Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria 2024/2025 recruitment

The Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria recruitment portal

APSAN which also stands for Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria will be recruiting about 3,870 Nigerians to work with them.

One key essence of this massive employment is to simply inject fresh blood that fights substandard agro produce in Nigeria.

So this means that APSAN recruitment portal has been activated and its now accessible for interested Nigerians to pick up the forms and apply.

You just have to be eligible and meet the requirements before you can be employed. There is no big deal here only an 0’level qualification which stands as the minimum educational requirement although if you have higher qualifications that relates to agriculture it will be an added advantage.

Agricultural produce sellers Association

Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria (APSAN) recruitment

The Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria (APSAN) as an organisation has it headquarters stationed in Abuja.

The organization is simply in charge and responsible for produce sellers in the country.

The organization main goal is to promote agripreneurship in Nigeria. The corporation don’t just operate alone they need government backing hence they have formed partnership with the Government and some of its specialised agencies.

The mission of APSAN is simple and straightforward which is being identified as an efficient national organization and with a task of catering for the socio-economic well-being of its members.

APSAN is seeking to recruit and employ eligible Nigerians to fill the gaps that exist in its workforce.

We have put this article to help you with detailed information which will serve as a self help in processing your application.

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APSAN Recruitment

Statistical data shows that Nigeria is not food sufficient yet and achieving food safety or food self-sufficiency has been the concern of the Government.

Statistical data also show us that about 150,000 people in this country die yearly because of food shortage, this death are attributed to lack of good access to food that are rich in the right nutrition and children are at the receiving end.

APSAN is here to solve some portion of this problems as they have promised that their aim is to ensure that at least 5 Nigerians from one of the 774 local government area are employed to help drive their objectives.

With the employment of this eligible Nigerians, they will help provide an over-sight function of produce sellers, this will quickly help to identify, do away with food that have been contaminated and unsafe for consumption. which has been classified and identified as substandard agricultural foods.

When it comes to recruitment The Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria work hand in hand with SON (Standard organization of Nigeria) because they perform similar functions.

You might ask, why are they collaborating? Well the answer to that question is that the two organisations coming together will create the perfect synergy
aimed at boosting Zero agro produce exports of the federal government’s policy

Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria recruitment portal

The APSAN portal is now accessible just like we said and it is That means you can start submitting your application before the portal is closed again.

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After application what next?

If you submit your application right now, you have to wait for them to process your application request. Please note that those who they feel is suitable and qualified for the job are going to be shortlisted.

If you are lucky to be shortlisted then you will undergo training by the standard organization of Nigeria.

The training remains free and application is free. Now To enroll log onto

You will need to fill in the online application form in the right order like your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and state of origin and date of birth.

The benefits of the this training includes

  1. You will Become recognised and qualified member of the taskforce for The Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria
  2. You will be directly trained by standard organization of Nigeria and they will also equip you after the training.
  3. Participants will be trained and equipped by FCCPC (federal competition and consumer protection commission)
  4. Successful employees will have the mandate to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to fight illegal check points on our roads
  5. There will be collaboration with FCCPC and SON to fight and do away with substandard and fake products
  6. Multiple taxation cause inflation hence those employed will help combat this problem.
  7. After a successful recruitment, those employed will be posted to local government across the country where they are to start working with security agencies on ground.
  8. Their duties are just specific which is to provide education to farmers who lack the basic knowledge of food preservation and disposal of contaminated food but rather sell it to the public.
  9. In the cases where farmers refuse to adhere to safety guidelines then they have no option rather than to alert standard organization of Nigeria (son) or to national agency for food and drugs abuse administration and control (NAFDAC) for possible action.
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So the bottom-line is that eligible applicants of Nigeria should apply for the job as a good way of contributing their quota to the national development and keeping agro products safe for consumption.


Nigeria is not the only country in the world battling unsafe and contaminated food products which has caused serious health challenges and even death.

The world health organisation has seen the need to come up with a way to tackle this problem that’s why they have formulated 5 key requirements that will boost food safety across the world.

But Nigeria being a developing country with lot of changes and lack of funds, the journey hasn’t been easy, death as a result of consumptions of contaminated food is on the rise.

So this has made the Agricultural produce sellers Association of Nigeria to be determined at all cost to stamp out substandard and unsafe foods.

The organization needs more hands to help. So it has once again opened its employment portal on their official website for new applicants.


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  1. We thanks our government for having this idea to equip their citizens and employment opportunity.
    But we don’t know whether the participants will be pay as casual staffs in one year training as scheduled.

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