Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Recruitment 2024/2025 IKEDC

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Recruitment is here, learn how to apply right now!!! If you want to work with the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, it’s now time to get the practical steps to apply.

Ikeja Electricity 2024/2025 : Recruitment Procedure


Electricity is a very vital amenity to the development any nation. This is because almost all the developmental projects need power to function effectively.

Most of the companies (if not all) need power to carry out major profit-making activities, which one of the reasons a progressive nation won’t joke with her power sector.

Unfortunately, Nigeria can’t boast of 24-hour power supply and there hasn’t been a stable power supply for a very long while.

In the quest to make electricity better and reliable, the federal government has put in many strategies. First, the power sector was upgraded Рas it were Рand its name was transformed from the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) to Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (PHCH), but no  changes were recorded.

After much deliberation on the privatization of the Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (PHCN), they finally handed it over to NEDC/KEPCO Consortium on November 1, 2013 “under the privatization scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria” which was later divided into various clusters.

The company was divided into separate clusters which are known as Local Distribution Companies (LDC). Each of these clusters is responsible for the power distribution of their regions.

The Names Of Local Distribution Companies In Nigeria

As at May 2016, the following LDC were the 11 distribution clusters available across the country:

  • Electricity Distribution Company PLC.
  • Benin Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc.
  • Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Jos Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Kano Electricity Distribution Company Plc
  • Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company Plc.
  • Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company Plc,
  • Yola Electricity Distribution Company Plc.
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Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company

We shall be discussing the LDCs one by one, and our focus today is on the Ikeja electricity distribution company and their recruitment processes.

The Ikeja Electricity distribution office is located at Obafemi Awolowo Way, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Just as mentioned earlier, this part of the LDC was created in 2016 as part of the privatization of the country’s power sector.

IKEDC General Qualifications and Requirements

  • Get the required educational requirements which should be B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND from reputable institutions.
  • Have a valid means of identification.
  • Be a computer literate.

How to Apply for Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Recruitment

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online,,,,,,


Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Recruitment Procedures

Here are some few steps you need to take to stand a chance of working with the company.

  • 1. Visit The company’s Online Recruitment Portal: This is the first step to take as you will need to read some facts about their recruitment process and also see their requirements. You can visit here to start.
  • 2. Create An Account: Having visited the website’s homepage, click on the manu bar or cursor at the top left corner to see the options available. Then click on the ‘create an account’ option and input all of the required details. Alternatively, you can click here to register.
  • 3. Check Out For Openings And Submit Your Credentials (CV): Be rest assured that you will receive a mail whenever there’s is an opening. Nonetheless, you can decide to check out for current openings via the site and submit your CV.
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Why Should You Consider Working At The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company?

After making some online and intense researches, we discovered some of the best reasons why you should target working with this part of the power sector, and they are listed below.

* Peaceful Working Environment

According to a technician, who currently works with the company, claimed that the company has a very peaceful environment.

* Productivity

We also discovered that the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company are very productive in their activities, hence, you are advised to work with them only if you’re a hardworking fellow.

*Eye-catching Salary

The salary structure of the Ikeja power distribution company is at least encouraging as the average salary monthly is around 148,000 naira. To view some position monthly salary, click here….

Probable Interview Questions And How Best To Answer Them

Once you have been informed to come for interview, it is important to prepare very well so that you can create a good and lasting impression on the interviewer.

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The following questions should be expected:

* Tell us about yourself?

The best way to answer this question is by going above giving detail about yourself as it is contained in your resume(CV). It will be appropriate if you add your job experiences and why you left those jobs.

* Tell us what you understand about the position you applied for?

Before you enter for an interview, it is important that you have taken your time to study the position you applied for. So tell them the information you have gathered.

* Tell us about your strength and why you are suitable for this task?

It is always good you provide exact answers to these questions, and don’t just give your attribute that you think makes you suitable alone.

Note that you will do yourself good if you can give some examples of how you have displayed your hardworking attributes to help your previous place of work. In short, it is not enough to tell your interview your attributes without proof of its display.

* Can you tell us why you should be hired of all the candidates that apply for this position?

This question seems difficult as it is difficult to compare yourself with those you don’t know. The only way to answer this question is just for you to describe your extraordinary passion, commitment and desire for the job.

You are to basically let them know that they will get the best from you at all times.

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