit the FCSC portal to apply for any of the ministries.

  1. Federal Ministry of Information
  2. Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments
  3. Federal Ministry of Environment
  4. Bureau of Public Procurement.
  5. Federal Ministry of Justice.

To become a gainfully employed youth or personnel in the Federal Civil Service, it is important that you follow the below instructions and procedure:

Where And How To Apply for FCSC recruitment

The application procedure of FCSC can be carried out in two different approaches viz; online and Offline.

* Online Application Process

This registration procedure is done through the Federal Civil Service Commission website. And the processes involved in this application type are:

  • Visit the online portal of FCSC, where you will see the list of vacant positions.
  • Select the vacancy tab to peruse the recruitment portal of the Federal Civil Service Commission
  • Once you can access the portal, you can then create an account, login to your newly created account to begin the application process and search for the available openings to register your interest.

* Offline FCSC Registration Procedures

You can also apply for the FCSC by obtaining a recruitment form from the office of the States Civil Service Commission’s Chairman of any of the geo-political zone:

North-West (Kaduna)

North-Central & Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mabushi (Abuja)

North-East (Yola)

South-West (Ibadan)

South-East (Owerri)

South-South (Port Harcourt).

All applications through this procedure must be submitted not later than six weeks of the opening..

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    I Mikailu Bello Tureta from sokoto state of Nigeria I will make sure to serve my nation if my application due consider successfully Insha Allah thank you so much. 081466019489

  2. MIKAILU BELLO TURETA 08146601948

    I Mikailu Bello Tureta from sokoto state of Nigeria I will make sure to serve my nation if my application due consider successfully Insha Allah thank you so much. 08146601948

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