Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment 2024/2025

Nigeria Prisons Service Recruitment 2024/2025 form portal –|updated latest news

The federal government has approved employment into Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB). This massive recruitment is to be conducted by CDFIPB and its free of charge. This time around you will get the latest recruitment update from the Nigerian Prison service and also how to apply. 

Nigerian prison service recruitment

We are going to publish everything that has to do with the Nigerian prison service recruitment here, so don’t be in a hurry just calm down and read this article from A-Z. Note that the Nigerian prison service recruitment form is free of charge.

Note: the CDFIPB has decided to put to an end to the long overdue difference between a University and polytechnic degree differences. Henceforth there is nothing like dichotomy in any recruitment in CDFIPB.

General Requirements for Nigerian Prison Service Intake 2024/2025

  • CDFIPB will only employ suitably qualified Nigerians into the Nigerian prison service.
  • Only mentally sound Nigerians will be employ.
  • You should be fit and healthy before applying.
  • Having good character is necessary.
  • You should not be a violent person or belong to any fraternity group.
  • Your age should fall between 18 to 30.
  • Applicants heights must not be less than 1.65m for males and 1.60 for females.
  • Applicants chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 for men.
  • Read all the academic qualifications before applying.

How to Apply For Nigerian Prisons service Recruitment  (NPS)

  1. All recruitment conducted by CDFIPB is online.
  2. By extension NPS recruitment is online.
  3. Log on to website
  4. Here is the recruitment page
  5. At the end of submission of your form make sure you print out the reference form which should be completed by you.
  6. Don’t ever apply twice at any recruitment position ever conducted by CDFIPB

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment FAQs & Answers

When is NPS Recruiting for ?

We are consistently updating this page to reflect the latest recruitment information from the Nigerian Prison Service, please check always here for 24/7 update.

What is NPS  recruitment deadline?

The Nigerian prison service recruitment closes just 6 weeks from the initial date of announcement. All interested applicants must make sure that they complete the form and send it online before the closing date.

How can I get latest information on NPS recruitment?

Always visit this page for updated information. We promise you the latest news only.


The Nigerian Correctional Service which was formerly known as the Nigerian Prison Service until August 2019 is a Nigerian government agency that operates the correctional (prison) facilities across the country.

Charged with the responsibility of taking charge of those legally detained, identifying their behavior causes, and retraining them, the National Prison Service is fully empowered by the 1972 Decree No.9 as amended in 2004 CAP P29 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in the 2019 Nigerian Correctional Services Act.

The Nigerian Prison Service has its headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and is headed by the Controller-General of Prison Service,. He was installed as the head in 2016 by the President,  and is directly responsible to the Minister of Interior and the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Prison Services Board.

The Nigerian Prison Service which came to reality in 1968 after the abolishment of the former Native Authority Prisons can, today, boast of about 240 prisons among which are 138 main prisons (for convicts), 85 satellite facilities, 14 farm centers, and 3 Borstal Institutions.

Most importantly, the Nigerian Prison Service (Nigerian Correctional Service) has just one vision which is to establish a credible prison service.

This the service will do through efficient penal practices that a long-lasting change in the attitudes, behaviors, values of convicts.
This is to ensure these convicts enjoy a successful reintegration into society.

What are the functions of the Nigerian Prison Service?

The Nigerian Prisons Service derives its operational powers fully from the CAP P29 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. This law empowers the Nigerian Prison Service to carry out the following functions below.

  1. To take all those certified to be so kept by courts of competent jurisdiction into lawful custody.
  2. To produce suspects in courts as and when due for an appearance.
  3. To identify the causes of convicts’ anti-social dispositions.
  4. To set in motion mechanisms for convicts treatment and training for eventual reintegration into society as normal law-abiding citizens on discharge.
  5. To establish and administer Prisons Farms and Industries for the purpose of retraining convicts and in the process generate revenue for the Federal government.

What is the strength of the Nigerian Prison Service?

Like every other civil service, the Nigerian Prison Service strength lies in its staff numbers. Today, the Nigerian Prison Service boasts of over 28,500 officers with many other recruits still undergoing training.

What is the Primary Role of the Nigerian Prison Service?

The primary role of the Nigerian Prison Service, NPS is embedded in its mission statement which is “to promote public protection by providing assistance for offenders in their reformation and rehabilitation under safe, secure, and humane conditions in accordance with the universally accepted standard and to facilitate their social reintegration into the society.”

The NPS specific functions include the following below;

  1. To take custody of suspects or convicts legally detained.
  2. To identify the causes of convicts behaviors.
  3. To retrain convicts into becoming useful and noteworthy citizens in any society that they find themselves.

Monthly Salary of the Nigerian Prison Service

The Nigerian Prison Service Salary is structured according to the rank in line with grade levels and steps of the officers. Averagely, the Nigerian Prison Service employee receives between…and…per year. Also, the monthly average for an NPS officer is…

Their salary is also determined by the three major salary structure board which include;

  1. Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).
  2. Consolidated Salary Structure for Medical Officers (CONMESS).
  3. Consolidated Salary Structure for Health Workers (CONHESS).

Based on rank, the National Prison Service Workers salary is divided into three categories which are based on their three major rank structure which include;

  1. Superintendent (Category A).
  2. Inspectorate (Category B).
  3. Assistant (Category C).

Below is the salary of all Category A officers from the highest rank to the lowest rank;

Controller-General of Prisons (CG) –

Superintendent of Prison I (SP I) –

Superintendent of Prison II (SP II) –

Deputy Superintendent (DSP) –

Assistant Superintendent I (ASP I) –

Assistant Superintendent II (ASP II) –

Below is the salary of all Category B officers from the highest rank to the lowest rank;

Senior Inspector (SI) –

Inspector of Prison (IP) –

Assistant Inspector of Prison (AIP) –

Below is the salary of all Category C officers from the highest rank to the lowest rank;

Prison Assistant I (PA I) –

Prison Assistant II (PA II) –

Prison Assistant III (PA III) –

The average salary of Nigerian Prisons Service Ranks, Salary Structures is workers – ₦800,000-₦1,000,000 annually (₦50,000 monthly).

What are the six branches of the Nigerian Prison Service?

For efficient administration and management, the Nigerian Prison Service has various staff branches
otherwise known as a directorate.

These directorates are known to be part of the six (6) board administrative division which is all headed by six (6) Deputy Controller-Generals (DCGs).

These directorates include;

  1. Administration and Supplies.
  2. Operations.
  3. Works and Logistics.
  4. Health and Social Welfare.
  5. Finance and Budget.
  6. Inmates Training and Productivity.

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