JAMB CAPS login – 2024 Issues resolved.

JAMB CAPS login –  Issues resolved.

Candidates just hear the acronym CAPS without knowing what it truly portrays. In line with this, let’s know what it means.

CAPS is an acronym for Central Admission Processing System. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has made caps the center of every admission exercise of all candidates.

This is where the candidate can either accept or reject their given admission.

After knowing what CAPS means, let’s dive into the numerous issues candidates face with caps and jamb portal generally while proffering the appropriate solutions to them.Jamb

Let’s get started!

My jamb CAPS is not opening, how do I access it?

Albeit the many issues jamb candidates face while logging in to jamb CAPS is “invalid information, errors and the likes. Because this is the place where they will be notified of their admission status, it keeps them in panic mode while some find it too challenging to resolve. However, follow the steps below to access it without further stress.

You may be facing this issue due to an invalid email address and password or phone number, all you need to do is reset your password and you will be able to access your CAPS.

Another issue that may cause this is when you get the login details through a manual process.

There was a time during the 2021 jamb registration when jamb halted the candidates from registering with an email address and later asked them to link the email to jamb profile then approve their login details.

While this was on, some candidates manually created their account through the jamb efacility page to login to their profile.

If peradventure you’re one of those that did this, you are likely to be facing the problem because jamb hasn’t recognized your account hence, your inability to open your CAPS.

All you are required to do is either change your email address and password through a recovery email or link your email.

However, pending the time you will resolve the caps saga, you can always check your admission status on your dashboard, another alternative.

In fact, you can do whatever concerns the jamb portal in the dashboard, such as name correction, date of birth regularisation, and so on.

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How can I activate my jamb CAPS?

Activating your jamb CAPS simply means you’re either accepting the offered admission or rejecting it.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board have stated that all admission will be through Central Admission Processing System (CAPS). So apparently jamb CAPS is the appropriate place to confirm if you’ve been given admission or not.

In place of this, the same way you will check your admission status, which will be explained below is the way you will activate your jamb CAPS.

Note: Most of the institutions do not declare the admitted student’s list on their official website so, you need to consistently be on the track with your jamb CAPS to catch up with all the necessary information concerning your admission.

How can I check my jamb CAPS without email?

If you don’t want to check your CAPS using email either you’ve forgotten your password or misplaced your email address, there is always another route to it.

Here your registration number will serve as the email through jamb mobile efacility app which will give you access to the portal.

  • Download the jamb mobile app on Google play store to your smartphone.
  • Install and log in.
  • Navigate down to the “check admission status” button.
  • Input your jamb registration number as requested.
  • Choose your year of registration.
  • Proceed to the next button at the end of the page where your admission status is.
  • It will show if you’ve been offered admission or not.

How do I switch to desktop mode on jamb CAPS?

Do you want to switch to desktop mode on jamb CAPS with a smartphone? Let’s get you started.

  • Enable the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone.
  • Enter the website you wish to switch to.
  • Have you done that? Now click on the 3 dot chrome icon that’s situated at the top right corner of your screen.
  • You will see many options, among them is the “request desktop site” click on it. That’s it!

What is my jamb CAPS password?

Funny how a lot of the jamb candidates have mistaken their caps and profile/efacility password to be different.

To clear the air, the same password you used to access your jamb efacility is the same as the CAPS.

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It might tell you an invalid password, all you need to do is close the tab, login to the official efacility site, and sign in.

What do I do if I can’t access my CAPS?

The best thing to do if you find it hard to access your CAPS is to reset your password, probably you might have forgotten it.

  1. • Visit jamb.org.ng/efacility/login
  2. • Move down then select the “Click here to reset your password” button
  3. • A fresh page will be opened for you to continue. Input your email address, valid date of birth, then click on the “Get a password reset link” button.
  4. • As far as the above information is correct, you will receive a message with a link to reset your password.
  5. • Next, log in to the email address (either Gmail or Yahoo mail), a message will pop up so, just select the “reset my password”
  6. • Another page with “Create a new password” will open.
  7. • Input your desired new password and select “Change password”
  8. • After all these, you’ve successfully changed your password then you can conveniently access your CAPS.

How can I check admission status on jamb CAPS?

  • • Visit the jamb efacility portal at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility
  • • Provide your email address and password as requested then log in.
  • • Click the “check admission status” button and choose your examination year.
  • • Input your jamb registration number, then click the “access my CAPS” button.
  • • You will locate an “admission status” button by the left, click on it.
  • • Select the “search” button above your registration number, this will load your profile.
  • • It will show “accept/reject” under the admission profile with a red highlight if you’ve been offered admission. So you can either choose one.

Why is my jamb CAPS showing only welcome?

If your caps are displaying just “welcome” don’t panic, the reason is that you log in with an Android phone instead of a desktop.

The options are completely displayed but your phone’s screen can’t show everything which is the reason behind the “welcome”.

The solution to this is for you to switch to desktop mode if you’re using a chrome browser. Navigate through the chrome options where you will see a switch to desktop for the complete page. The procedures have been explained above.

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What does sorry you have not been offered admission yet mean?

If your CAPS is showing “sorry you’ve not been offered admission yet” It only means the school you put in hasn’t given you a provisional admission yet. Obviously, your admission to that institution is not confirmed so you need to keep checking consistently.

What does 94 sec not admitted mean?

94 sec not admitted insinuates that your admission to the chosen institution was restricted based on one reason or another. If you can contact them to sort it out, you can then be offered admission.

My jamb CAPS is not showing anything.

In a situation where your caps are not showing anything, there is just one explanation for that which is, the institution didn’t give you admission.

The best thing to do is check the status message to confirm the exact point of your admission progress.

My O’level is not showing on jamb CAPS.

This can happen due to so many reasons.

  • If your result wasn’t really uploaded: it’s advisable to monitor the uploading of your O’level and the jamb registration in general while at a CBT center. It might not be properly done due to a network saga or a situation where the cafe man mistakingly omitted your O’level result.
  • It was uploaded but, without the needed grades: You have truly uploaded it but left the core subjects undone.
  • It was also uploaded but, failure in some core subjects: If at all you uploaded everything but you failed the needed subjects, the entire result may not show in the jamb CAPS.

If you find yourself in this case, you need to find the right solution to it as soon as possible before things get more complicated. No school or jamb CAPS will offer you admission without a complete O’level result.


you’re finally given admission to your desired institution and you have accepted, the portal automatically declines other institutions from offering you another admission, at least for that year.

Also, you give other institutions the access to give you another slot if you reject the first admission. Whichever way you’ve chosen, congratulations! See you at the top.


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