How To Change Date of Birth On JAMB Portal 2024

It is our pleasure to have you around as we continue our JAMB series. So far, we have touched JAMB acknowledgment slip for direct entry candidates, how to reprint JAMB slip without email.

We’ve also discussed what choice of institutions is all about, how to change your choice of institution, how to solve all your JAMB login issues, and how to view your profile via JAMB CAPS. We advise you to go check them out if you haven’t done that.

Having said that, we are shifting our attention to solving problems related to your date of birth as we shall be discussing how to check the date of birth on the JAMB portal, how to change your date of birth on the JAMB portal, etc in this post.Jamb

So, let’s sit back, relax, and pay concrete attention as we hit the ground running

JAMB change of date of birth: What’s all about?

Change of date of birth is all about altering the date you are registered as your birthday while registering for JAMB examination.

Changing your date of birth is a compulsory step you must take immediately you discovered that the date you uploaded during registration doesn’t correspond with your other documents and credentials.

For instance, if your WAEC and national ID card date of birth is August 14, 1996, while your JAMB carries August, 8 1997, then you need to change your JAMB date of birth to August 14, 1996 to feature the same date as other documents and credentials.Jamb portal

What are the implications of not having the correct date of birth?

There are numerous negative effects of not having a correct date of birth that correspond with all the credentials you intend to provide in subsequent admission stages. The first implication of not having a correct date of birth is that you could be denied admission by the school in your choice of institution.

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Your JAMB result, WAEC results, and birth certificate contain your date of birth. Nigeria universities frown at student with different date of birth and other incorrect information, meaning they might decide to overlook your application if all the credentials above didn’t carry the same data.

Another implication of not having a correct date of birth is that it will affect your NYSC mobilization exercise in the future. You may experience another challenge when it comes to NYSC mobilization because the officials will examine your credentials

Unfortunately, you won’t be posted to your place of service if your JAMB DOB doesn’t correlate with others credentials.

Though it is said that the mobilization officials allow students to alter their ages, it is advisable you correct it now that is affordable and less stressful.

The last implication of not having a correct date of birth is that it will reduce your credibility thereby making it a bit difficult to get an employer in the future.

Government and private employers are willing to employ trusted employees; unfortunately, your different date of birth a saying otherwise

Can I change my date of birth on JAMB portal?

Yes. You can change your JAMB date of birth through the JAMB official page. It means you can do it yourself if you have a good internet connection the required credentials and the service charges

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What is the cost to correct my date of birth on JAMB portal?

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank before changing your date of birth because it is relatively affordable.

Changing your date of birth cost only 2,500 (naira) at the time of this publication you can pay online using your debit card can you call me babe where the ATM stand for to cash in the bank

How to change your date of birth on JAMB website

  • * Visit the JAMB official website.
  • * Log into your account by providing your email address and password
  • * Select “correction of data” located at the sidebar of the landing page.
  • * Select date of birth from the drop down menu.
  • * A transaction ID with a bold red font will be generated automatically as soon as you complete the previous stage.
  • * Go through the transaction ID and click the “continue” button if you wish to pay the fee shown in the transaction ID. Meanwhile, ensure you print the transaction ID and photocopy it as you will be using it in the future.
  • * Provide your card information and click on the “pay” button to pay.
  • * Head over to “my payment” to confirm if your payment is still pending or not. Alternatively, you can wait till you receive a message from JAMB via your email address, telling you about the status of your payment and the tax identification
  • * Confirm your payment. Then, select your examination year and input your JAMB Registration Number.
  • * The incorrect details will be shown on the screen, edit the date of birth in the available boxes.
  • * Click on the “Submit” button to continue.
  • * Print an Indemnity Form which will be displayed on the screen after submitting the change.
  • * Fill out the form and submit it to your institution for Approval.
  • * Once approved, your institution will submit the form to JAMB state office for the next stage.
  • * JAMB will process your application and effect the changes if your request is approved.
  • * You will be notified of the new development via email and your phone number.
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Alternatively, you can visit any nearby JAMB Centre to help you change your date of birth if you are not confident in their ability to observe the steps

When Is the closing date of JAMB correction of date of birth?

There is no specific date set aside as a deadline for correction of the date of JAMB. You can change it today, tomorrow or next, depending on your choice.

How to check my date of birth on JAMB portal

You can check your JAMB date of birth via the JAMB slip on JAMB website before printing it out.

Alternatively, you should visit JAMB portal @ Login with your email and password; click on “My Profile” and your details will be displayed on the screen, including your date of birth.


You must change your date of birth should you find any error;

hence, we advise you do it as soon as possible to prevent delay in your desire to gain admission into a tertiary institution.

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