Conditional Cash Transfer USSD Codes For All State In Nigeria

States in Nigeria USSD transfer Code for conditional cash transfer

Nigeria, one of the countries in West Africa has a government in place that is committed in lifting over 100 million people out of poverty .

The man at the helm of affairs, the president is always concerns with the well-being of his citizens.

This is why he is always ready to roll out great poverty alleviation initiatives to tackle the plight of the poor in the country.

There have been a lot of poverty –alleviation programs right from the inception of his administration, these include NYIF (Nigeria youth investment fund), N-power, SPW (Special public work) tradermoni and the latest one now the CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer).

This piece is here to help give more details on conditional cash transfer and the USSD code you can use for your state as a Nigerian. Get the information below.Conditional Cash Transfer USSD Codes For All State In Nigeria

What is Nigeria conditional cash transfer?

The conditional cash transfer otherwise known as CCT is a initiative of president Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

It is a programme that is designated for mostly the vulnerable and poor households in Nigeria.

Each of this household is expected to receive a monthly stipend of #5000 which is about $14. The household selected would also benefit from technical /financial support as well as getting trained to begin a small business venture.

This programme will focused mostly on the poor in the rural areas

The conditional cash transfer was officially introduced to the citizens in 2016 and this initiative is in partnership with the World Bank.

This programme will serve as good social safety nets for the citizens and help in creating a social protection system in the entire country. This program will help in no little way to curb and reduce the hold of poverty in Nigeria

At present, the conditional cash transfer program is already feasible in about 33 states of the federation and the FCT (Federal capital territory).

So the total numbers of beneficiaries on the programme is about 1,414,983, 7,068,629 households have already enrolled. This total numbers are gotten from 37,628 communities and 4,716 LGA.

To easily target and enroll the people without hassle, the conditional cash transfer programme has a solid structure on ground.

There is the electronic base beneficiary enrolment systems which is targeted only on the poor and vulnerable pulled from the National social register.

The poor and vulnerable households are picked via a combination of community and geographical based focusing mechanisms.

This is mostly done by the state operating and coordinating units which is coordinated by the control and direction of the National social safety Net coordination office.

The targeting process is made possible with the help of the community based targeting mechanism.

This is done so that the public will be aware of the selection.

So the database for this program is generated at the state level and left at the state ministries of planning.

The good thing is that the whole conditional cash transfer program processes are efficient and transparent.

Till date there has been no record of a malpractice or financial embezzlement in the conditional cash transfer program.

States in Nigeria USSD transfer Code for conditional cash transfer

The following are the accurate transfer USSD Codes for States in Nigeria conditional cash transfer program.

Some of the states come with different code for a local government area.

So you might have to use the code of the LGA if you are in any of the LGAS of your state.

For now not all the states have been listed here. So if your state isn’t among the below listed states.

You just have to check back here later as we intend to add more states. There available state conditional cash transfer are as follows:

  • Maiduguri: 96910#
  • Akwa-ibom ikono Local government area: 969197#
  • Abuja: 96967#
  • Yobe: 96912#
  • Katsina:: 96977#
  • Bayelsa – yenogoa: 96931#
  • Jigawa state:

  • Dutse Mazabar limawa : 969242#
  • Babura: 969239#
  • Malam madori: 969236#
  • Kafin hausa : 969238#

Anambra state:

  • Dunukofia : 96928#
  • Onitsha south: 96923#
  • Anambra east: 96922#
  • Oyi: 96925#
  • Ogbaru 96924#
  • Orumba north: 96929#

Sokoto state:

  • Bodinga: 969249#
  • Kebbe: 969245#
  • Wamakko: 969246#
  • Dange shuni: 969251
  • Sabon birni : 969250#


The government of the federal republic of Nigeria has pledged to eradicate poverty in the country through its numerous poverty alleviation initiatives.

The conditional cash transfer is one of such initiatives.

The conditional cash transfer program which is gear towards the poor and vulnerable has been kick-started already and so far it has been a huge success.

As it is more awareness has been created and ongoing especially for the people in the rural areas.

The people need to know about the transfer USSD code for their states.

It will enable the right people take good advantage of this opportunity. The codes earlier listed above are the accurate codes for the stated states. More states will be added to the list later.

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