Jamb Score That Gets You Sure Admission In 2024/2025

Many Jambites are still much concerned about the score they need in order to get admission into Polytechnics and Universities across Nigeria.

There are different JAMB scores that are required for different courses in these institutions, think Accounting, Engineering, Law, Mass Communication, Business Administration, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Science, Education, and others.

Candidates are always curious to know the required scores for their desired courses.

Maybe you are also thinking, will I be admitted if I have a JAMB score between 180 and 270 for the 2024/2025 exam?

Well, not you can be admitted, depending on the institution you chose. But there are is a JAMB score that is almost sure to get you admission into most Colleges, Polytechnics, or Universities in Nigeria. If you have it, you are almost guaranteed to have great Post UTME result.

Post UTME For 2024/2025

Right from the inception of the Post UTME screening exercise conducted by all higher institutions in Nigeria, a candidate’s JAMB score counts.

Yes, a high JAMB score will help you have a better outcome on the Post UTME exam. Many higher institutions in the country use 50% for JAMB.

The other 50% comes from your Post UTME result. Getting a 50% in JAMB means that a candidate records a total score of 400 in the JAMB exam (this has never happened before).Jamb

Let’s break it down a bit. An instruction that accepts 50% from JAMB interprets a JAMB score of 260 as 32.5%. A Post UTME score of 44% will give you a total score of 76.5%.

That’s quite remarkable! It’s a reasonable aggregate that can get you admitted into your chosen institution (depending on your course).

Also understand that too much applicants for a particular course could means more competition, especially when they score above 250 in JAMB.

If this is the case, you need to strive more on your Post UTME exercise. Also, Catchment will become a factor as far as admission is concerned. This, and many more, will be covered in this comprehensive guide.

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Most JAMB candidates assume that a JAMB score of at least 250 will automatically get them admitted into their institution of choice. But where did they get this from?

No institution promised side. It was not even guaranteed by JAMB. Sure, a score of 250 will put you ahead of many candidates, depending on the course involved.

But that doesn’t mean that one won’t be admitted with only 180 score in JAMB. There are several factors that go into it.

Keep reading to learn more.

Best Score In Jamb 2024/2025 To Gain Admission

There are up to 5 factors that will determine how your JAMB score will help you secure admission into an institution of your choice. When you put them into consideration, your admission is sure.

Let’s dive into each of these factors.

1. General Admission Factors In Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are some general factors for admissions. For instance, States that are not well developed may lower their admission requirements. Also, Catchment and Merit are other common factors in Nigeria.

All these will point out the JAMB score a candidate needs to gain admission into an institution. Among them, the cut off for Merit is the highest (in most cases). States that haven’t develop there education may accept a low score.

2. The Performance of Other Candidates

This factor has a major influence on whether your JAMB score will guarantee you admission into an institution. As you know, there are some courses that very competitive and candidates need to perform well in order to secure admission.

Now, you need to consider this. The cut off mark will be high if students performance is high. Yes, JAMB cut-off marks for certain courses do change AFTER results are released.

One thing that is responsible for this, is that students’ performance was high. The cut-off marks for Post UTME automatically go up when many students passed their JAMB exams.

This applies to all faculties and departments of Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, and Universities. Be prepared for this.

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3. Expected Number of Students by an Institution

The number of students that an institution plans to admit is another important factor you must consider. The capacity of an institution is key.

If the capacity of a University is low, then don’t expect them to admit a lot of JAMB candidates. It means that a high score in JAMB will be required before you can be considered.

The opposite is the case if you chose an institution with high capacity.

While some higher institutions can only admit 5,000 candidates, others can do 15,000 at once.

4. What is the Nature of Your Course?

Just like we have established earlier, there are different calibers of courses in our higher institutions today. Some are very high in demand by our immediate societies.

For instance, you will need a high JAMB score if your desire to study any of these courses: Accounting, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Surgery. They are hotcakes!

If you want to go for courses like Mathematics and Entrepreneurship, them a low score can still get you admitted. Why is this possible? There are only few people who study these courses.

If your academic capacity is not that much, you can go for courses that aren’t very competitive. Gaining admission will become easier with this approach.

5. Your Choice of Institution and Course Competitiveness

By institution, certain institutions are well known for some courses than the rest. If you want to study in any of these schools, you will have to compete. A very high JAMB score will definitely be needed if you want to be admitted.

Let’s cite few examples. University of Benin (UNIBEN) and FUTO are both known for producing some of the best Engineers in the country.

The same is said of University of Ibadan (UI). For Pharmacy, UNIBEN takes the lead. And if we talk about the best University to study Law, many will first consider AAU.

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What this translates to is, these leading institutions for certain courses will have a higher cut-off marks than their fellow counterparts.

What is the Best JAMB Score That Guarantees Admission?

So you have digested the factors that will determine whether or not your JAMB score will bag you admission into the higher institution of your choice. Now, you would want to know the exact score that can help you gain this admission.

The truth is, you will always have a better chance if you can score between 250 and 280 in a JAMB examination. Even with some of the most competitive courses, your chance of being admitted is high.

What about if my score falls within 200 to 245? Well, you still have a good chance if your course is not too competitive.

Ultimately, a JAMB score above 290 will guarantee admission for any course.

Will There be Post UTME in 2024/2025?

The year 2020 cannot be easily forgotten across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic caused so many havocs to many industries, including the educational sector. Many higher institutions cancelled their Post UTME screening exercises in 2020.

Will there be any Post UTME in 2021? We can’t conclude for now. But if schools will hold this screening exercises, then those who didn’t performed well in their JAMB exams can boost their overall scores.

Frequently Asked Questions About Post UTME

A lot of JAMB candidates have been asking so many questions. Among them are:

  • Can I study Medicine in University of Benin with 250?
  • When will JAMB start giving admissions?
  • Is 180 JAMB score enough for Law?
  • Do I need to do a change of Institution if my JAMB score is not enough to be admitted?
  • Which of the Nigerian Universities can admit me if I score 180 to 200 in JAMB?

These questions, and many more, will be addressed in our subsequent guides. Please check back for them in few days.

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