Conditional Cash Transfer USSD Codes For All State In Nigeria

States in Nigeria USSD transfer Code for conditional cash transfer

How can we solve the problem of poverty in Nigeria? As at today Nigeria is still home to the largest population of people living in poverty.

Although the Government has vowed to crush poverty and it is unfolding the strategy to bring poverty to a minimum level through it empowerment programmes.

Recently the Government promised to lift over 100 million Nigerians out of poverty, if this statement is taken seriously, bringing it to reality will take time.

Although the president has been trying of late, bringing in programmes that could help transform lives.

We have seen a great number of poverty alleviation initiatives that is helping to tackle the plight of the poor in the country.

these include NYIF (Nigeria youth investment fund), N-power, SPW (Special public work) tradermoni and the latest one now the CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer).

.Conditional Cash Transfer USSD Codes For All State In Nigeria
This article is here to help give more detailed information on conditional cash transfer and the USSD code you can use for your state as a Nigerian. Get the information below.

What is Nigeria conditional cash transfer?

The conditional cash transfer still refer to as CCT by Nigerians is an empowerment program initiated by the Government of Nigeria, in the person of president Muhammadu Buhari.

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It is a programme for the poor, which means its a programme that is is designated to assist the poor (households) on monthly basis.

If you are lucky to be enlisted as a beneficiaries then you should be getting nothing less than 5000 naira from the government at the end of the month.

Just like we said, the programme is not for the rich but for those who are having hard time feeding.

The conditional cash transfer which was kicked off around early 2016 with World Bank as one of it sponsors will create a kind of reliable social protection system for the poor.

The programme has kicked off and beneficiaries are already springing up in all 33 states of Nigeria, even Abuja which is a rich federal territory is not left out.

You might wonder how does the government get to people at the grass root to get enlisted so as to benefit from the conditional cash transfer programme.

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Well we understand that the government has now put in place solid structure that will see to it that the right persons are captured in the programme.

One of the structures adopted right now is an electronic base beneficiary enrolment systems that is helping the government to get and identify eligible Nigerians from the National social register

The game plan here is to pick just the poor people from our community so that they can start benefiting from this beautiful programme and this is needed to be done in a transparent manner to win public confidence and also not dent the image of the government.

States in Nigeria USSD transfer Code for conditional cash transfer

Here is an accurate transfer USSD Codes that will be useful for the Nigeria conditional cash transfer program as provided by the government. Be aware that the codes are different on some local government areas.

  • Maiduguri: 96910#
  • Akwa-ibom ikono Local government area: 969197#
  • Abuja: 96967#
  • Yobe: 96912#
  • Katsina:: 96977#
  • Bayelsa – yenogoa: 96931#
  • Jigawa state:

  • Dutse Mazabar limawa : 969242#
  • Babura: 969239#
  • Malam madori: 969236#
  • Kafin hausa : 969238#
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Anambra state:

  • Dunukofia : 96928#
  • Onitsha south: 96923#
  • Anambra east: 96922#
  • Oyi: 96925#
  • Ogbaru 96924#
  • Orumba north: 96929#

Sokoto state:

  • Bodinga: 969249#
  • Kebbe: 969245#
  • Wamakko: 969246#
  • Dange shuni: 969251
  • Sabon birni : 969250#


Can 100 million people be lifted out from poverty? Yes its possible but the approach to get this done wil determine.

If the government could be better at other area of the economy like security, power and transport and they gets it right from all angle then we should be on our way in lifting about 100 million people out of poverty.

The conditional cash transfer program alone cannot just lift people out of poverty but will just assist them to get the basics hence the government need more programme on ground

Nation building takes time and don’t just happen over night hence all hand must be on deck to help the government actualise it dream within the shortest possible period.

The codes earlier listed above are the accurate codes for the stated states. More states will be added to the list later.


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