How To Change My Lost JAMB SIM/Phone Number 2024

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We have discussed how to reprint Jamb Slip, how and where to change your choice of institution, and how to retrieve your JAMB password. We are shifting our attention to phone numbers and how to solve all JAMB issues related to SIM card.

Therefore, we will discuss how to change the phone number on JAMB profile, how to get JAMB account without a phone number, and how much you need to complete JAMB change of phone number.Jamb

What to do in case I lost the sim I use to register for JAMB

First of all, you must know that updating your SIM card to a new and accessible one is necessary because you will constantly receive new updates from JAMB via the SIM card.

How to change phone number on JAMB profile

I’m afraid you might be unable to change or update your SIM card by yourself except you visit a nearby JAMB Centre.

You are expected to visit the nearby JAMB office to lay your complaints, and they will ask for necessary questions to be sure you are the rightful owner of the profile you intend to update.

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JAMB representatives might ask you about the email attached to the account, date of birth, and your state of origin among other required details.

Once you provide the accurate answers to verify your ownership, then JAMB official will do the needful by updating your SIM card to the new and accessible one.

However, beware of fraudsters portraying themselves as JAMB officials looking for whom to dupe.

How can I get my JAMB account without phone number?

I think the first question shouldn’t be how to change jamb account without phone number but “is it possible to have a jamb account without a phone number?”

You can’t create a jamb account without a phone number because it is one of the required things you must possess during registration. Your email and phone number are the two platforms for communication between the exam governing body and candidates.

Back to the question, you can retrieve your jamb account without phone number if you explore the email address or JAMB portal.

As mentioned earlier, you can obtain your entire jamb details using your email address or phone number if you know how to go about it without any stress.

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Hence, below is a step-by-step guide on how to get your jamb account details without your phone number

Through email address:

• Login to the email you registered with JAMB during registration.

  1. * Check for the first mail you received from jamb. That should be the day you created your jamb account.
  2. * Open the message; you will see all the details about your jamb account.

Through JAMB E-facility

• Visit

  1. * Input your email address and password in their respective space
  2. * Click on “my profile” to see all your details.

How much is JAMB change of phone number

As of the time of this publication, changing your sim card cost ₦2500 only. Technically, the price is amongst the criteria you must provide if jamb must alter your phone number.

Meanwhile, you need the same amount if you want to change your email address, choice of institution, date of birth, name, and other details that are uploaded already.

Conditions That Could Make You Change Your Phone Number

Lost Of SIM Card:

This is arguably the most frequent reasons why jamb candidates change their number.

You need to change your phone number as soon as you lost the card you registered with JAMB if you want to keep receiving message from jump regarding your admission status and other relevant information.

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A Deactivated SIM card:

A deactivated SIM card can’t serve as a means of communication between you and JAMB official. It can neither make calls nor receive messages, and you can’t surf the internet using the SIM.

Therefore, the only available option is to update your phone number to an available and effective one.

Incorrect Number:

Another reason or condition that causes a change of number or SIM card includes an incorrect number.

It is possible you interchange numbers during registration which means you need to change your phone number to the right and accurate one.

Why did I not get my Result send to my phone?

It’s probably because you didn’t provide the accurate phone number. This is why you must ensure you provide the right email address and phone number during registration.

It is also possible that the message wasn’t delivered to you due to network issues and problems. Ensure you visit any close jamb office to complain if your problem persists after trying every steps discussed in this article.


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