NYIF Confirmation Email Verification Link: How to Validate Your BVN

Without your confirmation token its extremely difficult to completely carry out the registration and actually get the loan from the Nigerian youth investment fund.

Here in this article we are going to talk about the NYIF Confirmation Email Verification Link, so if you have been having issues with the NYIF Confirmation Email Verification Link here is the best article to get it resolved

more also we shall be giving a step-by-step guide on validating your BVN on the NYIF portal. So if you have issues validating your BVN this article should be helpful in so many ways as we shall be providing you with specifics guidance.

Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports loan

First, we have to remind you to always check your emails used to sign up for the NYIF because text messages should be sent to all pre-qualified NYIF applicants requesting a login for the NYIF Loan Application Portal to Verify their BVN.

Not everyone will get this message as test message.

Here is an insight of what it says;

Dear Applicant,

You have been pre-qualified for the NYIF loan program, kindly click on this link to apply.


Thank you.

So if you happen to get this message with the following link https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ then it’s legit and not scam. You just have to follow or abide by the instructions given on the message

To this note, all pre-qualified candidates for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Loan should be aware that the message emanate from NYIF.

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Are you having any of the issues listed above as regards your NYIF Email Verification Link?
kindly stay calm as we are here to provide solutions to these problems.

Youwin is here to help, which means you will get detailed information on how to perform your NYIF Verification link and as well Validate your NYIF Loan BVN via the NYIF Loan Portal

How to confirm your NYIF email : steps to take

Step: 1 you simply login to NYIF portal

Here is the url of NYIF https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ then you can click on “forgot password” after clicking on login name. With this step you can have your password reset.

Step: 2 Email verification

Done resetting your password? Then it should redirect you to the login page, here just click “i did not received a confirmation token” you should input your email address in the box for them to send it to your email.

Step: 2 User login

When done verifying your email, you need to browse back to the login page where all process as regards registration should be completed.

How to Receive Your NYIF Loan

To receive your NYIF loan, you just have to follow the simple steps which is use your details to login into your account, if you have not created an account please sign up, validate your BVN for loan processing.

How to Validate Your BVN on Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Portal?

It’s easy;

  • Visit >> https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app
  • First step is to type in Your BVN correctly.
  • Then, ensure or check if all your details submitted are correct.
  • If your Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Loan application is successful, it takes you to the next page where you create and save passwords.
  • Afterward, you will receive an NYIF verification link on your email address which you should first login your email to confirm, with this you verify your account, after verifying your account via your email , proceed to fill in all the necessary information.
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Are you facing challenges locating the NYIF verification link in your email? You are not the only one experiencing this problem some other persons and applicant are facing the same issue. This might be due to the server having difficulty dispatching the mails, just wait it will arrive.

How to Receive Your NYIF Confirmation Mail via Inbox

Here is a simple step to take so as to receive the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Email Verification link. We have outline a smooth process so kindly follow it below :

  • First, log in to your Email Address, here are the three mail popular email addresses Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc
  • Then, navigate to inbox by clicking on Inbox
  • Check very well in the inbox, we believe You will see the Email Verification link there.
  • You can equally check on other folders like the spam, it could be there, if it’s not in the inbox.
  • Access the link and you will be redirected to the NYIF Loan Application Portal
  • Fill in the necessary and accurate information, not giving place to errors and Submit.
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Note, if you still don’t find the NYIF Email Verification link in your inbox,

Try this http://www.nyif.nmfb.ng/user/account/resendtoken?fbclid=IwAR3zPENx3weXE6zY2xXGlsLsrEY9dEyzDNxmXDipxWoln1YnFEjiym9dQnY

Also, due to server overload, NYIF portal could be slow in processing your application, allowing users to access the page. Hence If you are yet to receive the NYIF Confirmation link in your mail, don’t worry, just wait a little while, it will be sent.

Are you having problems not receiving your verification mail. This issue can be resolve right now. Just click on this link below ..

Another option is to consider changing your password, do this with the following link :
https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ApplicantDashboard/Business/ForgotPassword and a resent link will be sent to you. Just click it and reset your password.

Verification link not opening? Here is what to do:

We understand that some applicant are getting it difficult to open the verification link and the link appears to be a dead link.

While others are getting a response like “message verification failed” sometimes ” service unavailable”

From what we observed, this is a serve related problem and until the server is resolved the problem might persist. Alternatively you should try opening link at night.

Lets try to understand that the link is valid for certain hours which means that after the expiation the link could become dead.


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  1. I have received my verification link link via email but it’s been four days now all I keep seeing each time I try to verify it is http error what should I do

    1. Mine shows email address has been registered after I click on the message sent to my mail box, what next pls

  2. My password have been reset but my dashboard is not coming up to enable me input my informations.

    It keep showing “this account have been verified”

    What should I do please?


    1. My password have been reset but my dashboard is not coming up to enable me input my informations.

      It keep showing “this account have been verified”

      What should I do please next.
      please help me

  3. I am pleased to inform I have been free qualified nyif loan and also my email is in completed so am yet to received my password due to the in completed of my email, please accept my apologize.

  4. Adaobi better anyanwu

    I was told that my Registration is successfully, that my Confirmation link has been sent to me but up till now I have not seen it, please can you resend the Verification link to [email protected]. thanks

  5. I have validated my bvn but no link has been sent to me and I have tried it more than 100times and its still shows successful that I should check my email and still nothing has been sent both in spam folder, please what do I do

  6. Am shot lest l training for almost 35 minutes truth zoom webinar in last mouth so now I forgotten my dashboard password what is the solution

  7. I was done all the process and procedures for applying this program and I heard that the approval shortlist is out
    And I don’t know how would I check it
    Please can you favour me with this kind of issue

  8. I have registered since last year but now anytime I wanted to log in to my dashboard they denied me access please whats the problem behind it..

  9. I have registered since last year but now anytime I wanted to log in to my dashboard they denied me access please whats the problem behind it..

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