NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers And Email – Send Complaint

See NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers And Email – you can now Send Your Complaint today 

NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers And Email – Send Your Complaint

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development have made some phone numbers available to the public .

This means that if you have any issues while registering or you have questions to ask, all you need to do is to contact them, making them know your complaints.

The Nigeria Youth Investment fund (NYIF) has laid out plan to get over 500,000 youth registered, assisted financially annually from the first year it was established being 2020 to 2023. This means that there is still much to gain from the scheme.

Nyif login

Youth who got approved or successful beneficiaries will get their business funded with massive funds ranging from N250, 000 to N50, 000,000. All this loan will have a single interest rate which means that it won’t be seen as an expensive investment.

Will you like to be trained or you have one issue that needs to be resolved immediately? Are you unable to login to your nyif profile?

If you have any problems you feel like letting the organisers of the programme know about, then you should use this formate below to forward your complaint to them

  • Full names
  • Email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Training batch
  • Certificate number
  • State of Origin

Get the above details and get them forwarded to this mail info@youthandsport.gov.ng or rather you make use of the following phone numbers. Chose the one assigned to your zone :

  1. 07047024251: South South ZONE
  2. 07047598382 : North East ZONE
  3. 08181127180 : North West ZONE
  4. 08152947812 : South West ZONE
  5. 07087792103 : North Central ZONE
  6. 07053820081 : South East ZONE

The support phone numbers and support email address have been given, it’s left for you to forward whatsoever that is the issue to them for immediate response.

Ikechukwu Youwin

this articles was written by ikechukwu for youwin.org.ng, Ikechukwu is a University graduate, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Nigerian Nsuka (UNN).Read more

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