My jamb email is not working( invalid email solved)

My jamb email is not working( invalid email solved)

Why is jamb rejecting my email address? Why is my jamb email address invalid? Why can’t I log in to jamb portal with my email address? These are questions mostly asked by JAMB candidates who are denied from accessing their profiles due to an invalid email.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself in such a situation but there is no need to panic because this article will answer these questions.

It will further show you how to avoid all email-related problems whenever you want to access your jamb profile. We are sure you are ready for this adventure; so let’s get into action.Jamb

Why is my email invalid on JAMB portal?

Your email is invalid on jamb portal because you did not register it with the exam governing body during registration.

You need the email you provided during registration to access your jamb profile. You will keep getting an “invalid email” response until you use your registered email address.

Another possible reason for an invalid email could be that you made a slight error while typing the email address.

A typo error has all it takes to render your email address invalid and useless; hence, ensure you cross-check your email and be sure every letter is typed in accordingly.

How do I reset my JAMB email?

It is possible you’ve tried all you could to solve the invalid email problem but it persists. All your efforts are to no avail and you are wondering if it is possible to reset or change the jamb email address completely.

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Likewise, many Jamb candidates often ask How to reset JAMB email: Is it possible? Well, we are glad to inform you that it is possible to change your jamb email address on a few occasions like spelling errors during registration.

How do I recover my email?

There are three ways to recover your jamb email address, including recovery email, utme slip, and phone number.

How to recover your jamb email true recovery email:

  • Go to if Google is your service email service provider.
  • Type your recovery email address into the space provided and click next. See the image below for more understanding
  • Enter the first and last names used for the email you want to recover and click next.
  • Google will send the link to recover your email address to your recovery email. However, you must know that this method is strictly for those who have a recovery email address.

How to recover your email address via Phone Number

You can recover your email address through phone number by following the steps below:

  • Go to Google portal by clicking here.
  • Type the phone number you used to register the email address and click next.
  • Enter your first and last names and click on the next button to continue.
  • Google will send your email address, code and link to the phone number via SMS.
  • Open the message and click on the link to proceed to the final stage.
  • Follow subsequent instructions to complete the recovery exercise.
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How to recover your email address via Jamb Slip

This is the simplest way to recover your email address because it only requires you to refer to your jamb print-out slip to uncover the details.

The utme slip contains the important info, including your email address. Hence, endeavor to check it if you still have it because it will disclose every detail you need.

How do I link my email to my JAMB account?

You can link your jamb account to your email using your phone by following the steps below:

  • Go to message on your phone
  • Send email + the email address to 55019. For instance, send ‘Email’
  • Ensure you have at least ₦50 on your SIM card which will be deducted as service charge.
  • You will receive a reply from JAMB telling you your password. This signifies that your email has been linked successfully to your jamb account.
  • Visit jamb portal, type in the linked email and the password you received to see if you can access your profile.

How To Reset Your Jamb Email

  1. Check your jamb slip to confirm the email you registered while creating your jamb profile in the first place.
  2. Visit the email service provider to create a new account that corresponds with the one you used during the registration stage. For instance, visit if the address is sponsored by Google.
  3. The next step requires you to click on “create new email”
  4. Type in the email you used for jamb, and hope it is still available. Unfortunately, your journey ends here if the email isn’t available. However, proceed to the next stage if the email is still up for grab.
  5. Verify your mobile number, agreed to terms and conditions, and that’s all.
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Go to the jamb portal after creating the new email address; type in the newly-created email address and password. Click “login” and you will be granted access to your data and profile.

Alternatively, visit jamb office, tell them your challenges. They will solve all problems related to login issues, although you will have to pay a token.

How do I log into my JAMB CAP without email?

We’ve seen many jamb candidates complain they can’t log into their cap accounts because they can’t recollect their email address.

Well, you don’t need to panic over a lost email address because you can log into JAMB caps without email. Visit the jamb portal, provide your registration number instead of the email address, type your password in the accurate space provided, and click on the login icon.


Most people often overlook the need to have a recovery email for their email address. Having seen its importance, we advise you to provide a recovery email for your JAMB email address so you can easily retrieve it should you forget.

We believe this article has provided all you need to know regarding an invalid email. Meanwhile, we are readily available to help you solve all jamb-related problems once you share them in the comment section.


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