Shell Recruitment invitation email,final interview 2024 shortlisted

Shell Recruitment invitation email,final interview 2024 shortlisted candidate

Shell Experienced Hire Recruitment is here again, they are hiring Nigerians with relevant experience and set of skills to fill vacant positions existing in some of their locations.

Right now 7 position are available and the interview is actually in 4 stages and it goes like this:Shell invitation interview

  1. 10mins phone call
  2. 1hour phone call
  3. Final interview ( this is sub divided into four stages)
  4. Offer of employment.

Here are some terms you will come across :

Application Received:

fill your position online and submit your application which is the first stage of the recruitment process.

review in progress & Shell interview:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shell Nigeria has opted For a virtual screening interview.

To this end there shall be a 1hr phone interview, keep your phone on and be prepared for a call from the recruitment team put in place by Shell to recruit the most qualified candidate for the job advertised.

There should be an interview that is virtual and will be and at some point it might be video based, although before then you will be called through the phone number you gave them or you will be notified via your email

As you await your interview always keep your phone beside you and always check you mail. This is the best way to make sure you didn’t miss any update.

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You are advised to always logged into your account and check the status of your application. This is the only way you can get important update and reminder.

invited to interview:

when you logged into your profile, you Could see “invited to interview” after you have received a mail, your previous status should be review in progress

Please note that any time you get to see invited to interview, you are meant to be ready for the interview. It will likely come via your phone contact. Please keep your phone on.

You will receive a call that you have been scheduled for an interview, after this a mail will come with a link for you to click.Shell Recruitment

Shell face to face interview :

A few number of applicants will get to this stage and only those who have been shortlisted will get their names published on the Shell list of shortlisted candidate.

Here are things to know about the shell face to face interview:

  1. Understand the STAR method:

When you go for the shell face to face interview, they are going to evaluate you all round via the STAR method.
You might ask, what does STAR method means? Well it stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

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Here your experience will be evaluated, remember that this recruitment is for those that had previous employment experience based on what they are applying for.

  • Situation – describe the situation you were in.
  • Task – what were the goals you set out to accomplish?
  • Action – what actions did you take to accomplish them?
  • Results – what were the measurable results of your actions?

Your ability to provide a strong response to these questions will determine how you are rated.

  1. Know why you think you’re a good fit:

Explain and let them know why you are the best candidate for the job. Give them live experience based on your problem solving skills that align with the job requirements.

Let them know how you intend to add value to the company as this will only be possible if you understand and know the role of the Job.

3. Answer the questions:

Go straight and provide the best answers to the question given to you but be mindful of the answer you provide,

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if need be take a breath within you or ask the interviewer to repeat the question again. With the little time gained you will be in a better position to process something better.

Remember that practice makes perfect, helps build your confidence ; its best you practice with a friend,let them ask you random question and see how fast you are to provide answers to them.

4. Prepare concrete examples you can share for competency-based questions:

You might be expecting too many technical questions but most times only few questions that are relevant to the job position you applied for are actually asked.
It’s best you prepare yourself, make an example from your experiences you have had before.


Shell Nigeria Business Operations (SNBO) – Our Shared Service Centre, Shell Nigeria Business Operations (SNBO) is focused on driving operational excellence in process management with roles in Functional Operations and Advisory.

Remember that this is Shell Exploration and Production Companies in Nigeria, so if you are employed you will be drafted to operate in one of their locations.

Remember that this positions are for those with experience or that have worked in similar positions with high performing, experienced and skills

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  1. Hello, my application has been at “review in progress” for over a month. How long does it take to move to the next stage?

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