Why is JAMB not sending my profile code?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam exercise is here again which makes it a time of no rest for students seeking admission as well as solutions to some sort of problems.

During this time, it is always reported that some students are known to experience some certain forms of problems during registration for the exam exercise. One of these problems include the issue of profile codes for students which always tend to be an outstanding issue during registration.

Over the years, students experience difficulties in retrieving their profile codes, this might be due to certain issues. However, we are going to discuss this particular topic in this article.Why is JAMB not sending my profile code

Why is JAMB not sending my profile code?

Now, many students are known to face this particular issue of not getting to receive their profile code upon request for it. This issue of not getting a profile code might arise for some reasons which might include insufficient balance on the Sim card as the student involved is expected to have at least 50 Naira airtime (not bonus) in his /her sim card before trying to get the profile code.

Until the sim card is funded with at least 50 Naira Airtime, a valid profile code can’t be generated. Other factors which might contribute to the problem of not getting a profile code includes poor network issue which arises as a result of several students seeking to get their own profile code at the moment. It is highly advisable to generate a profile code mostly at night or early in the morning.

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How long does it take JAMB to send profile code?

A minute to 3 minutes if things are normal. The JAMB profile code doesn’t take much long to be generated upon request. Sometimes, it could appear within 30 seconds of request, other times, it could take 2-3 minutes which still depends on the current network situation and the number of people trying to access such service at a time.

Nonetheless, if the network is clear and less jam-packed, it won’t take so long to generate your profile code. If you try to generate your profile code during the day and it takes a long time to generate it, it is highly advisable to try a few more times and if the same issue still persists, you should try at night.

What causes delay in Jamb profile code? Network problem!

Network issue is known to be the main cause of delay in the generation of profile code during jamb registration. During registration in Jamb and creation of students profile, it is always reported that several students experience huge delay during generation of profile codes.

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This occurs mainly because of the amount of student on JAMB sever trying to generate their own profile code. Therefore, it is advisable to try yours at night.

Can I use another number to generate my profile code?

No you can’t! A different number cannot be used to generate a different profile code for JAMB registration. The phone number used in generating the new profile code must be the one used during registration so as to match both details, otherwise, there might be some sort of problems later. Basically, you can’t generate your profile code with different number.

Why is my profile code not being displayed on my JAMB portal?

Now this could appear as a huge problem to many Jambites. The issue of profile code not being displayed on the portal of the student doesn’t sound funny, however, it is never the fault of the student involved.

However, the fault is usually traced to be from JAMB so no one should panic once this issue pops up, it’ll definitely be rectified. Furthermore, students are not advised to create their profile code via the JAMB portal, rather it should be generated via USSD.

Is my JAMB profile code my password?

No isn’t! Your JAMB profile code is being generated for a different purpose other than serving as a random password. Your profile code is totally different from your password.

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It is generated for a different purpose which is mainly for identity why the JAMB password can be created by you. Most times, JAMB passwords are mostly created by the cyber Café attendant in charge of registering students for JAMB. So no, your profile code is not anywhere close to your password.

What is jamb profile code?

The JAMB profile code is known to be a 10 digit code which is expected of every student during registration. The JAMB profile code is considered an important detail just as the personal details of the student are. Without the profile code, your profile won’t be considered as one which is registered.

How many digit is the JAMB profile code?

The JAMB profile code is a 10 digit number.

What is the use of the profile code in Jamb?

The use of the student profile code in the registration of JAMB cannot be overstated. The code is used in the registration process of the student.

How do I generate my profile code?

Generating a profile code isn’t considered a hectic task, you just need to send your National identification number to 55019 or 66019.


Generating the JAMB profile code could be a hectic task, however, if the guidelines pointed out here are followed, you won’t have difficulty in doing that.

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