NNPC Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form portal |

NNPC Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form portal | www.nnpcgroup.com/recruitment

In this article you shall get the latest update about NNPC Recruitment and also the practical way to apply.

So if its your dream to land a job at the Nigerian National petroleum cooperation (NNPC), this is the best guide for you; most especially when you want to apply as an Intern, Entry Level or Manager/ Experienced, don’t worry slowly read this article to the last.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment

Nnpc recruitment

All sector of the Nigerian economy has a specific body which oversees the operation of the day to day activities of such sector. 

Just like for instance, The monetary sector is managed by the central bank, financial crimes  are handled by the Economic Financial and Crime Commission (EFCC) and so on. Likewise, the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission is responsible for monitoring the progress and advancement of the petroleum sector.

This NNPC is the body through which the Nigerian government regulate the Nation’s petroleum industry. The business operations of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) are monitored via Strategic Business and Corporate Service Units ( SBUs ) in different places across the country.

As a result of this, the NNPC has put in place a reliable recruitment strategy to ensure that recruitment exercises take place once a year.

The corporation portal is now set for recruitment exercise. Before you proceed with your application, It is important to have some knowledge about the corporation you are about to join.

General Requirements For NNPC Recruitment

  • Only Nigerians can apply for this job.
  • You shouldn’t be more than 35 years of age no matter the level you are applying for.
  • You should be sound mentally and otherwise.
  • You should look cool and humble, not having any bad behaviour.
  • You should get an NYSC discharge certificate.
  • Graduate from a well respected and recognised institution.
  • It’s necessary you be a computer literate.
  • Applicant with 2:1 certificate can apply with their first degree only. While those with 2:2 will have to apply with a master degree.

Short Historical Background Of The Nigerian petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The NNPC was founded on the first of April, 1977. The corporation erupted from the merging of the Federal Ministry of Mine and Steel and the Nigerian National Oil Corporation.

By virtue of law, the corporation was empowered to ensure the management of the business ties between multinational corporations and the Federal Government.

Examples of this multinational corporations are, Agip, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Texaco, and Total S.A. As a result of productive collaboration with these corporations, The Federal Government of Nigeria was able to explore petroleum.

As at today being 25th June 2024, The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recruitment form is not out.We are going to inform you immediately it’s out.

How To Apply For NNPC Recruitment

NNPC Recruitment Closing Date

All applicant are expected to submit their application at least 6 weeks from the date of announcement of this job opening.


As an applicant, it is a good thing to have the knowledge on the  function of the corporation you want to work for. Even if you are not applying for NNPC employment, it is not bad to understand the responsibility of this government body.

This corporation is empowered to supervise regulate and oversee every operation in line with the leasing and licencing of Oil and Gas.

These operations involve the production, exploration, and marketing of crude oil and it’s refined fractions.
The corporation is as well responsible for the upstream and downstream advancement. They via NAPIMS governs the National Oil and Gas Industry.

The upstream function of NNPC includes; the production of crude oil which is monitored by the Directorate of Exploration and Production which is made up of five different Strategic Business Units (SNUs) which functions under NNPC.

This five-unit body includes; National Petroleum Investment Management Services( NAPIMS), Integrated Data Services Limited ( IDLS ), Crude Oil Sales Division ( COSD ), Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) and Nigerian Petroleum Development Company ( NPDC ).

These five SBUs are joint functions includes; data collection, data analysis and interpretation, carrying out surveys, exploration of crude oil, its production, storage, transportation and marketing.

The downstream function involves the conversion of crude oil to its various fractions (refined and petrochemical output, gas treatments and finer chemicals). The downstream responsibilities also cover marketing and transportation of petroleum products.


The strength of an organisation is the equipment that such an organisation has gotten to enhance productivity. Based on the fact above, the strength of NNPC are:

NNPC has four refineries in its downstream plants. These refineries have a capacity which can store 445,000 barrels of crude oil in a day.

Two of these refineries are in Port Harcourt, one is in Warri while the fourth on is stationed in Kaduna.

This governmental body also has three petrochemical plant in both Kaduna and Warri to further enhance the downstream operational success.

The nation has a pipeline network that covers 5000 kilometres, nine LPG depots and 21 Storage depot.


One of the most important industry is the petroleum industry. Therefore their payment structure is very attractive and robust. Whichever position you are fortunate to be within this body, you can be guaranteed of a nice pay because they are among the Nigerian local organisation with high payment.

Like other organisation, the payment varies based on job specialisation, professionalism, and perhaps locations.
There are three different categories of payment in NNPC and they include;

NNPC gives room for people to join the organization as a learner. This exposes the interns to gain knowledge on the organisation fields and how to handle the practical aspect of their specialisation. This internship program is between 3 month and two years based on discipline and institution.

Entry Level:
This is the level occupied by a fresh graduate. This level is professional call sales officers. It is the NNPC’s lowest level.
Managers/ Experienced:
This level is the category of worker who has gathered experiences, go for seminars and attain a reasonable height in the organization. This is the height when a NNPC worker begin to enjoy high payment
Below is their salary range chart.

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