MTN data plan 1000 code for 4GB,active, Accumulate

MTN data plan 1000 for 4GB,active, opt out, Accumulate validity period

MTN isn’t the fastest or the strongest network, but they have some pretty amazing plans, and they have a lot of them.

Subscribers can get 4GB of data for 1000 naira with the network operator’s Welcome Back Offer. Find out if you’re qualified for this data bundle and how to sign up.

Have you ever heard the story of the prodigal son from the Bible? Welcome Back, MTN Data is like that prodigal son’s party.

If you haven’t used your MTN line for 60 to 180 days and haven’t done anything with it (voice calls, SMS, or data), MTN will offer you several unique data bundles, including a 4GB data for 1000 naira plan, as an incentive to do so.

So, if you meet the above definition of a prodigal subscriber, you’ll be instantly qualified for the Welcome Back Data Offer, and you’ll be able to choose from one of four (4) discounted data plans. The following are some of the data plans:

All of these plans are compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and you can use them on any device that uses a SIM card.

Which MTN plan gives 4GB for 1000?

This MTN Welcome Back Offer gives you 4GB of data valid for 30 days with no night restrictions. When you buy a data plan, you can use it in any way you want. Isn’t it cool?

To check your welcome back data balance, SMS 2 to 131 and MTN will send you an SMS indicating how much data you have left.

How can I be eligible for MTN 4GB for 1000

As previously stated, this offer is for people who have not used their SIM card for any activity (phone calls, text messages, or the Internet) for the last 60 to 180 days, or 2 to 6 months.

If you’re not sure if you qualify for a Welcome Back Offer or a Welcome Back Data package, there’s a way to find out.

Dial 13165# to see if you’re eligible for a Welcome Back Offer. If you aren’t eligible, you’ll receive an SMS from MTN.

How can I activate MTN 1000 for 4GB?

  • Make sure that your MTN line has a minimum of ₦1000 airtime on it.
  • Dial the code *131*65#, and then follow the instructions to select the 4GB data offer.

When the data plan is activated, you will receive an SMS notification, as is customary.

Now all you have to do is sit back, eat your popcorn and watch Netflix or do whatever you want with your data plan.

That is all there is to it.

Although these networks (when they drop these types of offers) appear to be slower than usual or simply not fast enough at times. However, being able to receive so much for so little is still an amazing deal.

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You will receive an SMS from MTN once you subscribe confirming activation of your plan, as well as your data volume. You can use the package on any smartphone, USB modem, or MiFi.

How can I deactivate or opt-out from MTN 1000 for 4GB

Have you been receiving MTN’s data auto-renewal messages and you are looking for an easy way to unsubscribe? Follow the steps below to opt out in case you don’t want your data plan to auto-renew.

MTN offers several data bundle packages, and users can choose between one-time purchases and auto-renewal options when subscribing.

If you plan on using different bundle packages anytime you plan on subscribing, then choose the one-time purchase option.

However, if you mistakenly selected the auto-renewal option and the data ran out before the end of the month as is common in this countryMTN Data Plan 1000 For 4GB

(data in this country is extremely slow and gets exhausted as quickly as it is purchased),

you can re-subscribe for a larger data bundle package, but you may keep receiving messages from MTN whenever you recharge your phone to subscribe for a previous bundle.

This can be annoying, and Google might bombard you with long processes or solutions on how to deactivate auto-renewal.

All of these processes begin by assuming you know the previous data plan’s code, then sending a NO message to 131 (NO + DATA PLAN CODE to 131).

For example; if the code of the data bundle was 111, you’ll have to type NO111 and then send it to 131.

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This isn’t a problem; the issue is finding or remembering the data plan code you subscribed to. Follow the steps below if you’ll like to opt-out of an MTN Welcome Back Data Plan:

  • Dial *131# on your phone, select “Data Plans,” go to “Manage Data,” select “Cancel Auto-Renewal,” and then select the Bundle to Opt-Out Of. That’s it!

How long does MTN 4GB 1000 last?

After dialing the Welcome Back Code on your phone, the Welcome Back offer page with several data options will open up.

However, if you are eligible for a Welcome Back offer, you can select from the list of data offers. The MTN 4GB 1000 naira offer lasts for 30 days.

Can I accumulate data on the new MTN 4GB data offer?

The total amount of data in this plan is still unknown. But, in my opinion, you can simply subscribe to this plan and continue to accumulate it. For N5000, you could be able to accumulate up to 20GB.

Although it is unclear when the data bonus would expire, MTN subscribers are encouraged to sign up for this data package immediately! Also, keep in mind that how to renew this plan is still the usual procedure stated above .

Remember that the NCC has mandated that all network providers must make sure users can roll over data they don’t use to the next month.

You can take out any of your old MTN SIM and take advantage of this Welcome Back Offer.

Note that you can’t gift this data offer and any other bonus data

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